31 Denver, United States
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My self-summary
I am the type of person who doesn't feel like his interests define him. I spend my weekdays valet in cars and playing QuizUp while I wait for business to occur. If you play, I'd like to play against you. My username is Disregard Protocol. My nights are spent either reading, playing games, being with good friends, or going to concerts.

Speaking of concerts, I'll be on a cruise ship in February with 60 bands. This will be my second year attending. All in all, I typically see about 150 performances a year.

Socially, I'm the type of person who is very inclusive. Just about everything I do is an open invite for people (with the exception of the intimate). I'm a very open person. I have no secrets and no subject is off limits with me.

My belief system is perhaps unorthodox. I'm a firm believer in consent. I don't believe that anything should ever happen unless all parties consent. Because of that philosophy, I am sometimes slow to make moves. I also don't send follow up messages often. If you drop off, I'm going to assume you were busy and will connect with me when you feel like it. Sometimes women will stop talking and then will expect me to pick up the conversation the next day. I don't usually do that but if I know you're okay with it, I will.

I enjoy writing. I haven't done it in a long time but I am writing a weekly music article for aeither.net. When the mood strikes and time is free, I also write poetry and prose with the intention of becoming a novel.

I'm a great communicator. I respond often and I am very concise and direct without losing tact. I can discuss almost anything and I enjoy learning new things.

My life is very simple. I work, I come home and do what I want. Providing you are awesome, there is a place for you in my free time.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm really good at life. I've been doing it since birth and have never died once.

I live a carefree life devoid of drama. Negative people are not permitted in my life and I promptly weed them out. I'm currently in the market for a profession that pays more than my present one but I may see if being an author can pay off.

I have amazing friends. Many of them would not only take a bullet for me, but they would also pull it out, chew it up and spit it back at my assailant. I could literally quit my job and never work again and probably have shelter and food from my friends for the rest of my life.

Not that such a situation would ever occur.
I’m really good at
Accepting people for who they are.
Challenging people to better themselves.
Port manteaus.
Making you feel important.
Keeping busy.
Not being bored.
Keeping my promises.
Offering new perspectives.
Making time for people.
Reading body language.
Knowing when to stop.
Being honest.
Introducing people to new music.
Other stuff.
Not being vague or whatever.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm not sure.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Grilled cheese sandwiches, ribeye steak, mashed potatoes, fettuccine alfredo, macaroni and cheese, pizza, hot dogs, cheeseburgers, cookies, cereal, donuts, bagels, chicken, biscuits and gravy, bacon, eggs, omelets, pancakes, waffles, tacos, burritos.

Television Shows:
Adventure Time (With Finn and Jake), The Amazing World of Gumball, American Dad, Animaniacs, Archer, Arrested Development, Batman: The Animated Series, Berserk, Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, Chapelle's Show, Cowboy Bebop, Darkwing Duck, Dexter, Eerie, Indiana, Everybody Loves Raymond, Family Guy (stop being a hipster), Firefly, Friends, Futurama, Gantz, Gargoyles, Great Teacher Onizuka, Home Improvement, House (on occasion), Important Things with Demitri Martin, In Living Color, Inside Amy Schumer, The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, The Jeselnik Offensive. The League, The Looney Tunes Show (2011), Mad (2010), Mad TV (1993), Man v. Food, Mythbusters, The Oblongs, Off Centre, The Outer Limits (all versions), The Profit, Regular Show, Rick and Morty, Samurai 7, Saturday Night Live (until 1994), Shark Tank, Silicon Valley, Sit Down, Shut Up, Sliders (even if it was just a Quantum Leap ripoff), Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Strongbad Emails, This Week In Baseball, Tiny Toon Adventures, tosh.0, The Twilight Zone (all versions), The Walking Dead, The Whitest Kids U Know, Wilfred, Workaholics, X-Men (1990)


Orson Scott Card:
Ender's Game
Speaker For the Dead
Children of the Mind
Ender's Shadow
Shadow of the Hedgemon
Shadow Puppets
First Meetings
Shadow of the Giant
A War of Gifts
Ender in Exile
Shadows in Flight
Earth Unaware
Earth Afire
Earth Awakens

The Folk of the Fringe
Hart's Hope
Invasive Procedures (w/ Aaron Johnston)
Keeper of Dreams
Lost Boys
Lovelock (w/ Kathryn Kidd)

The Memory of Earth
The Call of Earth
The Ships of Earth

Magic Street
Maps in a Mirror: The Short Fiction of Orson Scott Card
Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus

