33 Tokyo, Japan
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My self-summary
Just moved to Tokyo as of March 2016. Unfortunately I have to work to pay rent and do things. Fortunately I only work thirty hours a week - hurray!

English Lit & Philosophy graduate. Currently pursuing MA in Contemporary Literature at the University of York where I may have made a lot of good friends, but haven't been lucky in romance. Yet.
What I’m doing with my life
In York doing an MA in Contemporary Literature at University of York.
Running, playing squash, as much sport as I can fit in.
Freaking people out in my building by groaning like an over-ripe Nick Nolte.
I’m really good at
I enjoy writing and critiqueing things. The nicest thing anyone said about me was that I was "erudite and eccentric". Which was nice. Thank you Alan. I play guitar and enjoy hammering away at knotty, angular shapes. In reality, I make noise. I can sing, though only in the shower. Also, my memory of lyrics is limited, so I often cram snatches of songs together trying hard not to confuse myself in the process.
The first things people usually notice about me
How much of a nerd I am. Sometimes the first thing people notice is how impertinent I am. Sometimes the first thing people notice is how shy or subdued I am. It really depends on my mood and the circumstances! Am I feeling goofy, or am I being serious? Am I nostalgic for people I've never known and countries I've never been to; am I "foolishly melancholic" as John Cheever once wrote?
Gradually more virile as I get older youth in reverse.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I seem to read a lot of American fiction. I'm trying to read more European fiction but I'm not sure if a lot isn't lost in translation. I am an aesthetic freak, and I tend to judge writers on expressive ability over content. However, I am not completely oblivious to context. Favourites: Leonard Michaels, Nicholson Baker, John Cheever's Bullet Park. Robert Coover, erotic, comic and aesthetic! Poets: James Tate. Wallace Stevens John Ashbery will never go astray - particularly the rather apt, 'Worsening Situation.' All men; it must mean something. 'The Lime Twig' by John Hawkes was the last novel which left me staggering around in a murky haze of wonderment.
Post-script: Current writers - David Markson, Thomas Bernhard and William Gaddis.

Le film:
Very recent: The Master by Paul Thomas Anderson is my all-time favourite.
The Duke of Burgundy, an erotic film which is intelligent and aesthetic.
Anything by Rainier Werner Fassbinder. Particularly Fox & His Friends
James Mason and Joan Bennett in a desperately poetic film noir that you know ain't gonna end well...

The long hall: In terms of films, I am a fan of the 1970s New Hollywood: Jack Nicholson between 1970 and '76; McCabe & Mrs Miller; Shampoo. Very creative period wherein the influence of a more abstract, ambiguous European arthouse seemed to inform and intoxicate an ailing Hollywood structure leading to many wonderful, aesthetically ballsy films. That and the psychologically realist and supremely indulgent plot-free films of John Cassavetes. Hitchcock's Vertigo. Harmony Korine, Whit Stillman, Hal Hartley, Guy Maddin - plenty of quirky indie auteur stuff from the last twenty years of American cinema. The more austere Gus Van Sant stuff (Elephant). Mike Leigh for a more worthwhile take on British life. Peter Greenaway for his wit and visual acumen.

The Sopranos - subversive and entertaining. Peerless.
Twin Peaks; I enjoy giving confused waitresses the Dale Cooper thumbs-up.
Seinfeld, anything Larry David-related. Nihilistic honest situation comedy which turns bullshit, cliched sitcom tropes on their worn heads!
I think that about puts the lid on tv for me - I just don't have the time to waste and there are more worthy distractions!

Quite far ranging. Thanks to youtube I expose myself to new music everyday. I have a predilection for angular, discordant stuff (Fugazi, Slint, etc) though I could be just as happy listening to Steely Dan or Autechre. I can find value in most things musically (Country, electronic, you name it) - barring maybe the vocals on reggae songs. Sometimes I pay attention to lyrics. I like risks taken, candidness and uneven tones.

Ah, lists. We could be here all day.
The six things I could never do without
Clean socks [lie]
My eye-glasses.
Some sort of reading material, even the side of a cereal box.
Some sort of music listening apparatus even if my mp3 player is like listening to a chorus of gnats re-arrange and perform my favourite music.
A spare shirt.
My hands. I'm like a neurotic film-maker waving them around me at all times [Now the left one is fractured in a small place]
My New Balance runners. Now Karimor. I wish they were Brooks. Sigh.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Distractions. And then grading those distractions. How much time I waste being parsimonial. Money vs time. The worthiness of anxiety. Making a solid album of abstract guitar music.
On a typical Friday night I am
Could be stuck in the local Sam Smith pub with uni mates gossiping over PhDs - or at home reading. Watching an old Western!
You should message me if
You've read all the above and are not suitably put off. You have a daft sense of humour. You can enjoy activities which do not purely involve alcohol consumption. You can handle the presence of an awkward, nerdy male without wanting to slip into a nearby gutter and drown yourself. Although said awkwardness is being combatted by virility as I numbers pass in age. You like artsy-fartsy stuff, but don't take things too seriously. Actually that last bit is a goddamn lie - you can be wildly indifferent to artsy stuff.