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My self-summary
Monogamous relationship that will lead to marriage! Feel free to chat if you want, but not looking to date. Keeping this up only to talk to people in Finland/Norway/Sweden before I move there, and to meet other cool art and music types to collaborate with in LA.

I'll be back in Finland/Norway/Sweden in September of this year! Let's meet up

Reader's Digest Version: I'm a geeky crafty cosplaying gothy metalhead gamer Discordian philosopher kinkster clownie psychonaut stoner historical re-enacter video game and web developer artisan gypsy tattooed pierced writer model massage therapist and fulltime weirdo.

Alternatively, just look at my photos. They sum me up pretty well.

Me, I'm just your un-average nerdy girl. I spend most of my time pursuing creative projects and traveling as much as humanly possible. I am a Discordian and a true chaotic neutral (although leaning more toward chaotic good nowadays); My life can be extremely hectic, but I am full of interesting stories and experiences because of it. I'm extremely passionate, charismatic, creative, self-educated, liberated, silly, fun to be around, empathetic, funny, intelligent, motivated, compassionate, adventurous, and outgoing (most of the time - I can be an introvert at times as well). I constantly crave a challenge and find myself easily bored when it is not there. I love philosophy and psychology, and learning of all kinds.

I am not here looking for casual sex; I realize my photos are sort of misleading. They are partially there to filter the jerks, and also because being naked is part of my passion - It's something I need any potential friends to be comfortable with (because it's non-negotiable). As said by a friend who I met originally on Okcupid, "My lifestyle might offend you, but I probably won't." I think it's important to carve your own place out in the world.

I plan to only be in LA for another year to continue my education and artistic pursuits - I'm a nomad. I keep really busy with work, hobbies and my boyfriend, so my free time is pretty limited.

I am way less serious than this initial paragraph may lead you to believe. Dickanus.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a multi-genre model, cosplayer/costumer/fashion designer, video game and web developer, writer, run an alternative photography group, and massage therapist. Translation: I'm poor most of the time and work almost constantly, but I enjoy my life a lot. I work for an indie game developer in QA and marketing, and do all the other stuff on the side. I have many goals, but I seldom make long term plans; I am very adaptable and like to leave myself open to whatever experiences present themselves. My lifestyle doesn't make me the most responsible person in the world, but it's been incredibly rewarding and interesting, so I tend to not give a fuck so much about the rest.

If you're interested in any of the things I do, you can follow me at www.facebook.com/mistresszeldamodel

I also am editor in chief of www.geekyfreaky.com and write and model for www.geekxgirls.com among other more adult-oriented websites.
I’m really good at
Kidnapping princesses, playing dress up, disappointing my mother, video games, cooking delicious meals, having super rad hair, having more fun than everyone around me, dressing ridiculous for no reason at all, making people laugh, high fives, sleeping, breaking hearts, having an obnoxiously encyclopedic knowledge of metal, procrastinating, massage, understanding people, quoting every line from Monty Python and the Holy Grail
The first things people usually notice about me
Tattoos. My hair is normally pretty intense too - I sort of like looking obnoxious.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I read a lot of fantasy, sci fi, horror, and cyberpunk novels.

Movies, I love bad, campy, cult, post-apocalyptic, dystopian/false utopian futures, cheesy 70s/80s/90s movies the most.

Music: Mostly metal; black metal in all it's many incarnations is my favorite (atmospheric/ambient/lo-fi, symphonic, post-black, blackjazz, etc..) with death, avant garde, post-metal, unshitty melodeath, folk, viking, djent, tech death, doom, industrial-metal, prog and gothic metal make up about 50% of my music collection. Neofolk, freak folk, folktronica, Scandinavian folk, industrial, post-industrial, martial, psytrance, cyber grind, psybient, dark ambient, ambient, breakcore, electro swing, rockabilly, psychobilly, baroque, 90s nostalgia, indie rap, baroque, trip hop, steampunk, klezmer, mathcore, chiptunes, zeuhl, neoclassical darkwave, flamenco, EDM, celtic, video game OST, bluegrass, glitch, drone, stoner, noise, sludge and horror punk make up most of the rest. I am most inclined toward music with dissonance, melancholy, complexity, minimalism, atmosphere, innovation, absurdity, energy, unusual/folk instruments, and/or haunting vocals. Does this list come off as pretentious? Good. You don't have to like the same TYPE of music as I do, but it's important that you be a discerning, passionate lover of music.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrnyXmrIq1M Enjoy a song

Food: Everything. Brazilian, Argentine, Mexican, Italian, Polish/Jewish, Indian are my favorites. I enjoy ethnic foods and old world, and I'm a pretty damn good cook.
Six things I could never do without
Metal, art, passion, boys with long hair, new experiences, inspiring people
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Vreth from Finntroll .
On a typical Friday night I am
I do lots of things. Places you are likely to find me: at a friend's, at a goth club, post-apocalyptic camping in the desert, at a dungeon, at a themed party, at a masquerade ball, conventions of all types (Horror, video game, comic book, anime, tabletop, fantasy, tattoo cons - its all good), at a metal show, playing tabletop (D&D, Pathfinder or Cyberpunk), shooting photos, working on costumes/art, shooting video, working, reading, at the arcade, watching burlesque, at an SCA (medieval re-enactment) event, doing archery or knife throwing, in the forest, at an alternative fighting league, movies in the graveyard, urban exploration, some manner of shadowcast, seeing old movies at Cinefamily/The Vista, playing video games, etc. If it's an event that allows me to dress in some sort of ridiculous costume, I am probably there. I try not to turn down opportunities to do something new or odd. I work press at a lot of events so lately most of my time has been at conventions and SCA events.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have made both balloon and clown porn. And balloon clown porn. And anime catgirl food fetish. I pretty much only do adult work if it will make someone go "WTF?"
You should message me if
-You are Scandinavian and/or a metalhead with long hair
-You own a Thor, Prince of Persia, or Casey Jones costume.
-You want to be Gomez to my Morticia.
-You need a well costumed arch nemesis.
-You know a cool band you think I'd like.
-You know how to sing like Jonas Renkse from Katatonia
-You are Jonas Renkse from Katatonia.
-You wish to challenge me to a chilli cook-off.
-You smoke two joints in the morning.
-You are in a metal band.
-You own a pinball machine.
-You have some sort of interesting or unique skill you can teach me
The two of us