Hidden Empire

Treasure Box
The Worthing Saga

Seventh Son
Red Prophet
Prentice Alvin
Alvin Journeyman
The Crystal City

Dante Aligheri:
The Inferno

Ray Bradbury:
Fahrenheit 451
The Martian Chronicles

Judy Brown:
The Comedy Thesaurus

Anthony Burgess:
A Clockwork Orange

Robert Crais:
The Monkey's Raincoat
Stalking the Angel
Lullaby Town
Free Fall
Voodoo River
Sunset Express
Indigo Slam
L.A. Requiem
The Last Detective
The Forgotten Man
The Watchman
Chasing Darkness
The First Rule


Michael Crichton:
The Andromeda Strain
Eaters of the Dead
The Great Train Robbery
Rising Sun
State of Fear
The Terminal Man

James F. David:
Footprints of Thunder
Thunder of Time

Before the Cradle Falls

Ship of the Damned

Judgment Day
The Book of Summer

Terry Goodkind:
Wizard's First Rule
Stone of Tears
Blood of the Fold
Temple of the Wind
Soul of the Fire
Faith of the Fallen
The Pillars of Creation
Debt of Bones
Naked Empire

The Harvard Lampoon:

Anders Henriksson:
Non Campus Mentis

Hendrick Hertzberg:
One Million

Gary Jennings:
Aztec Autumn
Aztec Blood
Aztec Rage (written by Robert Gleason and Junius Podrug)
Aztec Fire (written by Robert Gleason and Junius Podrug)


Robert Jordan:
New Spring
The Eye of the World
The Great Hunt
The Dragon Reborn
The Shadow Rising
The Fires of Heaven
Lord of Chaos
A Crown of Swords
The Path of Daggers
Winter's Heart
Crossroads of Twilight
Knife of Dreams
The Gathering Storm (written by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson)
Towers of Midnight (written by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson)
A Memory of Light (written by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson)

Stephen King:
The Long Walk
The Running Man


The Talisman (w/ Peter Straub)
Black House (w/ Peter Straub)

The Eyes of the Dragon
The Stand

The Gunslinger
The Drawing of the Three
The Waste Lands
Wizard and Glass
Wolves of the Calla
Song of Susannah
The Dark Tower

Dean Koontz:
The Door to December
The Face of Fear
Twilight Eyes
The Vision

Odd Thomas
Forever Odd
Brother Odd
Odd Hours

Richard Laymon:

Clive Staples Lewis:
Out of the Silent Planet
That Hideous Strength

Howard Phillips Lovecraft:
The Thing on the Doorstep
Waking Up Screaming

The Alphabet of Manliness

Demitri Martin:
This is a Book

Richard Matheson
What Dreams May Come

Audrey Niffenegger:
The Time Traveler's Wife

Wendy Northcutt:
The Darwin Awards

George Orwell:

Chuck Palahniuk:
Fight Club
Invisible Monsters

Jerome David Salinger:
The Catcher in the Rye
Nine Stories

Neal Shusterman:
The Eyes of Kid Midas

Peter Straub:
The Talisman (w/ Stephen King)
Black House (w/ Stephen King)

Floating Dragon

David Foster Wallace:
Infinite Jest


Music (severely incomplete list)
:wumpscut: (GER) (1991-present)

...And Oceans (FIN) (1995-2005)

A Canorous Quintet (SWE)

A Tribe Called Quest (US) (St. Albans, New York)

Abaddon Incarnate (IRE)

Abigail (JAP)

Abigor (AUSTRIA)

Abney Park (US) (Seattle, Washington)

The Abominable Iron Sloth (unknown)

Aborted (BEL)

Aborym (ITA)

Abstrakt Algebra (SWE)

Absu (US) (Plano, Texas)

Absurd (GER)

The Abyss (SWE)

Acheron (US) (Columbus, Ohio)

Acid Drinkers (POL)

Aeon (SWE)

Aesop Rock (US) (Northport, New York)

After Forever (NL)


Agalloch (US) (Portland, Oregon)

Agathocles (BEL)

The Agonist (CAN)

Alastis (SWI)

Aletheian (US) (Lebanon, Pennsylvania)

Alice in Chains (US) (Seattle, Washington)

Altar (NL)

Altaria (FIN)

Amaseffer (ISR)

Ambeon (NL)

Amduscia (MEX)

Amen (US) (Los Angeles, California)

American Head Charge (US) (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Amon Amarth (SWE)

Anathema (UK)

Ancient (NOR)

Ancient Rites (BEL)

Ancient Wisdom (unknown)

Angelcorpse (US) (Kansas City, Missouri)

Angerfist (NL)

Angelspit (AUS)

Angizia (AUSTRIA)

Angra (BRA)

Angtoria (UK)

Animals as Leaders (US) (Washington D.C.)

