46Bangor, United States
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My self-summary
A not so brief history of my life...

Ok, get ready for a book, because I'd rather do some screening out now after you reading all or part of this then have to relay all this via chat/email/text over the next several weeks to then find out we're incompatible. As you can see, I haven’t a bit of trouble coming up with things to say and if I've left anything out then yay! Ask away and thank goodness we still have something left to break the ice with, lol. I grew up in the country... in Maine, but always craved the city. I wasn't very fond of growing up in the country at the time, but now I have a sincere appreciation of all that it still has to offer...peace, beauty...I eventually moved to New York City and lived in Time Square for several years and then moved back gradually...first to southern Maine, then back to the Bangor area. I think I cried for about 3 months because it seemed I’d taken so many steps backward. With each step I took, it seemed I kept losing a little piece of myself...I’ve worked a wide variety of jobs over the years but nothing ever felt "right". I bought a rather large house in 04, I love my's old, very old and it needs work, but it's beautiful and I keep chipping away at renovations, piece by piece. I got married, had a beautiful little girl, gained a wonderful stepson (who I still love dearly & keep in contact with regularly), and then I got divorced. Suddenly it was me, my daughter, and our future and that's what our world has been all about...with the exception of wonderful family & friends of course, but my focus has been primarily nurturing and loving my girl, my stepson, and learning ways to forge a path to a happy & productive future. Parenting a child is one of the most delightful, rewarding experiences anyone can have and yet sooo challenging sometimes, to say the least on many different levels. I think that parents get so wrapped up in making sure their little ones grow up healthy, proper, & happy, that they put aside their own wants and needs and inadvertently lose yet another small part of themselves in the process, but eventually a new & better version awakens and says, "Hey wait a minute! You are so awesome...don’t' shove all that in a box and stick it in the attic....take it all back out and live it!! Be all of you and then some! Let it shine! So my better version woke up a few years ago, got me back into a profession I’d put on the backburner for some time and I finally opened my own business full time. It's doing well and I absolutely love going to work every day. I love what I do! It's not yet where it needs to be, but rapidly growing. I've always taken care of myself health wise, but I’m working toward total financial independence and getting my "me" back...creating more time to enjoy the things in life that truly reflect my values and who I want to be and where I want to take my life. It’s proving to be a very fun process.

