34Leiden, Netherlands
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My self-summary
(Before you read on, I belong to fei_tun )

Hmm... Keywords: self-confident, a touch arrogant,
pensive, political, atheist, content with my life, semi-academic,
geek-gamer, not outgoing, still socially capable, sharp,
possibly offensive, self-important, self-critical, moral, loving,
caring, unable to deal with smoking, curious, engaging, honest, willing to discuss anything, but empathically challenged :(

(almost) One line summary: Pep's 27 yrs old, studying
sociology at the University of Amsterdam. I've idled at OkCupid
for five years, and before that enjoyed TheSpark with its silly
tests and the Stinky Feet project.

Abstract: I'm sort of calm and non-exuberant - have
the know-how to be a 'social person' but not the motivation to
exercise it frequently. I enjoy round-table-esque birthday parties; I'm usually the one talking loudly, listening intently and trying to come across as intelligent, balanced, witty and intense. When this fails (it often does) I will retire to a nearby computer and show awesome sites and videos to any available spectators.

I'm not one for bars or clubs. Anyone willing to show me
the proverbial light
of how bloody awesome it is to repeat the same bloody pilgrimage every bloody week to the same bloody pubs where you pay a bloody fortune to rid yourself of sober and rational behaviour, is welcome. Good luck though :p

I don't care for (cell)phones.

moar pictures for the needy

Yaarrr :D - by the way, I've not been single since spring '10,
and it has been massively awesome.

Nederlands is een pokketaal. En niet een 'pokkentaal'. Ik
schrijf beter Engels dan Nederlands and spreek beter Nederlands dan Engels. Dit is irritant, maar ik kan ermee leven.

Als m'n Engelse profiel niet goed genoeg voor je is, dan was
het toch nooit wat geworden tussen ons. Mijn excuses.
What I’m doing with my life
I've no clue what I'm doing... At least not what or where I'm heading towards. For now, I'm just studying sociology, and sitting at home enjoying my freedom and my own cooking. I like to live carefree and to not cave into any kind of pressure. I know I have to finish a Master thesis and will eventually have to look for a (fulltime) job, but for now I refuse to worry too much. On a side note, I kind of like the English language. I feel that language is very important, though I couldn't clearly explain why. I'm one of those spelling/grammar Nazis. In spite of this, I enjoy creating or adopting slang.

I have lately found myself being passionate about filming lectures. That's right. I got me a job as a student-assistent filming lectures and putting them online for the students and teachers to enjoy. I feel it is important to capture lectures, to preserve these things for a long time so people may enjoy it. A side advantage is that, in Bourdieu's terms, I got myself social capital, economic capital and cultural capital in one fell swoop. Things have definitely turned for the better.

For the Dutch, I would like to advertise my university employee page, since I'm so happy that I managed to get a job there. Mostly all jobs ever suck ass, but not this one. Rock on!
I’m really good at
I'm good at cooking 'boerenkool' or potatoes in general, enjoying myself on my own, customizing language, befriending cats and complaining. By the way, boerenkool rocks so hard it's ridiculous. I'm also steadily increasing my skill at writing clear, logical arguments. I am practicing this skill through posting in the political section of a forum I frequent. I think I'm also rather self-conscious. Or at least I hope I am. I feel guilty every time I detect myself ignoring/downplaying a part of me I don't like :p

I am also a good linkwhore. I will have video links for a lot of weighty subjects, or links to awesome webcomics, or links to funny pages in general.
The first things people usually notice about me
I dont know, so ill just quote someone else --> "when I first met Pep I thought he was some weird asshole, but after a while, once you get used to his odd behaviour he's actually quite nice.."

Another thing. I've noticed that many people like to refer to themselves as "crazy", "weird", "strange" or whatever. I'm no expert, but my guess is that they think of themselves like this because they do 'wild' stuff at parties and/or tend to be loud and obnoxious. And/or joke around a lot. Maybe consuming large quantities of alcohol.. If so, then: YOU ARE NOT STRANGE! Same goes for liking rebellious music like metal or 'obscure' Scandinavian artists (like Sigur Rós). It's just too widespread nowadays; just like enjoying fantasy literature and/or feeling that you're special because you read books in this day and age. This is the reality of 'our' generation. Remember: whenever you buy into a subculture, or consume any product for which there is a large market, you are not a deviant.

People, me included, often aim to profile themselves as 'deep' or 'pensive' or 'not like all those other people' i.e. unique�. Well screw that. Browse a random set of OkCupid profiles, mine included, and you will see that almost EVERYONE is trying not to be "one of them", "them" being those shallow mass-beings. In fact, so many people define themselves as being interesting that I am wondering where all these spooky platitudinous folk have gone? Either they're a figment of our collective imagination, they manage to miraculously avoid this dating site, or YOU, dear reader, are one in denial.

Maybe I am. Probably I am.

