29Great Neck, United States
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My self-summary
summary..... hmmm....Well, lets see..

I'm single, an asian guy, quiet with strangers, working in a unique medical field (take a guess ;) ). Haha.

In a nutshell, I have been busy with my studies and started working for the past few years of my life and hope to come out anew with a fresh approach to life. I'm very sociable and always a good listener (or so I've been told). Once I get to know a person I'm a keeper (unless you're psycho, then I'm just an acquaintance.)

Hopefully as I talk to people, I'll be able to fill this in better...

Oh yeah- Im a romanticist (idealist or dreamer? Depending on the critic) and a damn loyal one at that so even if I just become a friend, it'll be hard-found of me to betray or gossip secrets (usual find people moving on instead of me leaving them. This may be a good or bad thing... XD ). Also believe that the everyone has a perfect partner out there, just gotta find that elusive person (if I'm not the one, best luck luck hunting!).

One more thing- I'm a bit on the dull/slow side (as in you can hit me with a truck-type question and it might take me a while to register)- so please don't be offended if I stare dumbly while you wait for a response.
What I’m doing with my life
graduated, licensed, working and ready to take on the real world!!!! (where you're greeted by sweat and blood.... -__-).

Changing the way I look and feel about myself. School ( textbooks and lectures in particular) has such an amazing ability to make people feel down about their own abilities and building up stress... (Did I mention being a social recluse because of the house I owe Uncle Sam?)

I want to go out and experience new things and challenges; with (if possible) a partner.

So any advice and help as well as support is very welcomed!! (Not to mention if you BECOME my motivation, that's even more welcomed!)
I’m really good at
hmmm... is it just me or does this section sound very arrogant and egotistical?

Well, I'm very down to earth, I say what needs to be said, I don't beat the bush (unnecessarily so) does that count?
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm weird. (Yes, I know, its not the best of things for people to say) but in a way, I do have the ability to get people to open up to me very quickly in order to find out their first impression of me is "weird"....

Just asked a friend, was told that their first impression was that I was a quiet guy... Not the case after day 2.

Oh yeah, people don't always guess I'm Chinese when they first see me, it's weird. I get Korean and Japanese quite often but once I was called malaysian and I almost decked the guy for his stupidity and horrible choice.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
No books, I currently hate books and any type of paper printed text (courtesy of my professor's teaching skill- or lack thereof)

As for movies: I love all movies. Anything with a decent plot, actor, computer graphics, or ideal/theory you can get me to sit down with you and watch (yes, girly and sappy genres included) except for horror films, i got enough of that from life.

Shows: was addicted to House MD, NCIS, now Sherlock and Bizzare Foods series (found out there might be more than 3 series already...). Hopefully broadening that to include other genres and series. Any suggestions?

Music: Anything that is understandable. so one of the few exceptions is heavy metal- sorry guys, you're out. Do prefer classical but that sounds like I'm a cheesy old man so whatever is on z100?

Food: I love food and will try out anything (with moderation of course). Only place i draw the line is extreme spicy/hot stuff and MSG because that stuff kills the natural flavors of the dish.
Going to have to add to this- CHINESE HOT SAUCE/CHILIED DISH. They are turning into chemists I swear... Those spices are no longer organic...
Six things I could never do without
Family & Friends
.... I'll think of another 4 sooner or later..
I spend a lot of time thinking about
what to put in this bloody box.....
On a typical Friday night I am
Home.... working..... studying..... LEMME OUT~!~!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm on a dating site... I dunno if that's bad but I'm on a dating site...

Also I like qipiao (I promise I don't wear them), something about them just attracts me...
You should message me if
You've gotten this far in my monologue(congrats!), you're single, don't have kids, like or question what you read above, or if you're just drawn in by the pure masculinity that I express (yeah.... that last part is a bit much isn't it? Even I'm a tad bit grossed out)
The two of us