37Cologne, Germany
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My self-summary
About me:
If you are looking for a burly hairy patriarch and provider, well, then all the best luck to you, but I'm not the one.

As much as I gladly share what I have with those I love, I despise the outdated gender roles, clichés, and whatever else enforces artificial and unnecessary limits unto us. And all the same I try my best to never judge people, because what do I know about their lifes or what they experienced?

I'm a friendly and open minded person. When I don't know someone I might be shy, but if I like you, I can quickly become a good friend.

I'm quite nerdy, which is not surprising as I work as a programmer. I read a lot (check my librarything account mentioned later in this profile if you enjoy reading as well), love board games and weird movies.

I'm still not confining myself to the office and my flat, but instead enjoy bicycle tours, walks in the forest, caring for my plants, and several times a year make my way to different festivals. And while I do not have the body of a greek god, I am not allergic to sports either (swimming and gym). My greatest accomplishment in this regard was a 230km bicycle tour through the Rhine Gorge (try an image search on the web for "rhine gorge", to find out why we picked that route), but other larger tours are planned. :)

According to that Myers-Briggs test I'm an INFP or INFJ.

I'm striving to improve myself, not only in acquiring new knowledge as my job requires, but also in any other way possible, with mixed results.

Oh, and in matters of sexuality, GGG is the way I enjoy it most (in case you are unfamiliar with that term, look up "good, giving, game" if you feel like it).

What did I forget... Ah, boardgames:
What I’m doing with my life
Regular stuff includes:
Working, gaming, reading, spending time with friends, travelling, biking, swimming, hiking, festivals, cooking with friends and spending time with friends in all kinds of other ways.
I’m really good at
Programming, gaming, hugging, cuddling, cooking, remembering my dreams, taking care of plants (if you need one, I always got some spare plants)... Oh, and laughing about my own jokes. :) But if we ever cook together and you want me to peel potatoes, I'll do that gladly, but, considering my speed in doing that, you should better not be hungry.
The first things people usually notice about me
I asked some of my closer friends about it. Their first replies were "your humor", "your fine humor" and "your humor is worldclass". When I poked them further, other replies were "that you are very kind" and "your long hair" (I cut most off early 2017). When I poked them further they said "stop poking me!" and ran away.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: I guess the easiest would be if you have a look at my library thing collection. I try to keep it somewhat up to date.

I also got a goodreads account, but it's not as up to date as the LibraryThing one.

Here are some examples:
The Fountain:
Dark Star:
Ghost in the Shell 1 & 2:
Funky Forest:
What we do in the Shadows:
The Congress:

I have also watched quite a number of japanese movies which I enjoyed as well, such as Hadaka no Shima, The Castle of Sand, Tokyo Story, Floating Weeds or a number of Takeshi Kitano movies.

I do not really like movies that focus on glorifying violence (such as those Saw films, brrrrrr). But some films are so extremely insanely over the top, that they basically break through the "eewwww" barrier and reach the "wtf" place where it gets interesting again. Such as "Tokyo Gore Police" or "Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl".

TV Series:
Monkey Dust, Futurama, Rick and Morty, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones. I don't watch much TV though. Oh, and also Star Trek of course. :D

Music (with some examples):
Hol Baumann: (the lyrics of this song actually fit to a dating site profile quite well) :)
Lord of the Lost
Fields of the Nephilim
Hol Baumann:
Helium Vola:
Chelsea Wolfe:
Welle Erdball:
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore:
Squishy Squid:
VNV Nation:
Massive Attack:
Frank the Baptist:
Otis Redding:
The Faint:
The Turtles:
Zager and Evans:

tea, chocolate, uuhm.... hm.... chocolate? hmm... and tea... fish is good too, and about all foods if cooked yourself/with friends
Six things I could never do without
Tea, chocolate, books, computer, hugs, long baths with a good book. Well, I could live without some of that stuff, but they make life more pleasant. Also while I love cats, I don't have one right now.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
"Did I really dream that?"
"How do I program that the best way?"
"How do I explain this board game best to my friends?"
"What plant is that one, that grows over there?"
On a typical Friday night I am
There isn't really a typical friday. Random things that might happen:
- pc gaming alone or with friends
- playing board or card games with friends
- cooking alone or with friends
- watching a documentary, while most often working or gaming at the same time
- programming
- going early to bed to enjoy a very long sleep without missing half of the saturday
- reading
- every once in a while also a visit at a gothic club or a pub
- taking a long bath
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I tend to giggle when I thoroughly hug a person I really like, because it makes me so happy. Or I get horny. Sometimes both. But normally the first one.
You should message me if
Probably if a shared future would seem enjoyable for you. You know, one where in a number of years we can look back to the day you checked out my profile, and you remember what your first impression was, and how everything led to a happy future.

A future, where we'd travel to foreign countries together, getting to know their ancient culture, taste interesting food at their restaurants, make new friends.
A future in which we'd spend rainy afternoons at friends houses, laughing and playing board games with them, or watching movies.
One in which we both and our friends would check out interesting festivals, hopping from concert to concert and spending the time inbetween in museums, cafés or lying in the grass in sunny parks.
One where we'd stroll through forests on hiking tours, the sun casting warm patterns on our skin. Or through a cold misty forest, sharing snacks and hot chocolate or coffee while hunting mushrooms.

Well, or that's at least stuff I like. While a partner obviously can't enjoy everything of that as well, enjoying at least some of those things seems necessary. :)

Edit: I'm also a great fan of visiting people in foreign nations. So you want some pleasant company and don't mind showing me around a bit, then don't hesitate to send me a message as well. :)

Edit again: if you are about to press the like button, consider sending me a message instead. I have no premium account so I don't know that it was you who liked me and thus can't get back to you. But if you send me a message, everything is possible. :)

Edit again: also feel free to message me in case you are looking for a travel partner and think we could get along for that duration. It could be fun to explore some foreign place together, and maybe we are interested in the same countries to visit.
The two of us