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My self-summary

To those who judge based on facial hair, don't be concerned. I have had quite a few looks in this area over the years, and it doesn't bother me a bit to avoid a certain look if you particularly like it.

It is a little daunting editing this. I really am just looking to get out there, meet some great people, and see what happens. I don’t know so much that I want to “date” per se. I want to meet. Find interesting people who pique my interest and then see how we jive. It could turn into something where we are friends, have a romantic relationship, or just nothing. It’s all about how we feel after meeting. Obviously this is a dating website, that’s the ultimate goal, but shoot for the stars and hope to at least land on the moon. So please also be open to the idea that it’s not all or nothing. There is a lot of grey in this world. With my last partner if we had looked at being good friends first instead of an all-or-nothing, then we both could still be friends (and we are) and could have continued to look romantically 3 years earlier. So, keep an open mind. Oh yeah, related, I am friends with some of my exes. You have nothing to worry about - they are exes for a reason. You're more than welcome to meet them. If I'm still friends with them, they are lovely people you will hopefully like.

Now, with that, I’m monogamous, relationship-oriented guy. I’ve never cheated and I never will. People who do are chicken shit to admit they aren’t happy in their relationship and end it, so they sneak around trying to have their cake and eat it too. Not cool. I’m also 99% certain I’ve never BEEN cheated on. If you’re in a relationship with someone, keep them happy and they won’t cheat. I’m looking for my compliment, not my twin. Someone who covers my weaknesses and I can cover theirs to make for a good unit. Of course, there needs to be compatibility in goals, hobbies, and bedroom activities as well.
My professional life is weird, and I have a hard time really explaining it. I work in the gaming industry doing various things from broadcasting to writing to sales, depending on what is called for. It's not exactly Doctor/lawyer money, but it keeps me happy and I’m still breathing and eating, so go happiness! Oh, and I’m honest, probably to a fault. Find someone else who is willing to describe their professional life as “weird”. I don’t want to just put my best foot forward, I want you to see both of them. As much as I like traditional games, I hate dating games, so let’s just skip those and get right to knowing if we like each other. No stupid 3 day rule. You want to text me, do it. If I want to text you, I’ll do it. Say what is on your mind and don’t pull any punches. We’re adults here. So if you have a problem with games (traditional), just skip anyway. I’m not going to stop being a gamer so why pretend. Not we’re not talking RPG, D&D stuff or sitting on couch playing Call of Duty all day. Most of my games are card games or mobile games. Been doing a lot of Pokemon GO lately, so I’m getting my gaming and fitness in at the same time! If you play, definite plus. If you’re Team Instinct, HUGE plus, but I Mystic and Valor I could still meet…I guess. ;)

I like travel, but do it less frequently than I’d like. So, let’s go somewhere. I don’t hang out at gyms, I don’t read traditional books, though I read plenty on the internet. Oh, and my screen name is out of date. Last time I was single, I was a dog walker, but not anymore. Still love dogs, though, just not for money,
What I’m doing with my life
I work in the gaming industry in several capacities, including writer, broadcaster, player, merchant, and more. I have turned a passion into a profession and I could not be luckier.
I’m really good at
Random games

being a competent cook (cook, not chef - not THAT good), though I do it rarely - I prefer to have someone to cook for.

Spoiling the crap out of you.

trying to be a geek without the social awkwardness.

Figuring out what step 2 is between "steal underpants" and "profit"

Being the guy who taught MacGuyver everything he knows.
The first things people usually notice about me
I was told it was that I have "kind eyes". You can tell me what you notice first.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I mostly hate this section because they change all the time. In general I'm comedy over drama, am a boy who actually like things in the romantic comedy genre. Introduce me to a new show - I watch very little when I'm single.

For food - Mexican and sushi are my favorites, but also hard to go wrong with Italian or just a nice cut of beef. Let's just pretty much stay away from Thai, Indian, or Vegan and I'm likely good
The six things I could never do without
- my internet-accessing devices (take your pick)
- a reliable car,
- gas for said car
- humor
- sarcasm
- my 8-track player

These definitely aren't in order, and if I was missing any of them I COULD do without them, but we're following the spirit of the question here. One of them may or may not be false. :)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Where can I get a good burrito? What game can I play that others would find entertaining. Also, should I go back to the long version of this profile or stay with the shorter one. Also, why us #teaminstinct people are so damn outnumbered...don't they know we're the only good team?
On a typical Friday night I am
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Anything. Seriously, ask me and I can't imagine I'd say no, even if it were the first thing you ask. Try me. Just message me out of nowhere and ask something. Let's see if you can cross the line. :)

Also, some of my answers to questions may be out of date. Don't necessarily assume that everything there is absolutely correct. Most of them are, but some of the questions especially pertaining to politics and relationships may be changed. I'm working on fixing them, but there are a lot of questions to go over. Started this account in 2010, and definitely a few life changes since.
You should message me if
You're looking for a communicative guy who isn't like everyone else on here. Just write me - it's a better way to get an idea to my personality - it can be a bit quirky. No, screw that - a LOT quirky. Oh, and please be somewhat local. If the easiest way to see each other is a plane ticket, probably not the best idea.