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My self-summary
** I know this looks long, but I promise you will enjoy reading my story. If you like it and make it all the way though, you get a cookie. And if you don't, well, I'll eat your cookie for you. **

I’m going to tell you a story about what I absolutely crave. It’s rare, and when it happens, it’s special. Ever have one of those conversations that you never want to end? Yeah, that’s what I crave. I come over to watch a movie with you, early in the afternoon. Somehow, the plans divert to having lunch. Our conversation starts simple, sharing about our favorite restaurants and why you have a strong dislike of mayonnaise and fuzzy fruit. It’s a texture thing, apparently. We talk about family and our childhood, concentrating on how we were raised and how it shaped us to be who we are now. It naturally turns to relationships and life, and you tell me crazy experiences that I would have never pegged you for doing. It’s so effortless for us to discuss our vulnerabilities, and we tell each other secrets that are being heard by an ear for the first time. I contemplate ending our conversation, trying to be attentive to the rule that you should end an conversation before it gets too good, giving you something to talk about next time. Eh, rules are lame.

As I move a slat of the blinds, the streetlight glares through the window, and I realize that we forgot to have dinner. We escape the walls of your house, in the middle of a spring shower, and grab a bite at some tasty hole-in-the-wall, continuing to explore each other's psyche. Dinner talk revolves around nothing, and by nothing, meaning Seinfeld nothing, enjoyable nothing, not superficial nothing. After dinner, we grab an impromptu ice cream, have some playful laughs about the dumbest thing we did with the opposite sex, and race the rain back to the house. You tell me about what scares you in life (being alone and not having someone care about you on a day-to-day basis), and I tell you about what I can’t do without (a partner-in-crime I can experience life with). We talk about our struggles and the trials and tribulations of life, but never talk about our common interests. (It's our common struggles that connect us, not our common interests.)

The conversation has no sign of ending, and we continue to peel back the layers of onion of who we are. The outer skin is nothing overly special, but as we reveal each layer, there's another, and another, and we wonder when the layers stop. I start to worry about my car parked outside, and if it’s being broken into. But I don’t care about it, rather letting the burglar rummage through my belongings than break up this connection I’m having with you. We end up sitting in your bed cause its late…like 3am late. I look at you, and you just look so kissable, and I want nothing more to just lean in, but I don’t. We talk about the next time we are going to see each other, and all that consumes my mind is how I’m going to set up the first kiss the next time I see you. We are having an intimate time; we struggle to keep our eyes open, our eye lids staying closed longer and longer with each blink. You fall asleep, and I realize I need to get home so I can get in 4 hours of shuteye. I kiss you on the forehead, tuck you in, and let myself out.

On the way home, the pounding of the rain and the rhythm of the windshield wipers drown out my thoughts of what we just spent all day talking about. I can't even remember...all I remember is the feeling of a well spent day exploring someone new, exciting and interesting, and I'm going to sleep well knowing that I'm going to see you again in 2 days. And we didn’t even have a chance to watch the movie. There’s always next time…
What I’m doing with my life
Professionally speaking, I own a business. I love it…it’s something that comes naturally to me and really allows me to create some strong connections with my clients and learn about their life stories that shape the way they are.

I’m pretty versatile when it comes to activities. I enjoy exciting adventures from rafting and road trips to the simplicity of going to Target and running errands. But if I have to give you a list, it revolves around:

Photography (I love taking an imagine in my head and putting it into words. However, photos are easier and quicker. I'm actually working on a portfolio of the stories and grit of Oakland.)

Cooking and being a foodie (but who isn’t a foodie? I mean who doesn’t like to eat? I’d understand the dislike of food if we had photosynthesis, but we don’t. So dinner?)

Physical Activites and Sports (I just went to my first yoga class...we'll see if that sticks. Other than that, really anything. A hike, bike ride, rafting, pee-wee golf, and almost anything to do with a ball, wheel, or sneaker. If you are thinking if I swim, well, if you equate drowning the same as swimming, then yes, I swim.)

Exploring (I prefer exploring more than traveling. Whether its getting lost abroad or in the Bay Area or my backyard, there's something fun about not knowing what's coming around the next corner.)

