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My self-summary
Dear ZenJ Annals, like your address style gratitude for your attract to my summarial life story, prayer path n love wish we could fly about sky mist n thunder Beings shining above n Illumining nights w pregnant life heralding zigzag lightning bolt dance, but perhaps we dream together of that. Fun n enlivening to dream. Wise to dream with heart never in spinning might bes of the head driven will accessing paths of perplexing potential as personal credit n close strands in webs of seductive reward humming strands of ear throb desire. The hearts ear listens to what alone matters--our gifts grown n freely generously dispensed to those honorable to attend n care take them--even as cherished pearls safeguarded until given again by angelic guardians whose treasure cheats are always full n who by joy seldom rest by privilege of kindness insight wise insight intimacy nourished n kind noble generosity
Yes, it will be great to be friends work w spirit as companions n let God guide the rest towards what we don't know honest but as being you n me n life whatever is best for blessing songs we sing by Gods love by soul to heart as melody of Us--the Earth Song tuned to Gods Heart
Cedar road is where I live beside nursery lane Langlois Oregon but forget last part for now--add name of the road n mail me at either g or ya hoo cuz either way can take you here via WW Web. Thank you n have a beautiful life n a nice day life comes as we pray, act sing dance give in prayer life ways. Love it's our only answer everyday every case every way be Love eternal as heaven
For this for yourself I pray God most favor U
w Like a rattlesnake I sense out my environment for heat, then track warmth to its source. I live in the fires of intense creativity and search out others with a deep passion for life, with hunger for all that's good and true and worthy of life. Intoxication consumes the lover, music consumes the muse. I seek communion with the ancient eternal fires of divine mystery. I live in order to love.

Love requires sacrifice in something greater than oneself: a cause, a belief, communion, a woman. Love requires crucifixion of the ego and entry into sacred tempo. We merge back into the Cosmos that birthed us, we make of ourselves an instrument, a vessel, and let the spirit 'breathe us'; we give in and we give up ourselves to It; and in so doing, We become One with the Hidden Force that formed the Universe. It is as iron fire; the flame lives inside the steel, and metal takes on characteristics of fire: It glows radiant orange-yellow in molten fiery radiation. When our spirit learns to hear and see the spirit, its fire comes to live in us; and it acts through us. And So, the 'Beloved of Eternity' moves through us to carry Love's own acts into the 'world of life' through us; and this is because we love that 'Beloved', we become Love Herself, because we love Her, and we dance in spirit form to touch the Earth beautifully, powerfully. There is no life without love.

I am a musician, an artist, a poet, a dreamer, a believer, a visionary. I am Mede-Dakota, White, and Mongolian. I am Human!
I am magical. I am power. We all are powerful enough to change this world, slowly or suddenly! Some would be afraid that we know this, this thing of ourselves, this thing about ourselves...but leave them be cuz they'll 'be alright'. And Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

I live for the dreams of my elders; for those elders living and gone. I was remade through their kindness and their vision of life. My spirit became bound to their destinies and to my Mother the earth while serving these great persons. I am native in heart which in the end is more important than my native blood line. I have dear white friends who are more indigenous than many full bloods in the ways that they continue to love and serve the people. My first mentor, Grandfather David Monogye, Kikmongwi of Hotevilla, Hopi chief, taught it to me this way; that this is the truth, the original truth. Many have forgotten. Many are confused with statistics and egotism. I am not Hopi in that I do not live the Hopi way. There are few who do nowdays. (Not being Hopi by blood has nothing to do with it).

There are still yet indigenous peoples on earth who still follow the caribou, the reindeer or deer. I seek to help them live; help them live in the way that they wish to live. My prayer joins with their prayer, and I live to serve them. These peoples are �living prayers' who walk the earth in a beautiful way and remember love and thankfulness as they move about within this sacred cathedral of life. I belong to their spirit. I belong to the spirit that created them and me.

