27Chicago, United States
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My self-summary
Seriously, this is the third time I've written one of these things - I'm a writer and I can't get it to not sound like shit.

Maybe the third time will be the charm! Probably not though.

Anyway. Hi. I'm TJ. I live in Lakeview and can usually be found playing video games, writing, or going for adventures in the city. If you like any of these things we'll probably get along.

When I look at my own OKCupid profile, at the bottom, it says that I am "less suave" than myself. I have no idea how they figure that out.
What I’m doing with my life
I just got a job at Argo Tea.
I was in grad school, wanting to be an English professor. Unfortunately, due to some mental health issues, that didn't really happen as planned.
Thankfully my life is a bit more stable now.
Eventually, I'd like to perhaps try and get a job at some sort of mental health agency. And perhaps get a book published as well.
But for now I'll just make tea.
I’m really good at
Writing. I have a blog where I talk about stupid shit, you should read it, it's really fantastic, honest:

I can kick some ass at trivia.

Honestly, I'm good at embarrassing myself, usually either by saying something dumb or dropping things.

Hmm. I can recite most of the movie Toy Story from memory, does that count?
The first things people usually notice about me
Probably my hair. Fuck that, almost certainly my hair.

Apart from that, the fact that I'm tall and wear all black, like most metalheads do.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Well shit, I studied literature in school, so I read a lot. Honestly I'll read anything good. I have a weak spot for the Ancient Greeks and the Romantics, though.

Movies: I really don't like horror - don't fight me because of it (or do, because you'll lose). Romantic comedies aren't my thing either - besides that, I'm good with anything. Reservoir Dogs is probably my favorite movie, and the last movie I watched was Space Jam. For what's probably the thousandth time. No shame.

TV: Arrested Development is my favorite show of all time. It's too damn clever for this world (that's why they cancelled it). I also love The West Wing, Sports Night, and basically anything else Aaron Sorkin works on.

Music: Metal is my favorite kind of music by far - power metal, black metal, symphonic metal, folk metal, progressive metal, death metal, honestly any kind except nu metal and hair metal is good for me. If you like any of this shit, message me - I need more metalhead friends!

Video games - RPGs are the best. I've been a Final Fantasy fan since I was in the 2nd grade.
Fighting games too.
If you have a PSN account, send me your name on there and I'll add you and we can play fighting games together (and you'll probably win).
Six things I could never do without
- My Music
- My Books
- Family/Friends
- Good Food
- Comfy Blankets & Pillows (fuck you that counts as one)
- Terrible Movies?

I don't know, after the first three I kind of lost it.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What book/movie I'm going to watch/read next.
What sorts of adventures I want to have.
Where my other sock went (seriously, I have a problem).
Why people can just be assholes for no reason at all (don't let this be you. Please?)
Why so many guys on OKCupid list themselves as female (honestly, I come across it all the time. Do they just not realize their mistake? Is it intentional? What the fuck?)
On a typical Friday night I am
I should really impress you by saying something crazy, but honestly, the answer to this is that I'm probably watching Everything Is Terrible videos underneath a wonderful assortment of blankets while eating food.
Not to say I don't like going out and doing fun shit. I just need some more friends in the city to do shit with!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
One time, I ran across the street and I never looked!
You should message me if
- You're fun/funny/entertaining
- You think I'm at least nice looking
- You want to talk about books/music
- You want to go to a show together
- You want to get good food together
- You want to get drunk and play bar trivia together
- You want to share comfy blankets together

Let me add this too. Don't message me if you look down on people with mental illnesses - I've struggled with mental illness for my entire life and have had to go through a lot of difficult times because of it. I want to meet people who are supportive of that - if you're not, kindly take a good look at yourself, accept the fact that you're an asshole, and kindly leave me and the rest of the civilized world alone.

Whew. I didn't mean to end things negatively. But hey, shit needs to be said!
The two of us