30Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
I think I'm more fun face to face, but here goes...
Born and raised in a small city in Poland, I managed to find adventure even in the midst of a town of an entire 10k people. Shortly before my 18th birthday I decided it would be nice to start my adulthood fresh and moved to Chicago, IL to live with my dad. A few years later I made what was in hindsight a dumb decision to get married. But hey, things happen for a reason, and I would never have had met the love of my life- the city of Seattle, if it wasn't for that relationship. Thankfully, the separation is not filled with drama. Enough about that though. Getting back to me... I am size 12, wear glasses, have tattoos- one of them pretty big, and do want to get more. I am a perfume nutjob with a rather large collection, but that means I always smell nice. My two little pugs are, next to my family and Seattle, the things I love the most.
What I’m doing with my life
Working or sleeping it away. Currently also working on getting divorced and being in the middle of a separation, so there's that. Sometimes playing video games, but I still miss the classics. If you have Grim Fandango anywhere in you collection, hit me up.
I’m really good at
Conversation and persuasion. Which is why I work in retail sales, instead of doing something with my nutrition degree. By the way, did you know that having a nutrition degree does not mean you will forever eat carrots and be less than size 12? I now know that. I guess I love cheese and wine hard enough to ignore my knowledge... Not to say that I don't love my body, because I do, every little jiggly part (it's not that bad but oh, the potbelly!).
They say that those who can't do, teach so maybe one day I'll use that degree. Bleh, whatever.
I'm also good at lifting weights. I'm a fan of moderate cardio but let me near some weights and I'll be stuck to those in no time.
The first things people usually notice about me
My accent. Also, my awesome butt. Not that I'm bragging. Ok, I am.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I enjoy reading anything about Tudor England and 18th century France. I'm also a huge fan of anecdotes and stories about royalty in general. I also love anything by Gabriel Garcia Marquez with "Love in the time of cholera" and "One hundred years of solitude" being my favorite books of all time. Also, I already like you if you've ever read and enjoyed a Roland Topor story.
I'm not a huge movie fan. I'll watch something on TV every once in a while- usually a comedy. The last time I had visited a movie theater was for "Limitless" because my friends wanted to see it, so that should tell you something. I do love "Frida" though, and will watch the movie anytime I catch in on TV. The same with "Pulp Fiction" and "Velvet Goldmine". I do not do romance movies, they make me vomit in my mouth every time I watch one. The one and only exception to that are the Bridget Jones ones, because they are actually funny and warm up my dark little heart. I'm not religious and not into musicals but "Jesus Christ Superstar" (both versions) is one of the best things ever created on this planet.
As far as shows go, I enjoy animated series for adults. I think I know all the episodes of "King of the hill" by heart, I've watched so many reruns... I really like "Archer" and I always say that I aspire to be more like Pam. Am I serious about it? Who knows? Right now I'm not that far away in the looks department, and also, possibly, the weird hookup department.
Music... That's a huge one, so I'll only focus on Queen being my favorite band ever and their "Under Pressure" with David Bowie is my favorite song.
I learned to appreciate good food over the years. I love spicy food, so Ethiopian and Indian cuisine rank very high for me. I can't cook so don't expect Polish food from me.
There. That would be that.
Six things I could never do without
Perfume, books, my pugs (they count as two), video games, and my iPod.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What to do with my future. Also, alternate universes.
On a typical Friday night I am
Watching Adult Swim, reading, going to sleep early because I have a meeting Saturday morning...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
It's way funnier when I tell that story in person.
Apparently, according to this weird little personality test on this website, I'm a Gengis Khunt. Take it as you wish.
You should message me if
You're cool with who I am and I sound and look interesting.
The two of us