61Somerville, United States
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My self-summary
Peace - Justice - Books - Exercise - Family - Fun

Hey, we could have gone biking last weekend -- meandering on the bike path, enjoying the sights and fresh air!

Daily runner, ex-musician (though I still play and sing sometimes), kink-friendly computer scientist and ex-potter (ceramics). Hoping to connect with a woman who likes living slightly outside the box, to share healthy fun activities such as skiing, applesauce-making, singing, road trips, trading backrubs, traveling, attending political rallies, biking, baking, cuddling, making things, or whatever.

I am drawn toward lasting relationships based on shared values and great communication.

I live a healthy lifestyle, with healthy habits, weight and exercise. I prefer home cooked meals, mostly organic and mostly vegetarian (though some fish and chicken), but I am not dogmatic or rigid about it. I don't drink, smoke or watch TV, but I do indulge in dark chocolate. :) I stay fit and you should too -- life is more fun that way.

If you have ever seen a red "MAKE JOBS, NOT WAR" bumper sticker, it originated from me. I have given away over 10,000 of them since I first coined the slogan in 2003 when Bush invaded Iraq and had them manufactured. I care about the world around me, and I strongly support peace, human rights and environmental organizations.

I tend toward intellectual pursuits, tempered by simple practicality and creativity. I have traveled in over twenty countries, and speak some Italian and French.

I also greatly enjoy simple home-oriented activities, such as making pizza with the kids -- including making our own whole wheat crust -- or canning home-made applesauce in the autumn.

I am attachment-oriented. My natural tendency is toward polyfidelity, though I am open to other ideas. I don't believe in the monogamy/non-monogamy dichotomy any more than a gender role dichotomy. I enjoy some kink / BDSM as one aspect of an overall relationship. I can be gentle one moment and rough another, depending on my partner's desires. I have a wide range of appreciation.

If you are non-local but think we have important values in common then I could still probably arrange to meet you sometime for a meal when traveling for work or other reasons.

UPDATE 18-Jun-2017: Had a great month-long trip to Spain with my kids. Although I was working much of the time, it was still fun to be there and wonderful for the kids to have a chance to practice their Spanish in its native setting. Yay!

UPDATE 25-Jan-2017: Amazing Women's March last weekend! So nice to see such a huge turnout, so many smiles, so much creativity in the signs, and so many positive messages. One of my favorites: "Make America Kind Again".

UPDATE 1-Aug-2016: I took the kids to Iceland and England for a month this summer. They loved it! The excuse was to attend my nephew's wedding in England.
What I’m doing with my life
Co-parenting wonderful twins in a large shared two-family home and doing my part to help support peace, justice and environmentalism. I am amicably separated. (Okc does not have an option for that status.) And although my wife and I are separated romantically, in many ways we still function as a family with our kids, and we do not plan to change that.
I’m really good at
Living with others in a shared household. I have lived with housemates ever since I started college, and very much enjoy it.

I am also told: "You're good at cuddling and giving hugs. You're good at offering a shoulder for a person to lean on."
The first things people usually notice about me
My long hair, or the "MAKE JOBS, NOT WAR" stickers on my jacket. By the way, although my birthday is fake -- for security -- my age is correct +/- one year.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Richard Dawkins ("The Selfish Gene"), Oliver Sacks ("The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat"), Almodovar, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson, National Geographic, Philip Pullman ("His Dark Materials"), Maurice Sendak ("Where The Wild Things Are"), Winnie the Pooh, Roald Dahl, Secretary.

Food? Simple and healthy. Dark chocolate! Mangos! Fresh bread and salad!
Six things I could never do without
Family, ideas, justice, creative expression, smart people and hugs.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
1. My kids. 2. How much damage Trump will cause to this nation and the world, and how we can best mitigate it. I hope Trump will not be as bad as Hitler, but he could be worse. We just don't know yet. 3. Songs I'm mentally arranging.

More keywords to feed okcupid: activism, activist, social justice, environment, environmentalism, recycling, musician, Gandhi, quaker.
On a typical Friday night I am
Playing my guitar, playing a game with the kids, working on a project or making whole-wheat pizza from scratch.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
You should message me if
. . . you are interested in real life interaction. Email is fine as a first step, but I will want to meet you in person as soon as practical -- lunch or hot chocolate at a cafe, for example -- as I have no interest in cyber-only relationships.

I'm looking for outdoor activities, trading massages, political events, singing songs . . . or maybe you have an activity to suggest?
The two of us