Animusic (US) (New York, New York)

Annihilator (CAN)

Anorexia Nervosa (FRA)

Another Life (SWE)

Ansur (NOR)

Anthrax (US) (New York, New York)

Apathy (US) (Willimantic, Connecticut)

Aphex Twin (UK)

Aphrodite's Child (GRE)

Apocalyptica (FIN)

Arcana Coalestia (unknown)

Arch Enemy (SWE)

Arckanum (SWE)

Arcturus (NOR)

Arghoslent (US) (Virgina)

Arma Gathas (unknown)

Army of the Pharaohs (US) (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Ars Nova (JAP)

Asesino (US) (Los Angeles, California)

Asgaroth (SPA)

Asseptic Room (unknown)

Astarte (GRE)

Astrofaes (UKR)

Atmosphere (US) (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

At Vance (GER)

At War (BRA)

Atheist (US) (Sarasota, Florida)

Atomic Aggressor (unknonw)

Augury (CAN)

Aura Noir (NOR)

Austrian Death Machine (US) (San Diego, California)

The Axis of Perdition (UK)

Averse Sefira (US) (Austin, Texas)

Aviv Geffen (ISR)

Ayreon (NL)

B. Dolan (US) (Hanton City, Rhode Island)

B-Real (US) (South Gate, California)

The Bakerton Group (US) (Germantown, Maryland)

Bal-Sagoth (UK)

Baptism (FIN)

Barathrum (FIN)

Barbatos (unknown)

Richard Barbieri (UK)

Bathory (SWE)

Bass Communion (UK)

Behexen (FIN)

Bela Fleck (US) (New York, New York)

Bela Fleck and the Flecktones (US) (New York, New York)

Belhor (US) (Wheatridge, Colorado)

Belphegor (AUSTRIA)

Benea Reach (NOR)

Beneath the Massacre (CAN)

Bergthron (GER)

The Berzerker (AUS)

Bethlehem (GER)

Bewitched (SWE)

Beyond Twilight (DEN)

Biohazard (US) (Brooklyn, New York)

Black Anvil (US) (New Jersey)

Black Flag (US) (Hermosa Beach, California)

Black Messiah (GER)

Blackdeath (unknown)

Blackfield (UK)

Blackguard (CAN)

Blackalicious (US) (Sacramento, California)

Black Messiah (GER)

Black Milk (US) (Detroit, Michigan)

Blame (unknown)

Blind Guardian (GER)

Blinded Colony (SWE)

Bliss N Eso (AUS)

Blockhead (US) (New York, New York)

Bloodbath (SWE)

Blood Duster (AUS)

Blotted Science (US) (San Antonio, Texas)

Blut Aus Nord (FRA)

Marc Bolan (UK)

Bolt Thrower (UK)

Boris (JAP)

Borknagar (NOR)

Born of Osiris (US) (Palatine, Illinois)

Bosque (unknown)

Boston (US) (Boston, Massachusetts)

Botch (US) (Tacoma, Washington)

Branikald (unknown)

Brenoritvrezorkre (unknown)

Bring Me the Horizon (UK)

Brodequin (US) (Knoxville, Tennessee)

Brother Ali (US) (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Brujeria (MEX)

Brutus (CR)

BT (US) (Rockville, Maryland)

Buck 65 (CAN)

Buckethead (US) (Huntington Beach, California)

Bo Burnham (US) (Hamilton, Massachusetts)

Burzum (NOR)

Busta Rhymes (US) (Brooklyn, New York)

Cadacross (FIN)

Cage (Power Metal) (US) (San Diego, California)

Cage (Hip Hop) (US) (New York, New York)

Cage the Elephant (US) (Bowling Green, Kentucky)

Camel (UK)

Camel of Doom (unknown)

Candlemass (SWE)

Cannibal Ox (US) (Harlem, New York)

Jerry Cantrell (US) (Tacoma, Washinton)

Captain Beyond (US) (Los Angeles, California)

Caribou (CAN)

Carpathian Forest (NOR)

Casbah (unknown)

Caspa (UK)

Catamenia (FIN)

Cathedral (UK)

Caustic Window (UK)

Cecil Otter (US) (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Cee-Lo Green (US) (Atlanta, Georgia)

Celestia (FRA)

Celph Titled (US) (Tampa, Florida)

Celtic Frost (SWI)

Centhron (GER)

Centimani (US) (Broomfield, Colorado)

Centinex (SWE)

Ceremonial Castings (US) (Battle Ground, Washington_)

