34North Andover, United States
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My self-summary
I am a scientist & a skeptic.
Some people would say I'm a Mad Scientist, I would agree.
I am a transhumanist extropian utheist, and a staunch supporter of the proactionary principle. (Why sit around waiting for bad things to happen?)

I try to maintain a balance between mind & body .
I enjoy contemplation while out on walks or climbing everything from rocks to buildings.
Tae Kwon Do & Parkour interest me and let me burn off my extra energy.
I am equally likely to be found driving my body to its limits or devouring a torrent of data.
I am driven to grow, though I have no clue what will eventually become of me cognitively or physically.

Willful ignorance is my enemy, this impulse has led to travesty compounded upon travesty throughout history.
There is no excuse for the harm people do by following this course of action, so I don't tolerate this in myself.

My view is that most religions are memetic diseases that result in delusional behavior. If you're about to think to yourself "why aren't you tolerant of my religious beliefs?" Think of how dangerous it would be if all the buildings you work in and use were designed haphazardly and crushed millions of people over and over again... and no one ever tried to improve building design, and those who wanted to were shot... Now replace "building" with "society"... ya, that sucks don't it?

I deeply value my friends and loved ones, as well as the all strange things I've lived through. Life has done a damn fine job at giving me a vast array of ways to view life. Not everything was pleasant but I still wouldn't trade what I've gained from my life.

I have a personal sense of justice and honor, though it may not be what you think, but they're a facet of my personality I find important.

- study everything, and I mean everything – it is sheer pleasure to dive through the ocean of data available in the modern world.
- love ergonomically elegant solutions
- have been described as a dragon with a hoard of data instead of gold and shiny things, though shiny things are nice too.
- enjoy playing because it's one of the best traits of humanity to tinker and poke at life.

My favorite nick names have been Ifreet, & DataJunkie (I figure if I'm going to have a vice/addiction I might as well make it a useful one)

I have synesthesia between auditory & tactile sensations.
I am complex, primal, and contemplative
What I’m doing with my life
It's a secret, but I spend some of my time tutoring in biology, math, philosophy, etc, stuff, blah, blah, blah. =D
I’m really good at
fire breathing
Giving massages
Plotting world take over
Researching clinical immortality, (why think small? even living to be 300 would suit me fine)
using my imagination
Dreaming up solutions to problems
Thinking about the Big Picture, & then working on the details
Helping my friends when they've got a crazy idea
The first things people usually notice about me
my laser eyes...

well some day... more likely that I think/daydream a lot. Also, I'm short, though I say I'm about cuddle sized.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
A) Diamond Age, Bertrand Russel's works, works by Aldus Huxley, philosophy essays in general, Pattern in the Stone, Guns- Germs- & Steel, Perido Street Station, Frankenstein, Brief History of time, Harold's Purple Crayon... honestly its the best book ever. =) Ender's Game, many other works...

B) Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind, Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog, Dark City, Gattaca, Pi, Dead Poets Society, The Matrix (the first one.. not the others...), Donnie Darko, Devil's Advocate, Evil Dead, Hero, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, MST3K caliber movies I can make fun of with friends (type 'Robot monster MST3K' into youtube, I dare you..), Tank Girl, Kill Bill, films by Miyazaki, The Adventures of Baron Münchhausen, Labyrinth (cause David Bowie is the villain! and it has contact jugging), Kung Fu Hustle, Equilibrium, Ong Bak, Legend of Drunken Master....

C) Classical, Tribal Progressive, Darkwave, Industrial, Acid House, IDM, psytrance , Goa, gabber, deep house, jungle, glitch, Dubstep, House, industrial, most stuff you can move your body to, Sublime, Massive Attack, Tricky, Kenna, Joydrop, The Swans, Lost Children of Babylon, Carl Orff, 3 Days Grace, Orbital, Massive Attack , Led Zeplin , Aphex Twin, Sound Garden, Soul Coughing, Corporate Avenger, Pennywise, 311, Bjork, Boa, Cake, Depeche Mode, Everclear, Garbage, Gorillaz, Kenna, Low Fidelity All Stars, PJ Harvey, Pearl Jam, Placebo, Prodigy, Propellerheads, Radiohead, Rolling Stones, Tenacious D, Rob Zombie, Shpongle, Talib Kweli, Sublime, Rage against the machine, Tool, Perfect Circle, Missy Elliot, Outkast, Richard Cheese (=P), The Beatles, Weird Al, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, Crystal Method, Deftones, GODSMACK, Local H, Marilyn Manson, Powerman 5000, Monster Magnet, Trent Reznor, STP, Staind, Beck, Delirium, Sky Cries Mary, Infected Mushroom, James Holden, The Shadow, Blur, Celtic music, Chemical brothers, Daft Punk, Dirty Vegas, Electric Skychurch, Enigma, Gravity Kills, KMFDM, No Doubt, the Pi sound track, Vast, Foo Fighters, JOHNNY CASH (a true badass), ACDC, Arsonists, Beastie Boys, Bloodhound Gang, Blue Man Group, the Boston Pops, Kronos Quartet, Copal, Queen, David Bowie, Dead Can Dance, D-devils, Hans Zimmer, Holst, Loreena Mckennet, Nofx, Offspring, Portishead, Red Hot Chili Pepers, "The Swan", Silverchair, Sponge, The Cynic Project, The dust brothers, Tom Petty, Tori Amos, Type O Negative, Van Morrison, Fionna Apple, Incubus, Juno Reactor, Nuxx, Ramstein

D) Thai, Polish & Slovakian peasant food, Sushi, Steak cooked to medium rare, breakfast food, a fresh hearty bread w/ salami & sharp cheese & red wine mmmmmmmmmm... and much much more - I love to cook.
Six things I could never do without
My imagination,
physical contact,
raw sensation,
something to ponder,
my passion
I spend a lot of time thinking about
- like how I wish I had electroplasts like the electric eel to jump start dead car batteries on road trips, or how to terraform Earth and Mars
-protein machine nanotech
-biological computing
-solid state designing
-Tissue Engineering
-Mind Machine Interface
-Synthetic Biology
-condensed matter physics
-magnetic fields and the EM radiation spectrum
-string theory
- the lie E8 group (it's pretty)
On a typical Friday night I am




playing with fire
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Pain can feel nice at times, even in nonkinky ways. =P The adrenaline and heightened focus please me greatly.
You should message me if
you like to think instead of turning off your mind.
The two of us