The bottom line I guess is that I'm semi-interested in these elusive, almost mythic creatures of shallow demeanor that are so vivid in our public imagination. If you are reading this and you fit the description - enjoying listening to contemporary chart music, thinking teen comedy films are wickedly awesome, valuing anti-news such as celebrity updates, sport scandals or having outspoken opinions on non-issues like gay marriage/adoption, abortion or other supposed attacks on morality which don't directly affect you - please message me. And tell me where the rest of you are. Do you ever congregate? Are you really a silent majority? Can you tell if I'm one of them without realizing it?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Films in no particular order: Schindler's list * One flew over the cuckoo's nest * Dr. Strangelove * Ghibli animation films (esp. Grave/Fireflies) * Big Fish * Edward Scissorhands * Hero * Zatoichi * The Big Lebowski (!) * The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (!!) * Thank You For Smoking * Before Sunrise * Before Sunset * Snatch (!!!) * Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (!!!) * Southpark the film * any Monty Python film (!!!!) * The Rutles * This is Spinal Tap * Most films by Pixar * the Star Wars series * Lord of the Rings series * Sin City * Children of Men * V for Vendetta * Brazil * Disney's Robin Hood * Office Space * politically/religiously themed documentaries * Finding Neverland * Bad Santa * Jumanji * Sling Blade * Ghost Dog * Crash * Paradise Now * Love Actually * Babel * Snakes on a Plane * Hotel Rwanda (!!) * The Pianist * Eternal Sunshine etc * Dodgeball * 12 Angry Men * Happy Feet * Pan's Labyrinth (!!) * Miller's Crossing

Bouques: My taste in bouques is dull, since it mirrors the taste of most of my generation; namely fantasy written by Jordan, RR Martin, Goodkind (who's a fascist), Pratchett, Bakker etc. I also like Dune (Herbert) and any Bill Bryson bouque. And I enjoy reading whatever Midas Dekkers churns out of his word processor.

Moosik: Like most people, I don't limit myself to a small number of bands or one genre. For convenience' sake (mine that is) I've put my winamp list online. - Update: I realize that posting a link to my playlist is a bit of a cop-out, as well as strategically silly, since overlapping tastes are a very important factor in this OkCupid business. So here's a sample of what I enjoy (in no particular order): Hooverphonic, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Yes, Supertramp, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Covenant, Kitaro, Ennio Morricone, Air, Alan Parsons Project, Blind Melon, Bruce Springsteen, Yann Tiersen, Dire Straits, Richard Cheese, Goldfrapp, Moloko, Paul Simon, Phil Collins, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Cake, Jamiroquai, Kraftwerk, Prodigy, Fleetwood Mac, Mercury Rev, David Bowie, Beach Boys, Flight of the Conchords, Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone, The Who, Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Though I don't play instruments myself, I like the (pan) flute, violin and piano most.

Food: I actually don't revere Italian food. That's right. You know what? I could do without! That's because I like regular food. I like simple, awesome things like the meat/potato/beans combo or just plain old soup. And sandwiches. I LOVE sandwiches. THIS IS MADNESS! MADNESS? THIS IS A SANDWIIIIICH! (also a hearty breakfast before you dine in hell btw)

Television - I don't watch television, but I do download television shows. These are the ones I enjoy: * Naruto * Bleach * Lost * Veronica Mars * Rome * The Colbert Report * The Young Ones * Bottom * BlackAdder * South Park * Monty Python's Flying Circus * Heroes * Never Mind the Buzzcocks * Californication * Jericho * A long, long list of anime, found here.*
Six things I could never do without
- Tusia

- Memory - if you think about it, without memory nothing
would do would have meaning, to ourselves at least. Memory is
vital part of our being, and every now and then its extreme
importance mesmerizes me.

- Causality

- Theories

- locomotion

- the internets, a series of tubes
I spend a lot of time thinking about
1) Why I'm such a lazy dick and why I'm content with it

2) How I'm going to tackle my current problems. Usually involves 1) and 4)

3) Sex. I'm male.

4) My modest academic pursuits

5) Awesome cultural products (film, bouques, food, music, games, internet productions etc)

6) Political, religious and media issues

7) A certain webgame called Utopia by Swirve. EDIT - Utopia was sold to OMAC, which has been failing miserably to produce the necessary gaming changes so if you are interested in this ridiculously unique dutch (how you might be I do not know...), expect to be awakened and interrupted having sex at the wee hours of the morning to
lead his glorious kingdom of global minions (who some do bear a resemblance to Peppie in terms of personality, or at least argumentativeness) to victory.