Lastly, a great laugh. Nothing beats a great laugh. Laughter is addictive, laughter is contagious, and laughter is a special connection. (2 melons are in love. “Honey, dew you want to get married?” “Sure, but we cantaloupe.” - no pity laughs needed)
I’m really good at
Photography, cooking (especially BBQ), sitting, not sitting, randomness, killing flies with my bare hands, getting to know you, driving around and exploring aimlessly, thinking about thoughts, and wearing fedoras.
The first things people usually notice about me
My geniuness, authenticity and warmth. After that, my caring and my good-heartedness (if that is even a word) along with my light-heartedness (that word again).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Favorite Movie Claimed: Dangerous Liaisons
Acutal Favorite Movie: Weekend at Bernie's

If you recongize this, then you'll know one of my favorite shows is Friends. (The One With The Embryos 4.12 - best episode ever!) I also love White Collar (see fedoras above), Burn Notice (who watches Burn Notice?), Suits, The Big Bang Theory, America's Test Kitchen/Cooks Country, Parenthood, Top Gear, New Girl, the local news, Off Limits (more the abandoned buildings segments), Ed (yes, the bowling alley lawyer), The Wonder Years, sports, and Jeopardy (I'm not good at it, but I still love it. I especially like playing when I'm really tired. Its a good mental test.)

Movies: Forrest Gump, Bourne and Bond franchise, good action movies, comedies, dramas, even good girly movies (however I've still yet to find one), etc. I'm not a huge fan of sci-fi (if it can't happen in real life, I'm not all that interested), horror, and movies that went straight to DVD.

Music: Van Morrison, Charles Bradley, Maroon 5, The Lumineers, John Mayer (he's really talented!), Dave Matthews Band (but only with the Band...Dave Matthews by himself - eh), Jimmy Fallon (Jimmy Fallon?! - yes, Jimmy Fallon...see Weekend Update holiday songs), and Sara Barellis, or is it Barilles, Bareilles?

Reading: Body Language (it's not a book). Body language is interesting because instinctly we know it and read it, but breaking it down and truly understanding it is a constant process.

Food: I'm up for pretty much anything, however, ironically not Chinese. I'm a believer that anything that is cooked well is a good eat, even brussell sprouts, ox tail, and weeds. Ok, some things taste better than others, but always open to something new!
Six things I could never do without
In all fun:
Root Beer Floats
My pillow
My toes
Appliances that help with household chores (dishwasher, roomba, etc.)
White peaches and white nectarines
Counting, apparently

In all seriousness:
Compelling topics that are thought provoking
Deep conversation
A girl to be chivalrous with
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why we are the way we are
How the world works
Finding the next best photograph
Why technology sometimes seems to hate me
Why did that one hair decide to grow there
What part of the house I should clean and how can I justify to do it another day
Why hair stylists always have the worst haircut, and people who sell makeup look like clowns
What draws and keeps two people together
People's sex secrets and what they really like to do behind closed doors
How I'm going to capture the attention of the girl I'm totally into
On a typical Friday night I am
Hanging out with friends and probably enjoying something that is pleasurable to the palette

Watching a game

Putting my girl-plan in action (see last item of "I spend a lot of time thinking about")
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I may seem outgoing, but I'm secretly really shy on the inside.
You should message me if
I'm looking for my lobster; I am not looking for crabs. If you are also looking for your red oceanic crustacean...

I’m looking for a playful, flirty, down-to-earth girl. You’re open to meeting someone new and complex, even if they aren’t the ideal spouse, cause you aren’t a book-cover judge (ie: not taking every question/personality rating on OkCupid literally. I'm not as conventionally moral and a sex maniac as OkC makes me out to be). You’re real, you’re easy-going, and you just want to have different types of fun.

I would love it if you enjoyed outdoor and physical activities – it’s something I'm getting back into and would love to have a partner-in-crime. I have a dog and a cat, and the dog would love going on walks with you. The cat, not so much. I tried it once, and it’s almost as bad as giving a cat a bath.

You are self-aware, curious about the ways of the world, smart and witty, and just want to explore new things. You aren’t a huge facebooker or texter – you’d rather connect the old-fashioned style of emails, phone calls, and singing telegrams. (Yeah, I know the irony of being on OKCupid.) You challenge me with your opinions, and don't agree with me on everything. You’re patient (cause you read this book of a profile), and craves a long, deep, fun conversation. All in all, if you are the kind of person who just wants to take the time to meet and discover all the intricacies of what makes people special, then we need to chat.

Or simply, you like what you've read...
The two of us