44Pasco, United States
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My self-summary
I am fabulous. Skeptical? Check my test results you'll see!

I am easily entertained, unconventional, and hungry.
What I’m doing with my life
Absolutely nothing. I've decided I'm much happier being unambitious. I guess I'm a little ambitious about pursuing happiness...

Other then that: I stay busy being self employed helping clients run their businesses. This often gets in the way of boating, gaming and all my other pursuing happiness activities. Fortunately I enjoy my work and it pays well so I've got a pretty good life overall.
I’m really good at
Nothing. I'm fairly good at just about anything with a little practice.

So things I've practiced quite a bit: Knowing myself and people around me. Cooking. Entertaining children and animals. (Bleh, I sound like a housewife.)

Trying again: Biking, volleyball, weightlifting, reading, driving, video games, camping. (There we go, now I'm a tomboy!)

Not skilled at all at: Watching tv (I always am doing something else), or movies (I talk through them), shopping (it's time consuming, expensive, and then the stuff acquired takes up valuable space).
The first things people usually notice about me
Clients notice my skills with people, computers, lawful agencies. (Skills that mysteriously disappear when speaking to a police officer that has stopped me for absolutely no reason, imho).

I've been told my smile, I really think that's because it's a bit crooked but completely genuine.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like anything done well in all the these categories. First choices when left to my own devices however would be

Books Science Fiction/Fantasy (Not Romance, Fantasy. Learn your genres.) - Love Piers Anthony and Anne McCaffrey, am impatiently waiting for the last of the Kingkiller Chronicles to be released (and am angry that this is still true, two years after writing it!). Also read most of Louis L'Amour (western), Michael Crighton (drama), and too much young adult fiction to list. Yes, I've read plenty of non-commercial authors as well, but it seems listing books no one has heard of is counter productive toward informing others of my tastes.

Movies Feel-good Movies - Not necessarily happy all the way through, but at least at the end. There's enough misery in life, I revel in the good. I also love movies that surprise me or have an unusual premise like The Game or Minority Report. DVD's work well for me as I can replay parts that I miss, as I'm easily distracted from them.

Music Hard Rock - I love Gun's N Roses (yes, I'm that stereotypical. Love them!). I was introduced to Cruxshadows and Paramore (yes I know those are different music genre) and love them. Not good at remembering bands, I just like good music when I hear it. I don't avoid ANY type of music based on type alone. Definitely love music where the singer has an amazing voice, no matter how the tune.

Foods Spicy and fresh - I eat anything but innards and seafood (the kind that include innards) which means I could list my dislikes faster then my preferences. I love Thai and Mexican. I make a perfect steak and fantastic "normal" food, like spaghetti or meatloaf. For dessert, the richer the better.

They've missed so many favorites here

Video game: FFXI I loved this game! But I no longer play. I still enjoy RPGs the most I think. Portal was also addicting and I enjoyed the Myst games, so I guess puzzle games too. Really enjoy playing co-op, again Portal 2, Resident Evil 5, Super Mario Bros. Wii, so many others. It's both a social and interesting activity for me.

Sports : volleyball, running, swimming, biking. Generally dislike watching sports unless a friend is on the team, but don't rule it out completely if it's mainly an excuse for a party.

Outdoor activity: anything in water, fires, camping. Actually just love the outdoors. Not in the killing animals sort of way, in the just love nature sort of way.

Candy:peanut butter M&M's!

Drink:hard alcohol. Vodka and juice, tarantula, black opal, (pretty much anything sweet and strong). Beer and wine make me physically ill which is frustrating because I grew up in Portland, OR, the micro beer center of the country, and then southeastern Washington, a major wine belt. I'm constantly warding off those who think I should "just taste it" as I'll be won over by the beer/wine's unique and fulfilling flavor. Visited Tennessee this year and I have to say moonshine tastings at the distilleries is right up my alley!
Six things I could never do without
This question I find silly since I really don't need things to live (outside of breathable air, food, water and protection from extreme temperatures). At one point in my life, I actually ditched everything I owned and lived on the road for a short time (something I'm working toward doing again soon). Every week of such a lifestyle made it difficult for me to return to a normal life. Sleeping outdoors, wandering, the excitement of not knowing where I'd be tomorrow, who I'd meet, what I'd see. I suspect there is gypsy in my bloodlines.

Here are some things I would rather not do without.

Sunshine makes me run and play (seriously, it really does!)

Physical activity is a must. Physical strength contributes to a strong spirit. It also seems to stimulate mental activity for me, which brings me to --->

New ideas. Mental stimulation is necessary to life. I'm not sure if people get old when they stop using their minds, or if it's the other way around, but I do know those that those who don't pursue new ideas and experiences are not really living anymore. And I hope to be a child for a long time to come.

Friendly animals. Every time I interact with an animal I can't imagine a world without them. They embody the best things in life and remind me of those things if forgotten.

Contacts. I'm very very blind without them. Which is interesting for short periods of time, but makes it really hard to avoid stepping on bugs.

Aaannnd, last but not least, hormonal birth control. This should really be labeled the most beneficial invention in the last century!

In modern life?

A lot is contained on my phone/internet. My schedule, maps, contact with long distance friends and family, facts, entertainment, travel advisories, shopping list - pretty much everything that makes my life easy. Not using (checking) my phone is pretty easy when I'm not working/doing chores. But it makes my modern life so much easier!

Appliances. Yes this does make me sound girly. I still scrub the floor with a brush, on my knees (the only way to really get it clean). But washing clothes, much of cooking, bathing, food storage - so much is easy with our conveniences. I revel in how easy chores have become in our society.

Airplanes. Even though traveling through places I want to see is better on foot/bicycle/etc getting back home quickly and painlessly is fantastic. Teleportation would be even better!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Conversations I've had or am going to have. How to live without sleeping so I have more usable hours in my day. Life's biggest mysteries, like how humans have survived with such a pitiful amount of common sense.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm much less boring in person because I'm cute.
You should message me if
Hmmm, restricting who can message me in an arbitrary, unenforceable way... I'll encourage some messages instead.

You'd like to hang out, have a drink, make new friends sort of thing and are somewhat compatible on our match percentage (heh, or find this profile incredibly interesting)

I'd love to hear from you if you want an activities partner and like to play hard. I can do outdoor things such as running, rollerblading, swimming and biking. Would completely be up for other things as well, classes (cooking, dancing, foreign language, auto repair?), games, an activity I've never thought of that you enjoy and would like to share with a potential friend.

You laughed at a result on my test page and wanted to share.

You hate me even though we've never met.
The two of us