I myself, am a ceremony person, as some call it. My dad has been teaching me healing ways for about 20 years. These teachings are of the Dine land (Dinetah) and peoples. He is a very beautiful man. All of this makes me no more than anyone else. The only greatness we can have depends upon our hearts. The Spirit alone can judge the heart. That leaves us all but simple people, because none of us really knows what we will be in the end. We can only guess. And pray. And sing. And love. And give.

I know little of my Mede-Dakota heritage. Only what my grandma tells me. My indian grandpa died when my mom was 12. He spoke very little. He was a very quiet man. My grandmas mom was Mongollian. She was a healer and a finder of lost things. She healed many during the influenza epidemic of 1918. She could find anything someone lost by dreaming where it was.

I have been given the name 'Wicasa Tawaci Waste' when I lived for a few years in South Dakota in the bad lands, it means 'Generous Man'. I was given a Salish name meaning 'He who comes and goes' as well. In fact I have many names that I've picked up from relatives that describe me, some come from various Reservations or Indigenous territories. One that I'm particularly fond of is, "He who stands guard and plays with children" this is a Huichol Indian name. I have two names from these beautiful people. I have one from my own people and that one I keep to myself because its sacred. It can only be spoken for medicine or when in danger whispered to the spirit people. My names explain who I am, like various snapshots create an image of our bodies, but most of the rest are medicine names that I only bring out in ceremony or among those close to me.

I like Wicasa Tawaci Waste become I do my best to give my life up to the spirit. We are not perfect, but it is the effort and desire that makes us grow. I love living for through life we are given gifts to help us grow. And if we continue growing things will only improve for us; become more clear, more powerful, and more beautiful. We will move with our spirit, and come forth from our heart, and let our mind only be an instrument of our soul. When we move with our spirit many blessings fall like feathers before us. Sometimes we can catch them. Even witnessing these blessings beautifies our mind, enlivens our heart.

Personal adjectives, let's see, probably: trustworthy, honest, wild and adventurous, tender and happy, peaceful and harmonious, excitable and enthusiastic, faithful, strong in conviction, playful, quiet, grateful. That's what comes to mind right now. I could give you a list of what I'm working on, but sheeetzh, I don't even know you. Not like you're a wife or best friend. how many wives do I have now? Lol. The answer is how many I need. O (Zero) for now, and only one when the stars align and love inebriates me with her breath-taking magicks...mmm yaaah, Majestic.

I am ardent, dynamic, and allegiant
What I’m doing with my life
I am the founder of a non-profit organization, the Tree of Life Guardianship. This all came about through a great amount of prayer, fasting and meditation. Time and time again I brought the difficulties I was experiencing and witnessed within indigenous lands (throughout the world and here in the U.S.) into ceremony to let the spirits help work things out (between them and the peoples and me, in my heart).

The name Tree of Life was given to me through the spirit of a holy man in a dream following a traditional indian ceremony. My father later oversaw and conducted an 'opening' ceremony so we could get the blessing and help of the spirits and the Most Mysterious Spirit or God behind us, before us and all about us. He opened up a way, a path, for the TLG that I have been following ever since. This is the way I was told, long ago, that things of this order must be approached. (Thank you Dad, I love you.) During this ceremony, two very special people sang and prayed with us and entered our Board of Directors: Tom Dostou and Lauren Silverbird.

Lauren is Wichita/Kiowa and is a Keybone, one of 5 traditional family Kiowa lines that held to the old ways as best they could. Her family has ties into my own family through marriage, and she is related to another very very special person with whom we are in project development stages to assist. This person is Vanessa Jennings. She was named a 'national living treasure by Bush #I and congress (May God look after them and bless them too). Her family are Mohpopes, which represent another of the 5 spiritual/traditional families. She beads beautiful cradle boards and is one of the last keepers of ancient Kiowa wisdom still living. One of her greatest fears is that there will be no one left to carry on the Kiowa way of life after she is gone.