Chicago (US) (Chicago, Illinois)

Children of Bodom (minus vocals) (FIN)

Cinerary (unknown)

The Circle Jerks (US) (Hermosa Beach, California)

Circle of Tyrants (US) (Brooklyn, New York)

Cirith Gorgor (NL)

Cloudscape (SWE)

Clutch (US) (Germantown, Maryland)

Cold (US) (Jacksonville, Florida)

Coldseed (GER)Colossuem (UK)

Colosseum II (UK)

Common Rider (US) (Berkeley, California)

Concept of God (US) (Arlington, Texas)

Continuum (unknown)

Controlled Collapse (unknown)

Cor Scorpii (NOR)

Coroner (SWI)

Corporation 187 (unknown)

Corrosion of Conformity (US) (Raleigh, North Carolina)

Covenant (SWE)

Creedence Clearwater Revival (US) (El Cerrito, California)

Crematory (GER)

Cronian (NOR)

Cruachan (IRE)

Crypt the Warchild (US) (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

The Crystal Method (US) (Los Angeles, California)

CunninLynguists (US) (Lexington, Kentucky)

Cursive (US) (Omaha, Nebraska)

Cut Throat (unknown)

Cynic (US) (Miami, Florida)

Cypress Hill (US) (Southgate, California)

Dan Swano (SWE)

Danger Mouse (US) (White Plains, New York)

Dark Fortress (GER)

Dark Funeral (SWE)

Dark Moor (SPA)

Dark Order (unknown)

Dark Tranquility (SWE)

Darkane (SWE)

Darkest Hour (US) (Washington D.C.)

Darkthrone (NOR)

Darkwell (AUSTRIA)

Dead Can Dance (AUS)

Death (US) (Orlando, Florida)

Death SS (ITA)

Death Angel (US) (Concord, California)

Deathspell Omega (FRA)

Decapitated (POL)

Deep Puddle Dynamics (US) (Oaklalnd, California)

Deerhoof (US) (San Francisco, California)

The Defaced (unknown)

Destruction (GER)

Demigodz (US) (Willimantic, Connecticut)

Demonaz (NOR)

Demons and Wizards (US) (Tampa, Florida)

Deranged (unknown)

Desaster (GER)

D'espairs Ray (JAP)

Dessa (US) (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Destruction (GER)

Dethklok (US) (Salinas, California)

Devin Townsend Project (CAN)

Diablo (FIN)

Diabolical Masquerade (SWE)

Die Krupps (GER)

Dimension Zero (SWE)

Dinosaur Jr. (US) (Amherst, Massachusetts)

Dir En Grey (JAP)

Dirty Rotten Imbeciles (US) (Houston, Texas)

Disculpa (unknown)

Disgorge (US) (San Diego, California)

Disillusion (GER)

Dismember (SWE)

Dissection (SWE)

Distorted Memory (unknown)

Dog Fashion Disco (US) (Rockville, Maryland)

Doomtree (US) (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Doom:vs (SWE)

The Doors (US) (Los Angeles, California)

Dornenreich (AUS)

Doseone (US) (Idaho)

Dozer (SWE)

Dragonforce (UK)

Dream Theater (US) (Long Island, New York)

Dreamaker (SPA)

Droid (US) (Long Beach, California)

Dropkick Murphys (US) (Quincy, Massachusettes)

Drudkh (UKR)

Dubstep (IRE)

Dynospectrum (US) (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

The Dwarves (US) (Chicago, Illinopis)

Dzlvarv (unknown)

Earth (US) (Olympia, Washington)

Earth Crisis (US) (Syracuse, New York)

Edenbridge (AUSTRIA)

Edge of Sanity (SWE)

Edguy (GER)

Leif Edling (SWE)

Einherjer (NOR)

Electric Wizard (UK)

Elegy (NL)

Elend (FRA)

Elfonia (MEX)

Eligh (US) (Los Angeles, Califonia)

El-P (US) (Brooklyn, New York)

Eluveitie (SWI)

Emilie Autumn (US) (Malibu, California)

Emperor (NOR)

Empyrean (AUS)

Endstille (GER)

Ensiferum (FIN)

Enthroned (BEL)

Entombed (SWE)

Epica (NL)

Epoch of Unlight (US) (Memphis, Tennessee)

Equilibrium (GER)

Esoteric (UK)

Esoteric (US)

Essence of Sorrow (SWE)

Evergrey (SWE)

Everlast (US) (Valley Stream, New York)

Exhorder (US) (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Exhumed (US) (San Jose, California)

Exodus (US) (San Francisco, California)

