37San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary
Bloody hell, 9 months here already? I guess I can't get away with calling myself new to the city any more - time flies in this place!

Was lucky enough to arrive here just in time to watch the Giants win the World Series, which I was informed is kind of a big deal (a nice man explained it to me while he was setting fire to a wheelie-bin on Mission St). It's not every night you get to high-five an 80 year old lady waving a broom.

It's ace here. People are really friendly, the food is amazing and everyone has a dog.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm from Scotland, but I've spent the last eight years living in London and I spent a few years growing up in Australia, so I've been around a bit.

After eight years, was wondering where would be next after London and my company offered me a permanent job out in the Bay. I signed up (of course) and haven't looked back.

I'm pretty focused on my work, but I really came out here for the lifestyle. Can't wait to get out and explore California. Skiing, wine, hiking, camping, bears, college football, trampoline dodgeball and surfing are all on my to do list.

That all sounds very active. I should point out that I do spend as much time chilling out with a coffee or a drink as I do wilderness camping/trampoline dodge-balling (if not more).
I’m really good at
This is so American. My intrinsic British modesty prevents me claiming to be 'really' good at anything. The most self-aggrandisement I'm able to handle is 'I'm kind of OK at': pub quizzes, any sport that rewards enthusiasm over skill, making campfires, using unnecessarily complicated words (see 'self-aggrandisement' above) and generally trying new things. I have quite a high threshold for embarrassment, which makes it easy to have a crack at something new.
The first things people usually notice about me
Would be my curious accent. I still think I sound more Scottish than anything else, but living in Australia as a kid and many years in London have kind of warped it into my own unique mellowed version of Scottish.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Looking at my bookshelf, I've got a really weird collection. There's a few of big books about art and street art, books about movies and movie posters and a couple of graphic novels (but classy ones like Maus and Joe Sacco).

OUtside of this, I love the Game of Thrones books, Les Miserables, The Black Company, Evelyn Waugh, Terry Pratchett and Aldous Huxley and Ernest Hemingway.

For music, I'll enjoy going out to see almost anything. I can't think of any gig I've been to that I didn't enjoy. You'll frequently find me in front of the stage at the Independent, Rickshaw Stop and all the park festivals.

Today, I've been listening to Youngblood Hawk, Frightened Rabbit, Two Door Cinema Club, Fitz & the Tantrums, Dan Auerbach and Feist. Tomorrow will probably be completely different.
Six things I could never do without
Facetime (lets me catch up with my sister, my 2 year old nephew and 3 month old niece)
Good sneakers (I love walking/running all up and down the city)
Music - I mean, who could live without music? Anyone that says they could is actually an alien.
My bed - I love camping, sleeping rough and I'm no stranger to couch surfing, but nothing beats having a giant comfy bed to lie back on
Skiing - I'm not an amazing skier, only been doing it for a few years, but I spend most of the year waiting for it to snow so I can get back on it
My friends and family - yawn. Everyone must say that.
On a typical Friday night I am
Probably drinking. I am Scottish, after all (it's kind of our national sport). But preferably drinking somewhere with other people.
The two of us