49 Maidstone, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
I’m better looking than John Prescott; slimmer than John Goodman; and even more manly than Julian Clary.

Not got your pulse racing?

OK, lets add, I’m both younger and taller than: George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise and in the same school year as Daniel Craig.


Thought not!

Never mind, keep reading, it might get better …

Having worked with homeless and also having lived and lectured on a luxury cruise-liner, I’m confident relating to be people from a huge variety of cultures and from a wide range of social backgrounds. People seem at ease in my company and I can fit in at just about any social situation.

I love travelling and I’ve visited over 100 different countries and every continent, including Antarctica (four years living on a cruise-liner tends to make things like this easier). There are still plenty of other places I’d like to see, but I've always found travelling far more satisfying if you have someone to share the experiences and create memories with.

When at home, you’ll find me in a country pub joking and swapping friendly banter with my friends and generally laughing and grinning like the Cheshire Cat. I also really enjoy a weekend break to “olde worlde” cities, country towns (I love the lake district), coastal resorts (I also love the sea) or simply visiting old friends.

I’m reasonably well educated and once went through a phase of collecting qualifications (I have three degrees - which proves that I really am exceptionally inntelligan ... erm .. intteliggen ... erm ... brainy). I still like to read popular science books and watch documentaries, particularly about physics and cosmology.

I’m not a massive sports fan, but will watch any televised Liverpool football match; oh, and during the olympics, I developed an inexplicable fascination with beach volleyball.

I don’t tend to go clubbing as much as I used to, but I can still strut my “funky stuff” on the dance floor. After a bit of Dutch-Courage, I can sometimes be persuaded to have a go at karaoke (and after a lot of Dutch-Courage I can sometimes be persuaded to stop).

Above all, I hate to see anyone I care about needlessly upset and will go out of my way to comfort them and offer whatever help I can. I’m extremely lucky to know many people who have proven that they’ll do the same for me.

PS: I only said it might get better.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a very Junior, Senior Manager in a small team responsible for over £2,000,000,000 in annual budgets.

You'll be shocked to discover, the more Senior, Senior Managers still utterly refuse to lend me the odd million no matter how nicely I ask! Didn't anyone tell them how nice it is to share? They're obviously just really, really selfish, and I just don't know how I put up with them :(

On the plus side, its nice to know I play a small part in saving literally (and I mean "literally") thousands of lives each year.
I’m really good at
Helping my friends whenever and in whatever way I can.
Singing (and ignoring the thousands of pitifully deluded people who don't think I can).
Making people laugh (sometimes people even laugh with me, rather that at me - granted not often, but sometimes).
Pub quizzes (especially when there's lots of questions that I know the answer to).
Answering the questions on this site when I should be improving my profile.
The first things people usually notice about me
I wasn't sure about this so I asked some female friends what they thought:

First Impressions:-
~ My height (just over 6' 2"),
~ My broad shoulders,
~ My "soft" blue eyes (Don't worry, I'm not sure what that means either),
~ My Infectious laugh and "charming" smile.

After getting to know me:-
~ My intelligence,
~ My witty sense of humour,
~ My generosity,
~ My eagerness to help whenever I can.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: The Discworld novels by Sir Terry Pratchett;
The Roy Grace novels by Peter James; High Society by Ben Elton; The Elegant Universe and The Frabric of the Cosmos by Brian Greene; A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson; Freakonomics by S. Levitt & S. Dubner; Early Nick Hornby

Films: Terminator I & II; Jaws I; A Beautiful Mind; Missisippi Burning; LA Confidential; Sin City; Scrooged; Its a Wonderful Life; The Harry Potter films; The Monty Python Films; Shaun of the Dead; Star Trek: First Contact; American History X; The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

TV: Horizon, Supernatural, Dr Who, Gotham, How the Universe Works, Black Adder, Farther Ted, Frasier, Red Dwarf, Any televised liverpool match.

Music: Anything I can sing along to and guitar music

Food: Indian, Chinese, Thai, Italian, Traditional British, in fact I like most food. Probably the most unusual thing I've eaten is live Green Ants - I wouldn't recommend them.
The six things I could never do without
1) My family and friends (it would great to have a "special" friend again),
2) My passport, weekends & holidays (even more so if I had someone to share them with),
3) Books (I love losing myself in a good book),
4) My computer, the internet, and my phone,
5) The seaside. All together now! "Oh i do like to be beside the ... What? Oh alright then, suit yourself",
6) Country Pubs (with gardens in the summer, roaring open fires in the winter, and great beer all year round).
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why do so many, otherwise intelligent, women fail to realise how incredibly attractive I am? :(
On a typical Friday night I am
Friday nights vary between, going out, staying in, seeing old friends, and enjoying the occasional weekend break.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I appear to be allergic to sad films. Its true - my eyes prickle, my nose gets sniffly, my lower lip wobbles and I get a lump in my throat. Obviously the cause of this reaction is a complete mystery to medical science because I'm clearly far too heroic, brave, macho and manly to start blubbing like a little girl at a film!
You should message me if
- You love to laugh and joke and don't take yourself too seriously.
- You dislike bullies and bigots, but are not overly "Politically Correct" and easily offended.
- You frequently enjoy intelligent, informed conversations about a wide range of subjects.
- You often enjoy funny, nonsensical conversations about a wide range of subjects.
- You live within a reasonable travelling distance from Maidstone in Kent.
- You don't have a mustache or designer stubble.
- Most important of all, you smiled at a least one comment in my profile.