46Chalmette, United States
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My self-summary
I'm just a slightly weird an somewhat, nerdy- olde school quarter rat from the parish with halloween obession who got tired of skating by while I chased my dreams with the fervor of a convert like the shadow of a ghost made outta gasoline and have decided to become a (wee) bit more practical in our persuits because im just tired of finding AMAZING people who tell me im great BUT just too poor to settle down with ( hows that for honesty) even though im an award winning poet,short story/film/ screenplay writer, actor, production assistant, transpo driver and selling artist while bartending and managing a blockbuster during the last 15 yrs. (I work a lot)

I am reserved, loyal, and uninhibited
What I’m doing with my life
im presently trying to become the person that i want to be but then arent we all? because everythings temporary like the ebb and flow of the tides,the only point of permanence is change and its usually for the best.
Presently i have been on a relationship hiatus for about two years after ending a whirlwind relationship with someone special in Alaska-returned to NoLa in early June 2011 and keeping an open mind to the possibilities presented here.
-I am doing a bunch of production assistant/background/extra work on area film/tv projects which makes scheduling interesting since i never know when or where i'll be working until 8 hours before im due on set BUT once i make plans,i stick to them like cRAYzie glueheads walking into the fire;The small remainder of my spare time is absorbed by catching up on housework, writing (and re-re-writing) and working on my wonky art (have been part of 11 group shows since returning home.)
I’m really good at
depends on the situation-I'm a jack of most trades but master of none save perservering through endurance and a cornucopia of odd trivia (i was born on the day the french monarchy died in the year "let it be" was released);i love to tell stories,turning random trash into treasure,confidant and adviser (spent a long time in therepy and my real name actually meens "counselor who will encrease the field") and embracing my dark side to make a brighter day. (i am the boyscout of the damned)
The first things people usually notice about me
my presence,quirky "style" or (formally) hair
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
BOOKS:I read just about anything but i do tend to indulge in a plethera of history,poetry,halloween,sci-fi (ive pretty much weened myself off comic books) and horror (NOTE:If at ANY time you've even thaught "The bible is one of my fav books"-Move on,I thankfully am not for you). MOVIES:I mostly stick with what i know,horror and Im not a "fan" of comides (my first girlfriend dumped me while we were watching airplane on its opening night- they all laughed while i cried.) but i shall admit that romantic comidies are my guilty pleasure.FOOD:I LOVE to cook (i used to be a chef) and will eat almost everything i can fit in my mouth-alive or dead (my speciality dish is chicken fricasse ah gross onions w/ andouille),SHOPPING:i must admit that i do like to shop (its more of an addiction) but unlike other olde bad habits i once had-(clean since 05/96) now when i go on a tare,i wake up the next day just as broke but with a lot of cool stuff and reciepts in case i took it too far. (I might occasionally skip a meal BUT i'll never let the lights go off...again.)
Six things I could never do without
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how much better the world would be if people actually applied themselves into making the world a better place,alternate history theories (what if George Washington was captured durring the battle of long island,if the civil rights movement was enlightened enough to include gays or if John Lennon had lived), futurism (im looking to invest in lunar ice mining but have to wait until a company actually starts a program and planetary defense because I fear giant rocks falling out of the sky and ruining our day) or where im going to travel to next. (caught wonderlust from my mom)
On a typical Friday night I am
either working who knows where until don't know when on set (that's show business) or at home (wishing I was on set) and occasionally I might slip out to a bar I will be going to meet friends at. (im NOT into heavy drinking,i just like to hangout and meet people.) but i can always be found at the gallery openings the first sat of every month on Julia st. (it is-how they thing.)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
(Now that would be telling-wouldnt it?) I get paid for writing VERY bad poetry on the side and i ONCE stole a great story idea from an 8 yr. old girl (she wouldve forgotten it sometime) and my oddest accomplishment is that my "famous" quote is "Birth is the leading cause of death." (i used to sell t-shirts of it). I will admit that I sort of stick to the 80/20 rule-so if were not an 78+ match (match or friend) and -20 enemy, We shouldn't even bother trying.
(I honestly; really want this to work)
You should message me if
if you like it when late nights become early mornings while taking long walks or rides to nowhere and can go from the norm to strange comfortably (even if you have to do some juggling to get ready).Education for the sake of self improvement,ART in all its forms-even when its bad and have staunch opinions.Im looking for a partner (not a pet or incomplete project) who is honest with themselves and others.
The two of us