We are intent, will never give up, on creating a cultural/well-being center near her home in Anadarko, Ok. As many of the old heirlooms, regalia and medicine objects of the Kiowa people have been destroyed by tornadoes or pawned due to alcohol and drug abuse problems, we will be including a museum space ($300/sq. foot) within the culture center. There will also be a dance arena within it for the black leg society and others to use. Preminary architectural plans have been drawn up and we have an acoustic engineering expert to review the dance arena and recording studio space.

Vanessa will be able to utilize this center to record and document language, songs, and stories, and whatsoever she sees valuable to record for posterity. We hope to run buffalo on the land behind the center and re-introduce native flora and fauna there. There will be gardens and home sites for Kiowa and other local indians to stay in in order to tend to upkeep and the running of programs. Some of the youth and others will have support in turning their lives around here if they want to recommit to the ways that their ancestors lived long ago. We have a powerful network of native american educators, drug and alcohol counselors, and elders who can see all this through to success. We are very grateful for all of this.

Right now, one of our Board members, Jessy Lucas (His father, Phil, is a renown Choctaw film producer) has become deeply involved with the Snoqualmie tribe. He was made the Drum Bearer of the Canoe family. I have been blessed to help in these ongoing cultural revival endeavors. Since Jessy returned to the Canoe family, they have been able to find and learn about 80 traditional songs. Most Snoqualmie peoples knew few or no songs when they began. Some of these songs came from old anthropological recordings, some from Elders, and some through dreams. These dreams carried old songs-- verified by living elders, and brought by ancestor spirits from the spirit world--into the mind of talented musician Bob Antone. Bob has been working on the project since its inception 6 years ago. One song that came from an ancient Snoqualmie grandmother ancestor caused a living Snoqualmie grandmother to cry when she heard it. She explained that she had heard the song 3 times as a little child. Bob has served the Snoqualmie people in a most noble and selfless manner. He has also become somewhat fluent in this Salish dialect. The Snoqualmie Canoe family, of which he is a key member, just finished carving the first ocean going canoe in 80 years. I was honored to assist in some of the finishing work by Snoqualmie leader John Mullen. Thanks John. Of course there are others, Like Ray Mullen who began the entire cultural revival project almost single handedly, that deserve mentioning, (sorry everone else) and other wonderful thing occuring (like a CD for these songs under production), but I will move on.

The Tree of Life Guardianship found the seed of fertile inception within a holy pilgrimage made by a Huichol indian village (Mara Quari), that had adopted me. I spend over a month fasting from salt and Mujeres (women), making ceremonial artwork and getting regalia and sacred plumed wands together for the prayer journey. We did not sleep for the 7 days that was required of us. The ceremony required a successful deer hunt in order that all we had gotten ready could be consecrated, and ourselves too. The Mara' akame (Chanter and shaman) sang all night before the day of the hunt.

It was following that that I recieved my first Huichol name and brought my prayers for the protection of indigenous cultures around the world to their attention. Indigenous peoples occupy almost all of the land that still lives with a vast richness of biodiversity on our planet. That land is found in 16 countries, the Biological 16, and of it, 80 is home to native peoples, exclusively. The remaining 20% is kept in national trust as parks and reserves.

During entry within the mythological place of origin of all creation temporal, while washed within the spring of the living goddess Tatei Matineri, and submerged in the waters and spirit of grandmother ocean (tatei Haramara), the seed of my 20 year prayer began to sprout. I sought incorporation (everything fell into place naturally from that point on). I had twice began an attempt at constructing this NGO officially, once in Seattle and then again while living on Pine Ridge Agency, S.D. Both times the effort was disrupted, the energy dissipated. Now, there among my new Huichol family, I had a clear gasp of where I could begin. My vision formed into a vital delicate embryo within that holy land, fed by the fires of the ancestors and the voices of holy beings near and far as the Mara' akame intercepted their blessings with his voice, our dance, and his feather prayer wands or Muvieries.