Eyedea & Abilities (US) (Mineapolis, Minnesota)

Face Down (SWE)

Falconer (SWE)

Falkenbach (GER)

Faith and the Muse (US) (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Faith No More (US) (San Francisco, California)

Fantômas (US) (San Francisco, California)

Fata Morgana (NOR)

FB[Force] (unknown)

Fear Factory (US) (Los Angeles, California)

Felt (US) (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Finntroll (FIN)

Fission (SWE)

Five Bolt Main (US) (Lousville, Kentucky)

Five Horse Johnson (US) (Toledo, Ohio)

Five Pointe O (US) (Joliet, Illinois)

Flairck (NL)

Flaw (US) (Louisville, Kentucky)

Fleurety (NOR)

Flobots (US) (Denver, Colorado)

Flogging Molly (US) (Los Angeles, California)

The Flower Kings (SWE)

Foghat (UK)

Foo Fighters (US) (Seattle, Washington)

Forefather (UK)

Foreigner (US) (New York, New York)

Forest of Shadows (unknonw)

Forest Stream (RUS)

Fractured (CAN)

Frameshift (BEL)

Front 242 (BEL)

Front Line Assembly (CAN)

Gackt (JAP)

Galneryus (JAP)

Gamma Ray (GER)

Gandalf (AUSTRIA)

The Gathering (NL)

Gehenna (NOR)

Genghis Tron (US) (Poughskeepsie, New York)

Glass Hammer (US) (Chattanooga, Tennessee)

Gnarls Barkley (US) (Atlanta, Georgia)

Goatwhore (US)

God Among Insects (SWE)

God Dethroned (NL)

Godsend (SWE)

Golden Earring (NL)

Gong (FRA)

Goodie Mob (US) (Atlanta, Georgia)

Gorefest (NL)

Goretex (US) (New York, New York)

Gorgoroth (NOR)

Grand Belial's Key (US) (Oakton, Virginia)

Grave (SWE)

Graveworm (ITA)

Gravisphere (SWE)

Talib Kweli (Green) (US) (Brooklyn, New York)

Green Jelly (US) (Kenmor, New York)

Grendel (NL)

Guano Apes (GER)

Guilt Machine (NL)

Hail of Bullets (NL)

Hate (POL)

Hatesphere (DEN)

The Haunted (SWE)

Havayoth (SWE)

Heart (CAN)

Tim Hecker (CAN)

(hed) Planet Earth (US) (Huntington Beach, California)

Helheim (NOR)

Hellhammer (SWI)

Helloween (GER)

Helmet (US) (New York, New York)

Hemlock (US) (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Hexstatic (UK)

Hilltop Hoods (AUS)

Hirax (US) (Cypress, California)

Hocico (MEX)

Holocausto (unknown)

Horna (FIN)

Hypocrisy (SWE)

I Killed the Prom Queen (AUS)

Ice Cube (US) (South Central, California)

Iced Earth (US) (Tampa, Florida)

Ihsahn (NOR)

Ildjarn (NOR)

Ill Bill (US) (Brooklyn, New York)

Illnath (NOR)

Illogic (US) (Columbus, Ohio)

(some) Immortal (NOR)

Immortal Technique (US) (Harlem, New York)

Impaled Nazarene (FIN)

In Battle (SWE)

In Flames (SWE)

In the Woods... (NOR)

Incantation (US) (Johnstown, Pennsylvania)

Incestuous (unknown)

Incinerator (unknown)

Infected Mushroom (ISR)

Infestdead (SWE)

Insekt (unknown)

Intronaut (US) (Los Angeles, California)

Iron Maiden (UK)

Iron Savior (GER)

ISIS (US) (Boston, Masschusetts)

Isolation (unknown)

Jade Warrior (UK)

Jedi Mind Tricks (US) (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

John's Children (UK)

Danko Jones (CAN)

Journey (US) (San Francisco, California)

Judas Iscariot (US) (DeKalb, Illinois)

Juno Reactor (UK)

Jupiter Society (unknown)

Kamchatka (SWE)

Kamelot (US) (Tampa, Florida)

Kampfar (NOR)

Kansas (US) (Topeka, Kansas)

Karma to Burn (US) (Morgantown, West Virginia)

Katatonia (SWE)

Kausing Much Damage (US) (Long Island, New York)

Kayak (NL)

Keep of Kalessin (NOR)

Khold (NOR)

King Crimson (UK)

King Diamond (DEN)

King Hobo (SWE)

Kingdom Come (GER)

Klabautmann (unknown)


Kraftwerk (GER)

Kreator (GER)

Krezip (NL)