Individuals I admire, enjoy or both: * John Cleese * Richard Dawkins * Sam Harris * Stephen Colbert * Noam Chomsky * Howard Zinn * Scott Atran * Terry Pratchett * Scott Bakker * Michel Foucault * Gilles Deleuze * Nelson Mandela * Mahatma Gandhi * Bill Bryson * Bill Hicks * Daniel Dennett * George Carlin (RIP) * Midas Dekkers * Robin Williams * Ricky Gervais * Eddie Izzard * Robert Fisk * Jon Stewart * Bart van Heerikhuizen * Naomi Klein * Eva Morales * Hugo Chavez * The cast from Whose line is it anyway? David Gorman

Do note please;

The correct spelling is "definitely"

The correct spelling is "ridiculous"

Thanks <3
On a typical Friday night I am
Doing theatre stuff in my hometown (also see pics). A relic from the past, started once but never quit... Even though I've far outgrown the people I act with.. (age difference on average 5-6 years) You won't find me in pubs and such anymore though. "I can't take the smell, can't take the noise, got no money to go out I guess I got no choice". Annoying people would call me a dull person, and I'm happy because of that since they'd likely leave me alone. Which is good..

Update: I finally mustered the balls to quit the theatre thing. I simply had no stamina for it anymore. But a sweet lovely memory it will remain.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Im a virgin in mind and spirit. And I often get tired of myself. I like to think about funny or pleasant things I've experienced in the past when I have nothing to do that requires my concentration. Often I sit in the train or walk around Amsterdam with a smile on my face. I wish more people would do that.

I'm convinced bears are godless killing machines.

I think Kirsten Dunst is pretty damn hot (but nonetheless sucked in Spiderman III, like the rest of the cast, except Bruce Campbell).

I spell "book" like "bouque". This is arbitrary.

Singing with my mate Cello has been a time honoured tradition (and guilty pleasure). Here's our best, Beach Boys - Kokomo (zipped)

I love my cat to bits.

Inverted smileys creep me the fuck out ):

There is something I'm truly hesitant to speak of, for it might put people off. But in the interest of full disclosure, I will have to fess up. I... hmm. This is hard. Err... so... I eh... I don't really care about traveling, alright? I mean, I don't mind it, and I don't shy away from it, but I think traveling for traveling's sake is just not my cup of tea. I need to see specific places and/or meet specific people for travel to work. Tourism for tourism's sake is just an alien concept to me. Before I am cast into your judgmental abyss of lazy boring people who've never been more than twenty miles from home; I have visited Vancouver Island, Turku and Helsinki, London, Rome, the south and eastcoast of Ireland and various places in France. I have moved homes nine times in my life mainly because my mum was a nomad or my landlord/lady sucked ass. For what it's worth I've seen almost every trainstation in the Netherlands. But I don't care for tourism without a set goal, and I don't go abroad for the sake of relaxation. Furthermore I'm annoyed by people who use their travels as items of status or means of boasting. "You've been to Ecuador?" "Wellllll I've been to Bangladesh!" "OMG but I've been to Kenya!" "Well I've seen Mongolia and Kamchatka!" Oooooooohhhh. Sod off. I'm not interested. Shoo. You've proven you're awesome at expanding horizons and spending loads of money on enjoying yourself abroad. You're the (wo)man! Run along now. Pick up some bragging rights in Baghdad or something. Gah.
You should message me if
Look, things have changed.

Back when I was 21, I had more fun in life. I was most likely a more agreeable person back then. I could, as most users like to put in their profile, talk about completely random, or to put it in that disgusting word, zany things. But as the years progressed, I have become less enjoyable. I went through three failed relationships and started, more importantly, to really pay attention to the nasty shit that goes on in this world. I've acquainted myself with figures such as Chomsky, Finkelstein, Zinn, Klein, Fisk and so on. I've heard/read/accepted most of their arguments. Consequently, the world has turned into a bleak and dreary place - and my current courses in sociology are not helping. I find myself categorizing more and more things into the realm of the irrelevant, drastically narrowing the number of subjects most people enjoy talking about. I am for example inaccessible when it comes to topics like celebrities, popular culture, fashion, clothing, drinking, partying, food and so on.

I feel out of touch with most of my peers. I sense that we do not share the same world, the same priorities, the same values.

I write this as a warning. That is not to say I want to discourage female attention; I am fairly lonely and any and all messages are appreciated greatly. However, have no illusions. I prefer serious discussion about significant things, things of life and death. I yearn for new, insightful arguments and facts. I crave new theories, new discoveries. Substance.

Maybe I'm not as bad as I make myself out to be. I'm writing this in a depressing wintery month (february) not long after Israel has gorged itself once again on the blood of hundreds of complete innocents, while so many observers have the gall to shove the blame on Hamas.


I guess what I'm saying is, message me if you think you can deal with me. And I don't mean this in a challengey kind of way :p

Alternative contact info:

- potatopeppie(at)hotmail(dot)com (MSN)

- PeppenDorg (AIM)

- 30409605 (ICQ)

-, #free (IRC)

Profile updated 10 / 02 / 2010
The two of us