About me...
I'm an Aquarius...I love water, the ocean, picking up shells & rocks, the smell of salty air. & seaweed and sand between my toes, cowbells & wind chimes sounding off in the wind and I don't know why we always start these descriptions with water & beach talk, but I guess it just stands out as something that's important to us water types. I love to laugh & make other people laugh; man do I love to laugh. I love starter queen here...mmm, the smell of wood burning. I love fishing, ice, freshwater, deep-sea...but haven't been for years. I’m a fix it girl, if it breaks in my house, I'm going to find a way to fix it...ok, every girl has her limits, so when I reach mine yes I’ll ask for help(probably not) I am pretty stubborn that way. ..I'm very independent, perhaps to a fault sometimes. I'm a girlie girl, artificial nails with nail art, glitter, sparkles, love a good reason to get decked out in an evening gown, although I daily dress stylish business casual, but as a single mom and since I'm also a mom, dad, teacher, nurse, therapist, friend, spider killer, monster chaser, ghost butt kicker, housekeeper, groundskeeper, snow-shoveling, garbage-taker-outer, snowman/angel building, wood-chopping/stacking/lugging (against my better judgment), carpenter/mechanic wannabe (not, but I will if I have really I'm a tool belt diva wannabee. I might even have more power tools than you), etc etc… I am not afraid to get dirty and or look sporty or woodsy (kind of like it sometimes)…. speaking of that, I do not follow sports of any kind. I don't despise them, I appreciate that other people enjoy keeping up with them, however they just don't interest me in any capacity whatsoever. I don't watch much television, not because I don't enjoy it, but I have more important priorities right now. When I’m not cooking supper, playing dresssup/playdough/makebelieve/craftytime/girlie time/cars/trucks/legos/barbie/dollies/stuffyies or reading stories I’m reading and learning new ways to improve & streamline our lives, get ahead financially, plan for college/retirement, living frugally and within our means to get further ahead, yadayadyada. and of course now, I’ve incorporated time for filling out fun little essays such as these and perusing the personals in search of the love of my life...he he. Oh yes, there are many the days of no makeup, no doing the hair, slap on some jeans and a jersey and just go or some variation of that. Lol. Wow, way to write a book girl....has your brain melted from reading yet?
What I’m doing with my life
My life & ambitions...
I plan to be 100% debt free by August 2012 (yay…with the exception of my mortgage of course), gradually finish all the renovations on my house, start building a financial cushion for my family and start chipping away at that box of me that I’ve stuffed in the attic for so's what's in that imaginary box.....reclaiming my old self, my style, dressing every day like I have some place special to go, the part of me that wouldn’t leave the house without makeup, hair, & nails done, a guitar that I’ve always wanted to learn how to play… the piano in my dining room that needs to be tuned & learning how to play, the easel and paint supplies, getting my daughter her own easel & supplies so we can paint know, the bucket list...I want to plan regular trips to visit New York City, and other places that I've always wanted to experience. I want to go fishing. I’d love to go sailing, I’ve been before but not for a while. I want to go camping every summer at least once. I’d like to plan yearly vacations. I’ve been reading, studying, & learning a lot lately about creating a life that coincides with my values & dreams and eliminating things that do not…de-cluttering all aspects of my life. It’s been very uplifting & gratifying.
I’m really good at
Helping people, I think that’s why our family was put here on earth, it's just what we do....we help people. Getting organized, it's been a lifelong research project, but I’ve come a long way with my organizational skills. Starting fires....I kid you not I can start a raging fire in the middle of a rainstorm(and have). Spotting yard sales… LOVE them! Yes, I’m a yard sale/thrift store freak! I’m sure there are many more things that I’m pretty good at, but phfew!
The first things people usually notice about me
uhuh! yeah well, I suppose probably my chest. And then the fact that I’m a hugger! I don't shake hands, I hug. My eccentric, bubbly personality and my generosity.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
think & grow rich, the power of focus, more wealth without risk, your money or your life, heaven is for real, shed your stuff change your life, financial self-defense….I read to learn…it excites me to learn new & better ways to live & prosper. Otherwise, I’d rather be spending time with the people I love and enjoying good company!

labyrinth, dirty love, office space, super bad, Bruce almighty, Obviously I haven’t really given much thought about movies or watched many recently, I’d probably have a more extensive & varied list if I did. Don’t’ watch them often…too busy lately. I love comedy, suspense, drama, an occasional horror, mostly comedy though.

TV shows
bare in mind that I haven't watched anything but children's television for about 3 years now... what I used to watch…law & order, criminal minds, house, six feet under, sopranos, HGTV(any shows), Lifetime Movie Network(addicting), I secretly love Phineas & Ferb.

70's, 80's, 90's music, Andrea Bocelli, Sarah Brightman, Kate Perry, AC/DC, Billy Squire, Def Lepard, Rush, Natalie Cole, George Winston, Enya, Yaz, Cranberries, Blondie, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Tarkan, Norah Jones, and many many more. I am not crazy about country music, I can stomach it (barely)…but I wouldn't choose it….same with rap, reggae, super heavy metal, and some hip-hop, have to hear it to know if I like it or not, but fairly flexible with my music tastes.