The needs of these peoples coalesced in my heart and I saw a simple means of approach to the multitude of dilemnas facing them. Among these was the agreed need for deer ranches to reintroduce a steady population of deer to the area. Indeed when my family (adopted Huichol) went in search of another deer for ceremony, none could be found. They have been hunted to the brink of extinction in the area, due to Meztizos who sell the meat for profit. Depletion of the deer is one of several dire threats endangering the Huichol way of life. This solution and the remedy for this, and many other problems, was forthcoming through prayer and conversation with these tender hearted peoples.

A story worth sharing that demonstrates the lengths to which these people are willing to go--to retain their ancient covenant with the One who gave them all life--is a journey they took (some years back) to attempt to regain the once abundant deer herds living amongst the Sierra Madres that Huichol people call home:

A small group of Huichols ventured on foot across much ruthless terrain to reach Mexico city (which is many hundreds of miles away). There, attaining access to the city, they pleaded with the Mexico City Zoo and shared their plight with local officials, in order to acquire a few deer. Their wishes were granted. They were given 4 healthy deer which they then carried, in a cage up atop their backs, back up into the steep mountain ranges leading to their many villages.

I imagine the joy that must have shown in their eyes and upon their sweet and kindly faces as they made that journey home. "Ara' pu' ane, ara' pu' ane" (It is good, it is wonderful) I can hear them saying with delight. These Huichol were truly following the way of life that they had been given and taught to live by the Beautiful Spirit that fashioned them and everyone, and all moving forms of terrestrial life: Forms originally seeded in the heart of grandmother Ocean which thereafter crawled out of the mirky muds and brakish waters, and over seashores, to become the plants, reptiles and trees, birds, butterflies and bees, warm-blooded mammals and human people.

Yes, it is an ancient story, an 18 millenium old mythos of a modern theory called evolution, but with a divine twist in it--or you could say the twist part is the taking of God out of it. The Huichol call 'Her' Tacutsi Nakawe!; Germinator Goddess of all life. She Created the Universe from fire; From a spark that evolved within her womb.

So, these Huichol carrying the deer people on their backs were being true to the instructions She gave them, instuctions passed down through lifelong memories of thousands of singing generations--sung first in a misty garden of paradise-- and passing to those very persons who kept the deer in a cage on their backs. The instuctions are simple: "Live a life of true joy", live with a loving heart, and dance with a celebration of life, yes, 'follow the trail of the deer!".

While in Siberia, I had realised the need for this work of service in a very powerful and poignant way. The Sakha, Evans, Evenki, and Chukchi communicated the need for desperate support. Upon return I saw on the front cover of Newsweek an image of far reaching mountain chains captured by satellite. These mountains were bare and grey, devoid of all life. They had been stripped of forest down to the very last stand of timber. The title read, "Sibera, the worlds fastest growing wasteland."

The Huichol themselves are facing many ominous threats to their way of life. This way of survival has proven itself solid, true, and functional for 18,000 years of human history and prehistory, maybe longer. Few empires last even a fraction of that duration.

Native peoples, and their symbiotic relationship within nature, have allowed for the emergence of all the great flowers of humanity that we call civilization. Native societies, which reach from pole to pole and around the belly of the globe (300-400 million people), provide sustainable human communities of bedrock out of which finer, yet fragile fruits of humanity blossom. From time to time over aeons, on every continent, they birth the great empires of art and science.

They are as mycelium (root-body network) of fungi are to the fruiting fleshy erection of mushrooms. The mushroom is the climax, the reproductive organ, of the life cycle of the fungal body. It is a stark towering male pinnacle thrust forth from a massive dreamy being, a dark moist soft female form forever growing beneath the ground.

Should the Fungal matrix die, there would be nothing of substance out of which the fruiting body could arise. Similarly, should indigenous custodians of nature and of her wealthy abundance go extinct, or loose their deeply intimate relationship with the earth, nature shall pine away and die. In other words should the master leave the house, the house shall fall; should the tenders of the garden vanish, the garden shall, overcome with weeds, starve and vanish as well.