Krieg (US) (Somers Point, New Jersey)

Krisiun (BRA)

KRS-One (US) (South Bronx, New York)

Krux (SWE)

Kvelertak (NOR)

Kyuss (US) (Palm Desert, California)

La Coka Nostra (US) (Los Angeles, California)

Lay Down Rotten (unknonw)

Led Zeppelin (UK)

The Left Rights (US) (New York, New York)

Leviathan (US) (San Francisco, California)

Lexincrpyt (unknown)

Lifelover (SWE)

Lion's Share (SWE)

Living Legends (US) (South Central, California)

Lock Up (UK)

Long Distance Calling (GER)

Lord Belial (SWE)

(The Lord Weird) Slough Feg (US) (San Francisco, California)

Lords of Acid (BEL)

Lost Horizon (SWE)

Lucifer's Heritage (GER)

Lujhboia (ARG)

Lux Occulta (POL)

Lyfthraysr (unknown)

Mac Lethal (US) (Kansas City, Missouri)

Maceration (DEN)

Machine Head (US) (Oakland, California)

Magnolius (CAN)

Malice Mizer (JAP)Månegarm (SWE)

Manes (NOR)

Manticora (DEN)

Marduk (SWE)

The Mars Volta (US) (El Paso, Texas)

Mastodon (US) (Atlanta, Georgia)

Maximum the Hormone (JAP)

Mayhem (NOR)

MC Chris (US) (Libertyville, Illinois)

MC Lars (US) (Berkeley, California)


The Meads of Asphodel (UK)

Meat Beat Manifesto (UK)

Megadeth (US) (Los Angeles, California)

Megaherz (GER)

Mercliess (SWE)

Mercyful Fate (DEN)

Mega Ran (US) (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

The Melvins (US) (Montesano, Washington)

Mental Horror (BRA)

Midnattsol (NOR)

Ministry (US) (Chicago, Illinois)

Mirrorthrone (SWI)

Mr. Bungle (US) (Eureka, California)

Mr. Hyde (US) (Brooklyn, New York)

Moi Dix Mois (JAP)

Momentum (unknown)

Monster Island Czars (US) (New York, New York)

Monster Magnet (US) (Red Bank, New Jersey)

The Montauk Project (unknown)

Moondog (US) (Maryville, Kansas)

Moontower (SWE)

Mourning Forest (unknown)

Morbid Angel (US) (Tampa, Florida)

Mortification (AUS)

Mortiis (NOR)

Motorhead (UK)

Mt. Cairn (US) (Loveland, Colorado)

The Mountain Goats (US) (Claremont, California)

Mutilator (BRA)

MURS (US) (Los Angeles, California)

(melodic) Mudvayne (US) (Peoria, Illinois)

(early) Mushroomhead (US) (Cleveland, Ohio)

My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult (US) (Chicago, Illinois)

Mysticum (unknown)

Nachtmystium (US) (Wheaton, Illinois)

Naer Mataron (GRE)

Naglfar (SWE)

Napalm Death (UK)

Nargaroth (GER)

Nasum (SWE)

Necro (US) (Brookyln, New York)

Necrodeath (ITA)

The NESkimos (US) (St. Augustine, Florida)

Neuraxis (CAN)

Neurosis (US) (Oakland, California)

Nevermore (US) (Seattle, Washington)

Nifelheim (SWE)

Niggaz With Attitude (US) (Comnpton, California)

Nightfall (GRE)

Nightingale (SWE)

Nightrage (SWE)

Nightwish (FIN)

No-Man (UK)

Nocturnal Breed (NOR)

NoFX (US) (San Francisco, California)

Noise Unit (CAN)

Nokturnal Mortum (UKR)

Non Phixion (US) (New York, New York)

Erik Norlander (US)

Nortt (DEN)

John Norum (SWE)

Nothingface (US) (Washington D.C.)

November's Doom (US) (Chicago, Illinois)

Novembre (ITA)

Nuclear Assault (US) (New York, New York)

Nurzery (Rhymes) (GER)

Obituary (US) (Tampa, Florida)

Object (unknown)

Obtained Enslavement (NOR)

Ocean Machine (CAN)

Oceansize (UK)

October Tide (SWE)

Office of Strategic Influence (US) (Long Island, New York)

OhGr (CAN)

Oingo Boingo (US) (Los Angeles, California)

Omega (HUN)

Ondskapt (SWE)

Opera IX (ITA)

Opeth (SWE)

Orgy (US) (Los Angeles, California)

Orphanage (NL)

Orphaned Land (ISR)

Otyg (SWE)

