62 San Carlos, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a romantic. I love beauty and the beauty of a woman can be on the outside and/or inside. Bi woman are the best, they understand the pleasure I get from looking at beauty. I can admire a six pack on a guy, doesn't mean I'm gay and want sex. lol I would like to find an honest person. If the relationship grows, and both desire more then an open relationship, then being loyal is a must. Otherwise, keep the relationship open. Like religion, why profess to a religion when you know ahead of time you are going to break the rules? Let's just crack open a bottle of wine and listen to some good music!
What I’m doing with my life
I've gone back to my first and #1 love, music. Was a classical piano major in University, I found it so natural and easy that I didn't appreciate the gift I had. It's really not a gift, it's the 10,000 hour equation. "Outliers". Became a hairdresser, owned/own Salons, owned a wholesale beauty supply business, owned a lingerie store, was the developer of an 82 unit housing project, part time real estate property manager. But now, I'm back into music. Recently produced 2 c/d's for a Cuban/Nicaraguan band. Just been signed by Sugo Music for international distribution. Putting together a band, Rock/punk/ blues combo, core is 4, need 4 female back up singers/dancers. And lastly, I'm representing musicians and groups. Now this is fun!
I’m really good at
Putting people together. I have no problem having dinner with the President of a foreign country and then having a beer with the buss boy. If they have a problem with each other, I have an ability to see each others point of view and come to an agreement. I have very good instincts.
The six things I could never do without
Sensual, intimate affection and contact.
My daughter
This beautiful Planet
My little Dog
My true friends that were there for me when I didn't know I needed it.