The survival of these peoples are clearly threatened. In fact UNESCO estimates that within the span of a generation 90% of all the world's native languages (which means next to all of those cultures, herb and healing knowledge) will be extinct. Much of the hard earned, human understanding accumulated over aeons, will vanish. Intimate ecological relationships developed between man and nature, beautiful social models of communal political power sharing leading to individual empowerment and harmony and ensuring the bonding of families within tribal spiritual identities; the magnificent enhancement of accrual of a colorful array of diversification of personalities, secured by vast overlays favoring individuation, as granted in a web of 'right of birth belonging' social law; nobility of the essence of humans and nature as enacted in cyclical ceremonial empowerment of spirit and the seasonal regeneration of life and spiritual lifeways; methods of wisdom and processes of gathering scientific understanding and patterns of art and musical development; all are imperiled, 300 such cultures go extinct in the Amazon every year. there is no reason any of this should be lost, no need for it to be lost. These cultures and their approach to life on earth can live side by side our own. They are an asset to us, the contrast, highlight, complement, and advocate the betterment of our modern world. They only require a little hope, love, and nurturing. A little sharing. They will give back a thousand-fold in return. Much of the biological knowledge kept is more valuable than gold or jewels. Especially since biotechnology is learning how to mine it ( I did spend two years in a biotech course).

For now I'll end with some words from my father, Henry Whiteshield: "When you gather apples from an orchard, when you harvest grain from a cornfield, leave a little bit there for the birds. They have to eat too."

Our great civiliztion can take care of both us and them together. As my adopted Suquamish sister puts it, "Just leave us some of your crumbs." We have a lot here in this amazing land, in this great and complex society. They have a lot in the simplicity of a life characterized by pure appreciation and genuine love for others.

We can both do pretty well if we work together and help each other out just a little bit--form an alliance between the modern and ancient worlds. Want to see a village of beaming smiles that you'll never forget? Not in this world nor the world to come can what is done in the spirit of love and selfless compassion ever be plucked from the heart. The generations following in the footsteps we each leave here, the unborn and those who are right behind us, will look thoughfully upon our weathered graves to say, "Thank you", long after we're gone. For if there is a reason, a reason that this earth may live, it is because there are those who still love her. And we are still here. You game?
I’m really good at
Reading people, sensing moods, seeing beyond knee jerk reactions and trauma, and finding a way to heal emotions through love and small actions. Remembering that each act, expression and gesture has meaning; each thought moves the world, each feeling has power. Being careful not to judge hastily. Knowing that their is power in symbolic relations we make in life. Holding my space to held bring order to unstable situations. Praying for those who might wish me harm, and giving whatever I can to those who are most blessed in heart. To be around them is the root of joys flowing waters and the fountain of life the gushes forth from the base of the holy tree and in that garden the doings of angels works magic in the world; keeps that garden growing, luxuriant and vibrant---that life may live. Ho oh oh ay! She's a cedar tree!
Six things I could never do without
Cedar, which I gather in plentitude from the ground under cedar trees. I use cedar for prayers and send it as gifts to my elders and medicine people who use it in special ceremonies to help others. Cedar makes my world go round.
My elders, my family and friends, an opportunity to serve my mother the earth and her natural children (all people, all that lives and breathes) by serving those who love her and live close to her through involvement in the efforts of the Tree of Life Guardianship, for my Creator, and for spiritual songs that my elders have taught me, all of which equal my very life.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How lucky I am to have been born in America, land of one lineage of my ancestors, where I have access to vast resources that allow me to help my own people and similar peoples around the world. That non-profits exist is a sign of the loftiness of our country. That so many people living here have done so much and wish so deeply to help alongside me is evidence of the goodness of the American people. I am grateful for all of the beauty that surrounds me, beautiful people and the great expanses of nature that feed us and keep us healthy. I am especially appreciative of water which is the source of all life, and the first and greatest medicine. Nothing however great can endure without it. I do think a lot about what I have to be thankful for.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I cry. I cry watching touching movies. I cry when something really wonderful and beautiful happens especially that means a change in life for the better for everyone. I cry when a gorgeous lady interacts affectionately with me to let me know she cares for me; ummm when I feel loved. I cry when someone i care deeply about gets hurt or dies. And that I love to cry. I don't cry all too often but when something moves me to tears I cherish that I am capable of vulnerability and tenderness. It is almost like an entire world of its own and feels powerfully beautiful. I learned to cry first out of a love of nature when I was a child. My mom taught me to tend to nature like gentle protector and guardian. She taught us to nurse injured animals back to health. I have rescued animals ever since, baby owls, baby vultures, a baby hawk, a young rattlesnake, and really any wild animal that is in danger. I even save spiders or bugs from drowning in the bathtub, sink or wherever. This is something I did from the time of being a little child. Yeah, I did stare at the tub enamel fastidiously when I thought of the mortality and the life of all living things. I stared to save them from harm in any way. Later I learned to simply pray for them and not worry so much. If I see something mortally wounded I will kill it with a prayer to see it into the spirit world. I will kill it swiftly. I am not incapable of taking care of business long as it is right. I have steel guts on one hand and yet an almost feminine motherly tenderness on the other. Still, this femininity among men is a predominant quality of indigenous males who live far out in wilderness remote from modern society. So there, it wouldn't be called feminine, just the state of a healthy spiritual male. My dad does cry when doctoring others, fairly easily he cries for those with terminal illnesses while helping out. He cries when we talk about times that brought us really close together. So do I. So yeah that's pretty private I think.
I love the polarity of strength and vulnerability, of encountering and surviving near encounters with death and then nearly crying to death over the loss of a loved one, I love that we can be on the one hand as powerful as a great tree weathering all forces of nature unscathed but feel such sadness and helplessness seeing someone moving down a street of poor choices. Or getting so troubled over a little bad habit that bothers ourselves or those near to us. We are helpless beside God and nature, helpless to help those who are off track. And yet we are god-like eternal powers that will conquer in the end all that lies within our own beings, and all that joins within us throughout all the infinite expanses of neverending spiritual worlds and mountainous kingdoms, each and all of them a part of us, moving within and through us in great waves; we will conquer all when we release ourselves within loves powers and learn to resonate within ours selves and that resonance is the frequency with which we resonate with all that is about us, and love conquers not nor is it conquered because it loves and would never ever wish to subdue, overcome, or alter that which it loves but wishes only to be belong to it and to love it; and that is absolute conquest, that is God conquering us.

