49Madison, United States
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My self-summary
Looking to meet people for company, friendship, and whatever may follow... I am open to wherever things may go, short term or long term, but of course they have to start somewhere.

I recently started an open relationship with an old friend who I reconnected with over the Internet. She lives in Vancouver, so it is a very open arrangement. This is the first time I've done something like this, but I hope it doesn't cause confusion. If you have questions about it, please ask.

I've been told I am a kind, generous soul. (I can also be a bit
cranky at times, but those are pretty few and far between...) I like giving backrubs, snuggling in bed, going for walks in the woods. I can be an excellent listener. There are times I can even be a bit naive about things, but I like to think of it as a basic faith in people.

I love to spend time outdoors - I have always loved swimming and going for hikes, and I've done a little bit of biking, though not anything long distance, just peddling around town. I'm hoping to find others who like to go on little adventures, since they are always more fun with others than alone.

I'm pretty intellectual (and I have a Master's degree in Philosophy to prove it!), but over the last few years I have found ways to moderate that with other pursuits - meditation and my own sort of spirituality. I do think the world is a good place, overall - but it's hard to reconcile that with what a crappy place it can be in particular, over and over and over...

I also have found I enjoy doing and making things - working in the yard, projects around the house, making stuff related to my hobbies. I often have projects in the works building something with my son, who has a lot of ideas for such things.

I have a passion for a lot of geeky things...

quantum mechanics and chaos theory, and the questions they raise for epistemologyand metaphysics...

politics, international relations, and whether the Democratic Party can find a spine...

role playing games, board games and strategy games...

Comedy (like Monty Python) and Musical Comedy/Parodies, from Dr. Demento and Weird Al to newer folks like Paul and Storm and Jonathan Coulton

Science Fiction/Fantasy - all over the place on this one, from a passion for Lord of the Rings to collecting Asimov to alternate history and urban fantasy.

And finally, to top it off, I spend a lot of time playing in the Society for Creative Anachronism, or SCA. The SCA is a world-wide organization of folks trying to recreate the good parts of the Middle Ages - chivalry, honor, knights in shining armor, you name it. The SCA is sort of like a Ren Faire, except nobody gets paid, everyone gets to pick what they want to do, and we spend a lot of time teaching each other some of the many cool things we know about the Middle Ages.

In the SCA, I do a lot of archery and thrown weapons (knives, axes, and spears), and I also fight in battles as a combat archer - which is where I get to put on armor and shoot at knights, squires, and whole armies! I also do craft-y things like making "chain mail" (sic) and woodworking, and I have started doing blacksmithing - I even have my own portable forge.

If it's not somehow painfully obvious, I'm pretty geeky - in fact, in the last few years, I've come to identify with the emerging Geek Culture movement. It fits who I am and what I do.
What I’m doing with my life
Working as a computer geek to pay the bills.

Spending a lot of my free time playing, in the SCA, board games, or watching movies. (Streaming video is the greatest thing since sliced bread!)

Trying to make time to spend outdoors, getting exercise and enjoying nature.

I'm also trying to figure out how to get back into grad school to study the systems view of science, and then somehow make a living with that some day

Pondering ways I might be able to teach.
I’m really good at
Designing computer programs/systems (not an innate talent, one developed over many years)

Teaching (formal, informal, whatever)

Writing, Telling Stories, Puns (though some would claim otherwise, they are biased :) )

Listening (another skill I've developed after much practice)

Singing (which I don't get to do enough of)

Badminton (it's been a while, but I know how to play for real, not the goofing around in the backyard stuff...)
The first things people usually notice about me
Gee, I dunno, I never thought to ask...

I've been told various of the following, by various folks:

I'm really smart - though sometimes people say I think too much

I am really good with words - though sometimes people say I talk too much

I can be very insightful about people and situations - though sometimes I can be completely clueless

Also, folks often wonder why I'm wearing funny looking clothes - and I explain that I'm dressed up like someone from the Middle Ages, as part of the "do it yourself Renn Faire" that is the SCA...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

Classic SF (Asimov, Clarke, etc.), cyberpunk, Military/hard SF (David Drake, S.M. Stirling, David Weber), alternate history, classic fantasy (LotR, Narnia, Earthsea), urban fantasy


SF/Fantasy -- LoTR, Matrix (not the sequels), Through a Scanner Darkly, also Battlestar Galactica (both old and new)

Drama Movies A Few Good Men, Memento, Matchstick Men, Sixth Sense

Mediterranean (especially Spanish - I can make a passable paella!) and Middle Eastern, Japanese (learning, slowly, how to make sushi), SE Asian, and Indian

I have a bad habit of fried chicken, and keep mental ratings for chicken joints around the area...
Six things I could never do without
Friends - old friends, new friends, friends I haven't met yet;

Books, Videos, da Interwebs - what can I say, I'm an information sponge;

Play - because "All Work" just sucks, frankly;

Stories - real ones, made up ones, they all are important;

Hope - that tomorrow can be as good or better than today;

Letting Go and finding peace - those moments where the world is ok, no matter how messed up it can seem.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My work (I'd like to do less of this, but alas...)

Being a good parent to my 16 year-old son

The troubled state of the world and how to deal with it (and just maybe change it)

How to actually connect with someone over the internet - is it me, or does nobody actually ever meet in person anymore?

Whether things will turn out all right - is the world really a good place, or is it actually as ambivalent as I am?

How to make love last (bonus points if you get the reference!)
On a typical Friday night I am
Sitting at home trying to relax

On the road to an SCA event somewhere

Doing Pizza and Movie night with my son.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have learned a lot about relationships, both for myself and with others... and I know that there is still plenty left to learn. I am ready to start doing some of that now.
You should message me if
You like a good conversation, about the weather, the fate of the universe, or anything in between.

You like sushi or paella, or even just checking out new foods.

You like the idea of hanging out in the Middle Ages every once in a while.

The idea of spending time with a geek with a penchant for philosophy interests you.

I'm also looking for feedback on my profile. I get almost no contacts, so am I doing something really wrong here? Too much information? am I saying something wrong or weird? Or am I just clearly way too geeky for anyone to be interested? Be honest, I won't be hurt, I really want to know... If there is something that strikes you as odd or turns you off (as in makes you less interested) in my profile, I'd like to know.
The two of us