32Livermore, United States
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My self-summary
Hello, for now you can call me Oni or Fonz, my friends do.

Leo sun, Aquarius moon, Cancer rising.

What I am seeking is a longterm relationship with (an) individual(s) whom have the ability to keep pace with or surpass me both mentaly and physically; whom are also seeking to have and/or foster children and a family not limited to blood ties. Individuals of compassion and high ethical standards. Those that both the silence and the noise can be shared with. Self dicipline is manditory. High match percentage is important to me though not mandatory; more crucial is how many questions were answered.

My interests are in the universe; in all it's complexity. Culture; languages/ linguistics; food; world medicine; permaculture; homesteading; skill learning and sharing; crafting; world/ local community organizing; prehistory and much else. The world is ripe with possibility; all we need do is eat of the fruit of experience. *may yours be sweet and fulfilling. :3*

"You can't take the sky from me!"

I've a strong need to explore and interact with the world *macro and micro. Know the world, know thyself.* around me; taking preference toward first hand experience. I am deeply empassioned, highly compassionate and passionate alike for life, and the love I have of others and myself. I prize and take pride in fostering interconnectedness, intimacy and communication.

My personal preference is toward anarcho-poly-fadelic relationships due to this there is much more potential for mutual and self growth alike. To clarify, you are your own being as much as I am my own, I've no place controlling you or telling you how to live your life; it is your decision what you do with it, go where you want when you want; I expect the same in kind. All I ask is clear, open communication in all regards and self responsibility. As for what I am looking for: those that are consistant, dependable, curious, adventurous, compassionate and whom seek to journey, grow and build together amnd mutually.

"Thus from out of me cried and laughed my wise desire, which was born on the mountains, a wild wisdom in truth! - my great desire with rushing wings.
And often it tore me forth and up and away and in the midst of laughter: and then indeed I flew, an arrow, quivering with self-intoxicated rapture:
out into the distant future, which no dream has yet seen, into warmer Souths than artists have ever dreamed of, there where gods, dancing, are ashamed of all cloths -
Where all becoming seemed to me the dancing of gods and the wantonness of gods, and the world unrestrained and abandoned and fleeing back to itself.
as many gods eternally fleeing and re-seeking one another, as many gods blissfully self-contradicting communing again and belonging again to one another -
Where all time seemed to me a blissful mockery of moments, where necessity was freedom itself, which blissfully played with the goad of freedom. -
Where i found again my old devil and arch-enemy, the spirit of gravity, and all that he created: compulsion, dogma, need and consequence and purpose and will and good and evil."
- Fredrich Nietzsche
What I’m doing with my life
I consider myself a philosopher and student of life; my main goals are to learn, and keep learning; putting it to use to benefit the greater community.

As of 1/1/2017 became a member of The Sunol Repertory Theatre, performing artes is apart of my skillset. Come fall, I'm returning to college for humanities, philosophy and theatre, outside of that, I'm pursuing certitication for practicing massage and health education (training never ends), as well as other subjects and projects that hold my interest.

"Life is study."
Kentaro Oe

I'm interested in and pursuing: medicine and health. I want to particularly bolster my abilities in: massage, Reiki, and physical/ astral body awareness; permaculture; consciousness; the esoteric; conspiracy theory; ancient history; linguistics; bridging science and spirituality; qigong; the Tao; internal and external alchemy; understanding of dimensions and possibilities through cause and affect experienced via mindful observation, intuition and trial and error; etc. I like to imagine the various possible outcomes based on the tiniest tweaks of the lifestream... it's surprising how much we miss... and how much we get hung up on.

I run an independant, self built business focused in areas where I hold skill or knowledge. I am a generalist with a focus in massage and holistic health, psychology, philosophy, community orginization and systems work, permaculture and herbalism, (etc).

My focus is on society as a whole, seeking to work with the rest of humanity to improve or replace existing systems with more emergant and hopefully self improving systems. I do this through the offering of whatever resources i have gathered thus, as well utilizing exising platforms to network individuals whom may not ordinarily know each other, whom may benifit from such connections.

For the moment I run a page and a group through facebook, I am learning to code, that I can build and host a website.

My page:

The group is: The Renaissance Brigade

The Renaissance Brigade (Ren Brigade) is a nonprofit activist collective, I am focused on bringing into full form and fruition. It is a my answer to whatever potentials problems may currently exist (personal or otherwise) in the world, through crowd sourcing and skillsharing. Please check the group for more information.

The Genesis Prime Directive

"I seek nothing short of being worthy of the title, Ancestor.

In this way my ancestors direct me, all of them; as I in kind direct our descendants, spanning the miasma of, yet to be... yet formed, yet written.

I; the culmination of their individual experiences, genetic memory, locked within this DNA; this light body, indestructible at it's core; this consciousness of unknown age, depth, understanding... Potential.

I am they and they, me; we have never not walked together, nor guided in kind. I council with selves, as I would a physical being; attempting to guide the future from the past; from this center of the universe: no longer reacting, but interacting; catalyzing change and being changed.