I can't really think of any foods that I don't like. My ultimate favorite food is Mexican food. I absolutely love authentic Italian food. I have to get an oriental fix from time to time. Otherwise, I love, love, love to experiment with all sorts of interesting foods....gourmet or not...I love to cook, especially when I can share the experience with someone else who loves to do the same! Steak, lobster, sushi, homemade bread, Pad Thai …I’d love to try making homemade pasta someday. I could probably write a book on my relationship with food! I love cooking and it’s very challenging as a single parent to maintain a fun variety of meals with 1 ½ people…LOL.
Six things I could never do without
My daughter!!! my other half, who is out there somewhere waiting just as patiently as I am for God to introduce us, Big HUGS!, my future children who are also waiting patiently to exist (hopefully, someday), my ipad, an SUV & 4 wheel drive (air & brakes for the tires on that suv) really nice fleece sheets, lobster, smoked salmon & capers, strawberry pizza, chocolate peanut butter cream pie....ooooooh, I can’t pick just 6!!! This could be its own separate book! Pasta puttanesca! Fun dip, pop rocks. Pedicures. Pajamas. Loon calls. Baby animals.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My daughter & our future!
On a typical Friday night I am
Most nights, I usually end up going home after work, spending some fun girlie time with my daughter, cooking supper, reading stories, and then going to bed, although she & I do go to visit my parents often. I really don’t drink often....but every once in a while I love a glass of wine or a cocktail after a long day at work, and every once in a blue moon I love to go out....just to "be out", not for drinking sake… but to socialize, meet new friends, and enjoy the company of current friends. I’m usually thoroughly disappointed with the entire experience though and find myself missing my kid tremendously the entire time. He he. So it happens very rarely.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Then it wouldn’t be private. Can’t really think of anything anyway. Besides, I think I've shared enough, don't you?
You should message me if
Hmmm….Bare in mind that I realize nobody is perfect, and I certainly do not expect anything of the sort. I believe that two people work at a relationship every day to keep it fresh, fun, interesting, and secure. Everyone has flaws & idiosyncrasies; different likes/dislikes…I think some of these things are beneficial and help to create a healthy relationship. I also realize that it takes time spent together, getting to know one another to know if/when a relationship feels right…I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m not interested in casual dating. I’m looking for a long term relationship eventually and children, yes I do want more children…however I don’t expect to meet someone and right away, fall in love, get married, and procreate…so "dating" is inevitable, I'd just really prefer not to make a career out of it... You know what? At this stage in my life I'd probably even be really happy to just meet some new friends and enjoy some companionship.

I grew up in a loving home, with loving parents, and siblings….I want that for my child. I have too much to offer the right relationship to waste it by growing old without each other. I’m looking for one man. I believe he’s out there somewhere looking for me. So now for the corny part…I’m going to describe why I will love this man in the future and if you feel that you could be most or all of this person, then perhaps one day we will meet and get to know one another, let things develop from there. To my man…Every time I look into your eyes my heart flutters a bit and starts pounding a little faster and when we part even for a short time, I miss you before you leave and think of you often. You are a strong and confident man, yet gentle, loving and kind. You’re such a goofball, I never know what you’re going to do next, you crack me up. You’re creative, spontaneous, and romantic…we’re always surprising each other. I love when we cook & sip wine together. I love going on little adventures with you and seeing where they take us! We always seem to give each other just enough space & time away from each other to keep us craving more! I love that you love my child as if she were your own, you’re so great with kids and not afraid to participate…when she hands you the pretend phone, you answer it…when it’s makeup time, you’re there…you’re a great influence on her and we appreciate that. We co parent very well. If you also have children, I feel the same towards them and our family blends nicely. We balance each other…not afraid to tell it like it is and agree to disagree when needed, but the first to pat each other on the back in support & approval. When we first met, it seemed like we’d known each other all of our lives and it seems that we might even know each other better than we know ourselves. I think that’s about it for now. So…if you actually read this whole profile, I’m impressed, thank you, because it’s taken me at least 4 whole nights of staying up till 2am after my daughter goes to sleep to write this dang thing…he he. PS…Please don’t be offended if I don’t respond. I’m not a fan of conflict and there’s no quick polite way to say, “sorry we’re not a match” and I’m not interested in explaining why I’m not interested…if there’s a spark of any kind…if I'm even slightly curious, I will reply eventually…sometimes I like to give it a little thought before responding too. Likewise, screen me out if we’re not a match. I won’t be offended in the slightest, believe me!! Time is precious, let’s not waste it on the wrong people when our gut tells us so. I'll just say right now that I appreciate any reasonable contacts, I thank you for your time & consideration, my apologies in advance if I do not reply, and good luck to all in your ventures….we all deserve the best!
The two of us