58Winter Garden, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a techno geek interested in computers, physics, astronomy, and the aerospace industry. Professionally I'm a writer with over 2,000 published articles. I've also published several technical papers and have made many presentations at technical conferences.

I like to think of myself as similar to the Leonard character in "Big Bang Theory" (back when the show actually had some intelligence and science and was more than just making fun of geeks) but at least one friend has said there's more than a smidge of Sheldon and Howard in me too.

I'm the editor-in-chief and primary writer for a web magazine about pretty interesting topics.

I'm active on showing off some of my geeky projects.

My first book "Columbia - Final Voyage"(on the space shuttle Columbia's last mission) was published in February 2006. I knew all seven of the astronauts and was one of the last people to talk to them before they died, so the book's primarily about the astronauts and their mission.

I don't consider race, age, or body type to be important in the person I'm dating or friends. I'm far more interested in intelligence, mutual interests, and a good personality.

My photos average about three to five years old, just because I'm usually the photographer and don't appear in as many photos. I haven't changed much in appearance - my oldest profile photo is from 1994 (see if you can figure out which one).

My interests include - Science fiction, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, music, musicals, reading, trivia, history, steampunk, yard sales, experimenting with computers, and art. I play Texas Hold 'em Poker about one night each week (for fun, no gambling) and also like chess and many board games.

My sense of humor is probably best described as a mix of Bugs Bunny, Groucho Marx, and Hawkeye Pierce.

I'd like to find somebody interesting who can keep me excited. Somebody who I can talk to for hours without being bored, but not necessarily a chatterbox. Somebody who likes moonlit strolls on the beach (it may be a cliche - but it's certainly an enjoyable activity!) or just staying in for the evening cuddling and listening to music or watching a DVD. I also enjoy going to concerts, museums, plays, or out to a special attraction.

You don't have to have a perfect body, be a supermodel, or super-intelligent for me to be interested.

I am _NOT_ interested in marrying a foreigner who wants a green card or any other scams. I doubt that will stop those emails, but it's still worth mentioning. Also if you have a really low match percentage or high enemy percentage it's not likely we'll have much in common. I enjoy chatting with folks, both online and by voice. But DO NOT IM me if you've got a blank profile or if we have nothing in common.

I'm a non-smoker and only drink every now and then. I'm single, child-free by choice, and STD-free. I'm an atheist and libertarian and quite proud of it. I am single and have never been married.

If you've found me through Quickmatch my profile is Phil42
What I’m doing with my life
I've come to the conclusion that life's too short to waste. Instead of remaining a wage slave and working at a job which I hate or is stressful because I have to deal with too many idiots (do they purposely hire idiots for public relations positions and editors?) I'm taking the time to enjoy myself. I've got a comfortable amount of money (not enough to go completely crazy but enough to enjoy luxuries) and I'm starting to explore everything I can - traveling, intellectual pursuits, and just enjoying life.

Professionally I was a writer for over two decades and I am still writing part time (check out my website.)

I'm certainly interested in writing another book but it will be a more mass market book than my first book (see above).

Personally I'd like to find somebody to share my life and who would like to be part of my life. Obviously it would be highly desirable to find somebody who lives within 50-75 miles, but distance isn't an overriding factor. If it's further away then we can certainly become e-dates and get to know each other better and at that point schedule a mutual vacation to meet in person.

If I find the hypothetical perfect person for me who I want a long term relationship with then great. But I'm not going to turn down other possibilities until that hypothetical person comes into my life.

If I meet somebody and we click and it's just a one-night stand -with the mutual understanding by both folks what's expected then that's okay - not fantastic but it's okay and better than not meeting.

If somebody becomes friends and just friends without anything sexual then that's okay too, I'm certainly not going to turn down any new friendships.

If somebody becomes friends with sex (hopefully with some emotional involvement too) then that's great as long as the friendship is at least as important as the sex side (and I DO mean that).

If there's an emotional bond, and it lasts beyond the "new relationship stage” then that would be incredible.

When I meet somebody new it's with open expectations - there's a chance it might go all the way for the rest of our lives, it may turn out to be nothing at all and we never see each other beyond the initial meeting, but most likely will turn out to be somewhere in the middle.
I’m really good at

  • computers

  • writing

  • trivia

  • a sense of humor

  • treating friends well

  • giving backrubs and massages

  • receiving backrubs and massages.