Indeed, there is a reason my line has made it to this point, as we continue to leave our mark; generation to generation.

May I not be worthy of fame or glory, but of being a true Director of Fate; of being a symbiotic force of Nature, from which I AM manifest."

- Oni
I’m really good at
I am exceptional at networking/ bridging others. Though I suppose that all depends on whom I'm around and their level of openness and my own state of being at the time.

I'm a damned good improvisational cook; artist; masseur; being there when needed, but not always when wanted; picking up new skills; being a good friend and all around badass of a light being; compassion; patience; applying myself when I wish to; self awareness; working with my hands; working with my mouth. ;)
The first things people usually notice about me
My hair, thick glasses if I'm wearing them, arms, muh boody, fashion, swagger *I keep overhearing*. I'm likely at first intimidating; no effort on my part. When they first talk to me, my calm, gentle nature.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books/manga/Authors: Info\ how to manuals, Ishmael, My Ishmael, The Symposium, Battle Royale, The Laviathan, The Help, Freakanomics, Brave New World, Something Wicked this way Comes, Great Teacher Onizuka, The Prophet, The Count of Monte Cristo, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, The Art of Intimacy, The Lilith Brood, Kindred, The Mind's I, The Emerald Tablets, The Hermetica, The shamanic path to quantum consciousness, The Ethical Slut, Parable of a sower, Candide, The Art of Intimacy/ Daniel Quinn, Lao Tzu, Voltaire, Octavia E. Butler, Fredrich Nietzsche, Hermes the Trismagistus, any recommendations?

Movies: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Fifth Element, Hook, Ferngully, Waking Life, Silent Hill, 500 Days of Summer, V for Vendetta, Amelie, Tokyo Eyes, Kiki's Delivery Service, Little Nemo, Beauty and the Beast, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, Battle Royale, TMNTIII, Thumbalina, El Superbeasto, Perfume, Appleseed,

Shows: Heroes, Firefly, RWBY, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Steven Universe, Acidentally on Purpose, Star Trek Series, Eden of the East, Gundam Wing, Card Captor Sakura, Mega Man, Sonic SatAM, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pirates of Dark Water, Voltron, Thundercats, Great Teacher Onizuka, Golden Boy, The Lil' Bits, Pinky and the Brain, bSmallville, Justice League, X-men, The Legend of Zelda, Samurai Champloo, Fushigi Yuug, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, Married with Children, Code Geass, Black Lagoon, Speed Grapher, El Hazard, Paradise Kiss, Big O, Genshiken, Tenchi Muyo, Outlaw Star, ishiteruze Baby, Tsukuyomi Moon Phase, Densha Otoko, Gatchaman, Blue Submarine No. 6, V the seires, Xena, Exo Squad, Wild Cats, The Super Mario show, Gankutsuou: the Count of Monte Cristo

Music: D'espairsRay, Bjork, Katy Perry, MUCC, Rammstien, 2Bullet, Prince, Deftones, Royksopp, Nobuo Uematsu, Akira Yamaoka, Nujabes, Maaya Sakamoto, Maximum the Hormone, Garbage, NIN, Com Truise, Beastie Boys, Dr. Dre, Shing02, BAAL, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Nujabes, Frou Frou, KRS1, Attack Attack, Kittie, John Meyer, Shoji Meguro, Koji Kondo, BoA, Boa, Yoko Kano, Angelspit, Malice Mizer, Dir En Grey, Chemistry, Captain Jack, Aqua, M-flo, Kylie Minogue, Sablime, Mudvayne, Royksopp, Aural Vampire, FLOPPY, Metronome, Kozi, L'arc~En~Ciel, Suicide Ali, Rip Slyme, Unsraw, T.M. Revolution, (Hed)PE, John Meyer, Cobra Starship, Earth, Wind and Fire, Orgy, Julien-K, John Legend, Ludacris, Powerman 5000, Backstreet Boys, New Kids on the Block, Etro Anime, Finntroll, Kid Cudi, Otep, Daedelus, TOKiMONSTA, Veela, Motoi Sakureba, Shpongle, Rameses B, Ephixa, Major Lazer, Thundercat, Captain Murphy, Domo Genesis, Kendrick Kumar, Flylo, Xxyyxx, Flume,

"Created from inside me.
More than love, I trust.
Wash away your pains, reach out to me

Whichever words you speak of yourself,
which came from the song of a god?
We are children of the same rhythm

To know you, to know a part of you-
the smallest unit in the world.
We knew we'd meet a thousand years ago.