Privacy, intimacy swells from bud to bloom.we seek to be known in our lover's eyes. We guide our beloved through human frailty until our essence shows. We see each other as we are and in turn are shown. It can be painful, to see and be exposed, in imperfection or error. Only trust allows entry, only love lends sweetness to bear, to release our burdens by joy; love is the lens and mirror of reflecting souls.
In intimacy we see with the insight of our ancestors, angels, who see us for who we really are. It makes us free and beautiful, as we are, as we were meant to be.
With a goddess, immersion is paradisiacal; the world is magical in fact: love let's us see that.
What is private and what is common, the making of love unveils that.
My heart flutters in soft kisses when I come near the resonance of synchronized lovers. I breath in it. It surrounds me in ambrosal fragrance.
Female love is soft as rose petals, bold as charged skies and sunsets that brood lightning.
I had a girlfriend and was engaged before kindergarden. Romance always intoxicated me. Like Nature human love is a mystic tendency. We are communal beings. We yearn for beauty.
Privately to find what hidden mystery caused beauty, I studied the spit of the most beautiful girl I could find in 1st grade. I realised I needed a microscope to better find it, but by the time I could get it to one it always dried up. That's the elusiveness of love without marriage. It always dries up! Marriage is a fount, everflowing; a celestial wellspring of beauty; a guardian a garden and a gate. How deep we let others in is a matter of bonding, a sharing of what's precious through strength.
I just wrote an essay. It says essays so I just wrote essays :) laughing about that
Crap I don't know what to say! Shying from Privacy!
You should message me if
Use your own discretion, Lol. I write something soon. For now its the old writ below. Not intended for dating (I didn't write my profile for dating, I went everywhere I could (churches, NGOs, Govs, clubs, you name it) cuz we were entering a genocidal crisis of cultural extinction.
That is pretty much past. Don't want to dwell on it. We did our best and that's good.
And, in the end, I received an unimaginably beautiful future Spirit technology to regenerate Nature and transform society. 4 yrs in develop it is a gift that binds me to my Elders (now ancestors). (This need go in what I'm doing, but what the ho hey eey)
Its sttill pertinent, but like most of this yet, its not relevant to love affairs:
You want to help. You wnat to be a part of something bigger than yourself. Most of those who have contributed in significant ways are musicians and artists. If you want to join a group of people like that and work with them to create something beautiful and powerful and spiritual, then know that this work we are doing is open to everyone who wants to help.

