37San Diego, United States
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My self-summary
I am so much more than a self-summary.

I am a poststructuralist building my life w/ words.

I am evolutionary.

I practice the art of happiness daily, & I fully believe that there is more good than bad on this planet, & I think that the only reason anyone could disagree w/ that statement would be because they are looking at all the wrong things in all the wrong ways.

If you need more convincing about what a beautiful place this universe is, read anything by Joseph Campbell or Rumi.
What I’m doing with my life
I am staying in the moment, gaining wisdom from the trees & befriending the sea. We are all beings who, at our core, are made of eternal energy, & I think we are our own source of divinity.

I am laughing, & I am living, & I am breathing.

But mostly, I'm trying to find Carl Sagan's soul because I want his ghost to make sweet, cosmic love to me.
I’m really good at
Everything--especially humility & modesty.

We are here to live, laugh, love, & give so I do these w/ all of myself, & I do them unconditionally. (I learned how to do most of these from a dog, & no, I don't find that at all strange.)

I'm really good at thinking, & I'm also really good at reminding myself to remember the Alamo but then forgetting why I needed to remember it in the first place.
The first things people usually notice about me
Are that I am a grrl, that I am funny as fuck, & that awesome pumps through my veins, but...I don't really know what goes on in my arteries.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The last two movies I saw that were absolutely worth recommending are Beasts of the Southern Wild & Never Let Me Go. Anything Michel Gondry does is fabulous. I like indie films, love comedies, & I am obsessed w/ documentaries, but think most action films are lame--because they are so trite. I want laughter, contemplation, creativity, & art to be a part of my talkies. (Yes, I am 105 years old. Really.)

Dave Eggers is my favorite author. Jonathan Safran Foer is my half-favorite-author-that-comes-next. I find poems, poets, & poetry itself in almost everything. I need words to create beauty for me everyday.

In terms of music, I am a sucker for banjos...but my musical tastes are too extensive & eclectic to be summed up here, so let's just say I have awesome taste.

I watch The Daily Show & The Colbert Report regularly, & I listen to true crime documentaries while I'm at work because I find serial killers--& the awful things man can do to his fellow man-- absolutely fascinating. No, not in the cool-I'd-like-to-try-that way, but in the how-could-anyone-fucking-do-that way. Again, no, I don't find this strange.
Six things I could never do without
Love, nature, music, art, laughter & learning, traveling & writing...& joy & pain.

That's six, right?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Stars, space, art, life, purpose, meaning, how to be a better person & how I can make the world a better place...& then, getting laid.
On a typical Friday night I am
Stressing over stupid shit when I should be drinking, not stressing over stupid shit because I am drinking, going on psychedelic journeys, stargazing, dancing, walking the streets alone, or writing poetry by candlelight.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I loved my dog more than I've ever loved anybody.

I really want aliens to exist, & I would really like it if they'd just abduct me already.

I'm a big fan of getting drunk & peeing in semi-public places that are outside. So. Freeing.

I dragged my very Christian preacher's-wife-of-a-mom to San Francisco's gay pride, ditched her, got drunk, & then found her later, sleeping on the street like a homeless lady. That isn't at all private, & I don't know why I just relayed that other than to say, that woman knows how to sleep.
You should message me if
If we're under an 85% match, you probably shouldn't message me. I've gone out w/ people who weren't, & we had too little in common for it to be worthwhile. I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just trying to be practical & save us both a little time & energy. (So really, I'm being pretty damn polite.)

I'm interested in people who are social & are actually down to meet in person. I'm not really interested in internet friends. I like real interactions. Let's get to the substance of life, eh?

If you're a writer, message me now. Please. I host a weekly writing group at my house, & I want to drain you of yr creative juices & leave you in pain. Or...I want us to create things together in beautiful peace & harmony...

For those of you who aren't the cumguzzling, douchebaggy, date rapist type, there are no ifs. Just fucking message me.

Just know this before you do:

My openness when it comes to sex & enjoying it & loving it doesn't mean that is all I am interested in. I am over one night stands, & booty calls no longer do it for me. You won't get that from me. I want more than just a fuck buddy. Yes, I want great sex. No, I don't want that to be our only exchange. Yes, I want to connect w/ you as a person, like who you are, enjoy yr company & do more w/ you than just bang. No, I don't think a relationship or commitment need to be part of our exchange. I'm just looking for someone that stimulates me emotionally & physically, intellectually & spiritually.

I'm interested in genuinely good people w/ an undeniable streak of infectious revelry.

I don't believe in norms. So let's be creative. Let's fucking make something.
The two of us