It was in our genes.
We are children of the same rhythm.
We were together for a thousand years."
- Yoko Kano
Macross Plus

Video Games: Persona series, Castlevania series, Chrono series, Silent Hill series, BlazBlue, Guilty Gear, Rockman series, Rockman X series, Tetris Attack, Lumines, Bayonetta, Left4Dead, Zone of the Enders, Samurai Showdown, King of Fighters, Radical Dreamers: Le Tresor Interdit, Donkey Kong Country series, Mario Bros. series, The Legend of Zelda series *especially A Link to the Past*, Resonance of Fate, Demon Souls, Quest 64, Hybrid Heaven, Star Craft: Brood War, Advance Wars *especially Days of Ruin*, Disgaea, DDR, Shin Megami Tensei Series, Jet Set Radio, Kirby series, Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals, Oendan, Star Ocean series, Catherine, Pilotwings 64, Smash Brothers, plus so much more. To me; interactive books.

Food: if it's edible and in front of me, I'll likely eat it.
Six things I could never do without
We are rather resilient species, such that I am sure we could survive with only the basics; which is really all we need... what I'd like to keep around are a differing matter:

1. books
2. Journal/ pen
3. Cellphone *with net access... closest thing we have a star trek style multi tool for now.*
4. Public Transportation
5. Music
6. Loved ones
*in no particular order*

A Cat and Mouse Game

"We saunter corridors,
Everyone watchs;
They should feel jealouse...
I'm jealouse of me too.
Our hands met -
A welcome calculation of the fate;
However, my equation is shy by nature...
I wonder what manner of fusion we would make?
Timid, kind, cautious, easygoing
Patient, wise, caring, and adaptable.
To press you against me;
Intimately wandering your graces;
Intergalactic collision,
Energetic sensuous inervation.
A new system born of mutual intention,
Giving new form.
A duet wrapped in the cosmic dance floor.
Silently, I sparkle in thy presence."

- Oni
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Ways of rectifying the issues plaguing the world; That it's all a distraction... but if so, why am I not thoroughly so? How my actions may be impacting others around me; music; voices rambling, at times intelligibly; sex... a lot; the boundaries of others; how well I'm truly loving and taking care of myself and or others; my lacking clients; leaving it all behind and hitting the road; love.

Asurdity of the Spoken

"Abound within
to find depths
of understanding
Peeling the layers
peering through each dimension
Only to find myself yet again
at the start
Learned and remembering
but practice only ever proven folly
Resentment for selves availed
proven better to have stay hidden
Not a lie
but untold truth
Spoken into nothingness
but sung with unrepentant smiles

Better still to continue on
the adventure of souls
Symmetrical Rhythm
Different song
Different dance
Reasons enough for
an in ability to simply be
Lost now in the mists

This compass guideth
through squalls infinitesimal
white cells conquer yet again
That which is so familiar
growing and assimilating
the dna of experience
Rest in these bones
have been
and yet to be
Rest within, cherished
A challenge yet faced
Staring into thine depths
beckoning thee
overcome thee
Unready to surface
Lost before the cocoons breach"

- Oni
On a typical Friday night I am
Doing as I please, as I do every day. Chaotic/ Neutral. :D

Born to Destiny

"What is this feeling
Like a new born whale
Breaching the surface
My first air
my new outter skin

My world is not the same
unprepared for what lies a head
Subject am I to your path
unescapable, destinies touch
until I am wise enough

Take up chisle in hand
And mold myself

I'm older now
learned and dogma wridden
I bare the scares of past selfs concete

The message through scars whispered into me
"You still have much to learn."
Barely 30 years
and already so tired

The lifestream, it's corridors
Many traps do hold
Cast a stone

The rippling fates
through interference,
show thee different ways
Tread careful young one
Your life has just begun.

Tread careful young one
Your life was never your own
Be ye young or olde
All of we fall subject to
The machinations of the fold.

I know books
and to handle with care;
But human hearts and feelings
There in lies a quite far removed afair.
Teach me teacher
The true ways of the world
Not in human folly
But our true place and purpose in this world.
Show me not stone monuments and tomes
Show me the young and the old
Show me not destruction
But culture and growing
Adaption to hardship
Midst compassion and caring.

Mother and father
Show all I ask of you
Show me the true language of life
Show me what your own refused to...

Or must I face a world unknowing
Self bolting as well as nourishing"

- Oni
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Find me; find out:



You should message me if
you cannot help but to do so.

You are seeking to build, foster and maintain a family. I am seeking partner(s) for the purpose rearing and raising children of the best quality possible, so expect to be vetted as I expect the same. This is a longterm consideration.

As for casual sex, practice makes perfect, but please be mature about and prepared to discuss medical history regarding STIs.

You are active in your community.

You are into the esoteric and exoteric side of things.

Interested to exchange ideas and to share insights.

You love Chrono Trigger, as much as I.

You too are a radical dreamer.

You are an alchemist or interested in alchemy.

You want to shape the future with me.

"The Book of the Living, verse 6: Intelligence is adaptability

Intelligence is ongoing, individual
adaptability. Adaptations that an intelligent
species may make
in a single generation, other species
make over
many generations of selective
breeding and
selective dying. Yet intelligence is
If it is misdirected by accident or by
intent, it can
foster its own orgies of breeding and

Octavia E. Butler
∞ = Δ"
The two of us