OuterSpace (US) (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Overflash (SWE)

Overkill (US) (Old Bridge Township, New Jersey)

Pagan Altar (UK)

Pagan's Mind (NOR)

Pain (SWE)

Pain of Salvation (SWE)

Pandemonium (SWE)

Panic Lift (US) (Newark, New Jersey)

Pantheon I (NOR)

Pan.Thy.Monium (SWE)

Paradise Lost (UK)

Paysage d'Hiver (SWI)Peccatum (NOR)

Pelican (US) (Chicago, Illinois)

Pendragon (UK)

Pentagram (US) (Arlington, Virginia)

Persuador (SWE)

Pestilence (NL)

Phantasm (US) (Los Angeles, California)

The Pharcyde (US) (Los Angeles, California)

Phideaux Xavier (US) (New York, New York)

Pig (UK)

Planet Asia (US) (Fresno, California)

Planetary (US) (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Polygon Window (IRE)

Porcupine Tree (UK)

Primal Fear (GER)

Primordial (IRE)

Professional Murder Music (US) (Los Angeles, California)

The Prodigy (UK)

Prong (US) (New York, New York)

Propellerheads (UK)

Pro-Pain (US) (New York, New York)

Pro-Tech (CAN)

Psychotic Waltz (US) (El Cajon, California)

Psyclon Nine (US) (Castro Valley, California)

Pulse Legion (US) (Los Angeles, California)

Pungent Stench (AUSTRIA)

Queens of the Stone Age (US) (Palm Desert, California)

Rage (GER)

Ragnarok (NOR)

Rakim (US) (New York, New York)

Ram-Zet (NOR)

Rammstein (GER)

Randam Luck (US) (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Red Hot Chili Peppers (US) (Los Angeles, California)

Reef the Lost Cauze (US) (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Reflux (US) (Washington D.C.)

Refused (SWE)

Return to Forever (US) (Rochester, New York)

The Reverend Horton Heat (US) (Dallas, Texas)

Rhapsody (of Fire) (ITA)

Rhyme Asylum (UK)

Ribspreader (SWE)

Richard Cheese (US) (Los Angeles, California)

Riverside (POL)

RJD2 (US) (Columbus, Ohio)

Rollins Band (US) (Van Nuys, California)

Henry Rollins (Spoken word) (US) (Van Nuys, California)

The Rolling Stones (UK)

Rotting Christ (GRE)

Rudra (SING)

Rush (CAN)

Sabac (Red) (US) (Brooklyn, New York)

Sabaton (SWE)

Sabbat (UK)

Sabbat (JAP)

Sacramentum (SWE)

Sadistik Exekution (AUS)

Sage Francis (US) (Providence, Rhode Island)

Salem (ISR)

Saint Vitus (US) (Los Angeles, California)

Sanctuary (US) (Seattle, Washington)

Satanic Claughter (SWE)

Erik Satie (FRA)

Joe Satriani (US) (Westburyu, New York)

Savage Circus (GER)

(some) Scar Symmetry (SWE)

Scarve (FRA)

Schaft (JAP)

Schwein (GER)


Seance (SWE)

Sear Bliss (HUN)

Septic Flesh (GRE)

Sepultura (BRA)

Setherial (SWE)

7L (US) (Boston, Massachusetts)

Sevendust (US) (Atlanta, Georgia)

Shadow Gallery (US) (LeHigh Valley, Pennsylvania)

Shinedown (US) (Jacksonville, Florida)

Shining (SWE)

Shpongle (UK)

Sigh (JAP)

Silencer (THA)

Silent Force (GER)'

Sinergy (FIN)

Skinlab (US) (San Francisco, California)

Skinny Puppy (CAN)

Skyfire (SWE)

Sleep (US) (San Jose, California)

Snake River Conspiracy (US) (San Francisco, California)

Snot (US) (Santa Barbara, California)

Snow Patrol (UK)

Snowgoons (GER)

Sodom (GER)

Soil (US) (Chicago, Illinois)

Soilwork (SWE)

Solitude Aeturnus (US) (Arlington, Texas)

Solefald (NOR)

Sonata Arctica (FIN)

Sons of Otis (CAN)

Soundgarden (US) (Seattle, Washington)

Spastik Ink (US) (San Antonio, Texas)

Spiritual Beggars (SWE)

Splatterhouse (unknown)

Spock's Beard (US) (Los Angeles, California)

Squarepusher (UK)

Stahlhammer (AUSTRIA)

Star One (NL)

(old) Static-X (US) (Los Angeles, California)

Steel (SWE)

Stephen Lynch (US) (Abington Township, Pennsylvania)