We are just simple people trying to do something good with prayer. We are above no one. If we got thinking that way, that we were somehow better than anyone else we would only be low then. Those who think they are the highest are usually the lowest, the best the worst, and the first the last. We are all the same people born of the same earth, eating with our hands and mouths, singing with our voices and looking for love and respect and acknowlegement like everyone else on the planet. We all have mothers, were born in the dark warm wet womb, cried when we were born, will cry when we die, and are made of soil, simple elements of this earth.

If we are all moulded of the same clay and water, if we all breath the same air and keep the same fire of human desire within our hearts, long for the same One True Lover, then we truly are equal. OUr souls are the breath of one Spirit, it shows in our hands and fingers. Our hair swirls what you see on a babies head the little hairs, the swirl in a pattern. On our bellies the tiny hairs swirl. Our feet have it too. This is where the breath of God came in and entered us as fetuses wrapped in placental folds. We are one breath. The breath of one Spirit, One Universal Energy. How can any of us be any different from any another; each made the same way of the same pattern, same thoughts same emotions and yearnings. Same soul, same dirt, same Source, same love. We were all born of a woman.

We (members of the TLG) are not too big or too special or too smart or to 'anything' to be above what help anyone, who really cares, has to offer. Ultimately it is going to take a lot of people to make the world safe and sound and liveable for indigenous peoples. They have suffered a long time, and now suffer like at no other time in history. The more people that help the fewer of these, the earth's 'endangered' peoples, will disappear from the planet.

The fewer native societies that go extinct the fewer species will go extinct. There is a directly proportionate relationship observable between the existence of native people who live directly connected to nature for their survival, and nature herself; regarding the biological diversity of healthy biomes and ecosystems, and the presence of native people in those exact same areas. Of course, we (the TLG) cannot save the world, not as one single entity (with one (however broad) directive of action) and not everyone should help us. Definitely not. That is a phenomenonally silly notion.

There are many major causes (in this world) that need direct attention today. We do, each of us, need to find out what we are best at--what we feel passionate about or sense we are called to getting involved in--in our own hearts; and that WILL BE what will help 'everyone' out the most when we get to doing it. Some need to work with women's shelters. Some with abuse issues, physical, emotional or substance related. Some need to be kind teachers for our children, inventors or ethically oriented politicians. We need decent police officers, ecologists (The Tree of Life Guardianship does need some of those), biologists (and those), good mothers and fathers, doctors, UN workers (we need those too), farmers (foundation of all societies), clowns and comedians that can uplift us, lawyers possessing integrity (we could use specialists in non-profit orgs), mechanics and alternative energy technicians and environment-friendly building architechs. The point is, we all need to get straight in our own hearts about where we are and what is going on, and then do something positive about it. And it all comes back ultimately to this. Ummm let me say it another way: a man once asked, "How can I be a good parent?", a wise man then told him, "By being a good person." So do whatever will help lead you to being a good person. 'that is, where and what is the source of your happiness? The answer is not out 'there' anywhere. It starts in your own heart.