The first things people usually notice about me
My looks (pure geek) and intelligence. Most folks think I look much younger than I actually am. I got carded(!) a couple of years ago and felt so complimented!

Pennelore: Phil does indeed look like a geek. It's fabulous.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
(A) Books - my own of course, "Columbia - Final Voyage" - check for details.

Also "Superman - Last Son of Krypton", "A Flag Full of Stars", "Autopsy for a Cosmonaut", "Marooned", "Crisis on Centaurus", "Superman - Miracle Monday", "Rendezvous with Rama".

Favorite authors include Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke (I met both in person), Ray Bradbury, Douglas Adams, Robert Heinlein, plus far too many to list individually. My personal library has over 3,500 books - science fiction, trivia, non-fiction, and whatever else grabs my interest.

(B) Movies - Avengers!, Apollo 13, Forbidden Planet, 2001: A Space Odyssey, One Two Three, Serenity, Titanic, The Day the Earth Stood Still (original version), Contact, Silent Running, October Sky, Moulin Rouge, The Great Escape, Pearl Harbor, Star Trek IV, and anything by the Marx Brothers or Mel Brooks. My video-DVD collection is not as large as my book collection but it's pretty decent.

(C) Music - Beach Boys, Beatles, Air Supply, Peter Paul and Mary, Chicago, Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Buffett, The Turtles, Bach, Bond, Paul Simon, Joe Cocker, Jonathan Coulton, Pete Seeger, Gordon Lightfoot, James Taylor, Elton John, Billy Joel, Crosby Stills and Nash, Michelle Branch, ABBA, Mason Williams, and lots more.

(D) Foods - sushi (it seems like almost everybody either likes sushi or hates it), burgers, most chicken, seafood, BBQ, Indian, Italian, Chinese (the real stuff - not the Americanized versions), Thai, French, Tex-Mex. Not fond of bell peppers or coconut. I'm always interested in trying a new cuisine I haven't tried before.
While I'm an omnivore I enjoy eating vegetarian meals too, especially if I want to share a meal with somebody special who doesn't eat meat.
I'm a decent cook and love to cook meals for somebody special.

(E) Television - Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Star Trek" (original, TNG, DS9), "Smallville", "Angel", "Simpsons", "Fame", "Mad About You" (first three seasons only), "Sliders" (early seasons), "Alien Nation", "Firefly/Serenity", "Arrested Development" (including the Netflix season), "Garfield and Friends", "West Wing", "M*A*S*H", "Animaniacs", "Batman the Animated Series", "Big Bang Theory" (the earlier seasons), "How I Met Your Mother", "Castle", "Mythbusters", "Modern Family", "Rocky & Bullwinkle", "Good Eats", "The Muppets Show", "Popular", "Glee", "No Ordinary Family," 'Agents of SHIELD".

(F) Musicals - "Rent", "A Chorus Line", "Mamma Mia!", "Dr. Horrible", "Wicked", "Moulin Rouge", "South Pacific", "The King and I", "Gigi", "Singing in the Rain", "Chicago", "Oh Calcutta", "Producers", "Gypsy" (especially the Bette Middler / Cynthia Gibb version) and "Once More, with Feeling"

(G) Cartoons - Doonsbury, Mother Goose and Grimmy, Dilbert, Shoe, XKCD, Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts.
Six things I could never do without
I am not going to list things like food, air, and water because while it's true I couldn't live without any of those items, it really doesn't tell you anything about me.

I'm going to interpret this question as the six things I really really really really don't want to live without. I could certainly survive biologically without any of the following - but it wouldn't be desirable. So, in no particular order -

  • my computer with Internet access

  • friends

  • my intelligence

  • music

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer - or whatever Joss Whedon's involved with

  • chocolate

I spend a lot of time thinking about
life, the universe, and everything
On a typical Friday night I am
Hopefully out doing something interesting, but alternately at home watching videos or reading a book.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
There was this one time with two naked gymnasts, a trampoline, and a rubber chicken ...

But I've already said too much ...
You should message me if
you think I'm more fun than these guys ------------------>

you think I'm interesting and you're an open minded person.

So many people use the term 'open minded' in their profiles and it can mean so many different things. To me 'open minded' means you're open to the concept of trying new experiences (as opposed to dismissing them out of hand), be willing to accept things which are different from what you believe, and most important - accept a person who is different from you and respect that you have your differences.
The two of us