Steppenwolf (CAN)

Stoic Dissention (US)

Stonehaven (US)

Stormlord (ITA)

Strapping Young Lad (CAN)

Stratovarius (FIN)

Stream of Passion (NL)

Street Dogs (US) (Boston, Massachusetts)

Suffocation (US) (Long Island, New York)

Summoning (AUSTRIA)

Sun Caged (NL)

Sunn O))) (US) (Seattle, Washington)

Susperia (NOR)

Swallow the Sun (FIN)

Sweatshop Union (UK)

The Sword (US) (Austin, Texas)

Sybreed (SWI)

Symphony X (US) (Middletown, New Jersey)

Synæsthesia (CAN)

Synthetic Delusion (US) (Denver, Colorado)

Systematic (US) (Oakland, California)

Syu (JAP)

Taake (NOR)

TamTrum (FRA)

The Tangent (SWE)

Tankard (GER)

Omar Faruk Tekbilek (TUR)

Terror 2000 (SWE)

Terrorizer (US) (Los Angeles, California)

Testament (US) (Berkeley, California)

Them Crooked Vultures (US) (Los Angeles, California)

Therapy? (IRE)

Therion (SWE)

1349 (NOR)

This Ending (SWE)

Thorns (NOR)

3 (US) (Woodstock, New York)

Threshold (UK)

Throbbing Gristle (GER)

Throne of Ahaz (SWE)

Thyrfing (SWE)

Tiamat (SWE)

Today is the Day (US) (Nashville, Tennessee)

Tomahawk (US) (San Francisco, California)

Tourniquet (US) (Los Angeles, California)

Toxic Holocaust (US) (Portland, Oregon)

Trae tha Truth (US) (Houston, Texas)

Trail of Tears (NOR)Trastorno (unknown)

Tribes of Neurot (US) (Oakland, California)

Tristania (NOR)

Turbonegro (NOR)

Turisas (FIN)

The Tuss (UK)

Týr (FI)

Ululate (unknown)

Ulver (NOR)

Unearthly Trance (US) (Long Island, New York)

Unholy (FIN)

Unholy Matrimony (SWI)

Unholy Ritual (GRE)

Unknown Prophets (US) (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Unleashed (SWE)

Universal Indicator (IRE)

Unida (US)

Unjust (US) (Los Angeles, California)

Unsane (US) (New York, New York)

UPO (US) (Los Angeles, California)

Uriah Heep (UK)

Vader (POL)

Steve Vai (US) (Carle Place, New York)

The Vapors Project (unknown)

Vast Aire (US) (Manhattan, New York)

Velvet Acid Christ (US) (Westminster, Colorado)

Velvet Cacoon (US) (Portland, Oregon)

Vermyapre Kommando (unknown)

Vesania (POL)

Vinnie Paz (US) (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Vinterriket (unknown)

Vintersorg (SWE)

Vio-Lence (US) (San Francisco, California)

Virus IV (unknown)

Vision Divine (ITA)

Vision of Mara (US)

VAST (US) (Austin, Texas)

Vildhjarta (SWE)

Vlad Tepes (FRA)

Vond (NOR)

Rick Wakeman (UK)

Warbringer (US) (Ventura, California)

Warmen (FIN)

Watain (SWE)

Waterclime (SWE)

Watts (UK)

Wedard (unknown)

Weeping Birth (SWI)

Weird Al Yankovic (US) (Lynwood, California)

Steven Wilson (UK)

Windir (NOR)

Winds (NOR)

Winterlong (SWE)

Witchery (SWE)

Within Temptation (NL)

Wizard (GER)

Wolfnacht (unknown)

Woods of Fallen (unknown)

Wu Tang Clan (US) (Staten Island, New York)

Xasthur (US) (Alhambra, California)

Yes (UK)

Yggdrasil (FI)

Yngwie Malmsteen (SWE)

Zion I (US) (Oakland, California)

Znowhite (US) (Chicago, Illinois)

Zozobra (US) (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

Zyklon (NOR)
The six things I could never do without
1) Music. I have over 119,000 songs at home (Over a year of music without repeating a single song).
2) Companionship.
3) Financial comfort.
4) Entertainment.
5) An abacus, because I apparently can't count.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Just Facebook me, it's all there.
On a typical Friday night I am
Usually open! Let's do something. :)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have no shame, I'll answer anything.
You should message me if
...the inclination strikes.

I'd really enjoy something long-term and monogamous. I haven't had a lot of luck in that area. I seem to find women who like to talk to me like I'm their boyfriend but they don't want do the relationship thing. Hopefully that can change.