Its simple but requires commitment, diligence, positive certainty. Because nothing that makes a difference or is valueable or really means anything is going to come without giving something into it over a long period of time. Life is like a garden, you must walk well-worn paths through and throughout that plot of earth, over and over again, stooding to look, standing and looking about, bending to pull a weed out, giving it water and fertilizer, and a lot, lot, lot of TLC. This Tree of Life Guardianship is like that too, and if it is something that you feel compelled to give something too, then yes, by all means, message me.

Or, oh yes, just for friendship, geez I just sound so serious don't I. Friends are what life is all about. So don't be scared. I love friends, true friends. And to be my friend it doesn't have to have anything to do with membership in the TLG. Friendship is sweet. Everyone's special and great just as who they are. But to be a friend you have to come from your heart.

And only know this. You'll understand me best if you know that the TLG is like my wife. She's a little bit jealous so I'm not dating right now or else she'll get pissed off. You don't need to get to know her to be my friend but it helps to have a good relationship with her. My wife is my life. Still, come as you are, exactly as you are. I don't bite, not unless I'm in love! In that case I bite a lot.

OK that said I'll offer a compatibility profile for who my lady could be, if they stars are all aligned on some strangely spellbinding day:

Her. She is love. beauty and delight she ignites my fire. Makes my heart exquisite, and charms the eyes of my soul: Because I love her. What I care mostly about is earnestness and willingness. I give it back the same so curves and angles got room to fit; she and I have to adjust; need to grow forever. Life never stops so why should we, I don't look for comfort or complacency. I look for life and love. But we got to be able to relax too. In fact our love's got to make us be at ease, at our best, because we trust in each other. And that's how we grow, through that trust. Trust calls the emergence of support; she's got to be behind me, mentally and emotionally with her prayer; and believe I'm there in that way for her too. We're together, one. My baby has to have 'it in her' to 'know that', to be there bringin that, for real. Else she's my friend, not my one and only. She's got to believe in us, no matter what comes, cause if love is for real you don't see no end to it--pleasure or pain just aren't factors in some equation to monkey around with--what's real is real is real because in your heart love leaves nothing to hide; nowhere for the mind to mess around with doubt or reconsiderations. If 'that' goes on, you 'know to say something' cuz you know something is amiss. And so that's where trust comes in. Maybe she can break down and cry; and I'll do the same for her, because I am 'a man'; I'm 'her man'. So, we're all just humans. What can I ask of another human? Well, nothing but openness and building on the strengths, and nurturing the undevelopeds. But for my lady, she has to have a place in common for us to both start off from. She has to have a starting point 'to know my heart', and love the melody its sings. Otherwise she won't feel the song and it'll just be mutterings, unintelligibles, sounds. She needs to know what I'm about and what I'm doing. And that narrows it down from a large canyon to a narrow crevice. What I'm saying is she has got to love Indian ways; Native ways, indigenous ways. And more than that, she's got to love those ways and be her world: That means she has to love her family and relations. And in my book, the one my elders gave me, that means loving all people and all races. Its getting lost, but that's the ancient way. Indigenous people have the power to absorb others and make them one of themselves. No color but the red of the heart. that way is getting lost and poisoned from assimilation of the rat race and by too much cruelty that Native people have suffered. Still, its what I was brought up to believe and sought in traditional people who keep that alive. Those are who I care about, so my babe has to care about these ways too. she could in theory be any race at all, but probably had to live in tribal lands a long time to know my heart. Siberia, is perfect; I know cuz I was there...if fact almost married an angel named Tatyana there. In Asia and Africa there are indigenous people, in the Netherlands are Saami people. She don't have to be Saami, she could be Portugese, but she'd have to live Saami ways to love Native ways how I do and that is the only way I think any girl can love me in the end: To love what I love. that way, I love what she loves too naturally. and that way, we can work through anything, because that's the way of love; its magic. And so it makes us magical. And because true lovers be in it forever, the big things look little and the impossible might stay impossible but never mind it don't matter because of love. And then again, with love even what you might have to accept won't be so unhappy anymore because you have love; and then again the impossible is only impossible for a time because you can never overestimate just what love can really really do; if you believe.
The two of us