39 Revere, United States
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My self-summary

“The sum of all known value and respect, I add up in you, whoever you are.” ― Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

I just received a National Endowment of the Humanities grant to study in Oxford, England this summer (July/August 2014), so I am interested in finding any willing platonic tour guides in the UK!

As of 2013, I am back in school pursuing an MA at Harvard University in Museum Studies. Though that will make me even busier, but it also means I am up for visiting museums a lot!

DISCLAIMER: You may not fit into ANY of what I am about to type and could STILL be my perfect match! Life is odd like that!

Old school punk rock, rockabilly, skin byrd interviewing for happily ever after, nothing less!

I own a home in Nova Scotia. I would LOVE to live there all the time. I live in the Boston, Massachusetts area at this time, in 2011 I was in the St. Louis, Missouri area, I move, often.

I love the sea and sailed a lot when I was younger and would love to take that up again! I especially love wooden sailboats!

I like rat rods, vintage cars, scooters, motorcycles, the ocean, antique shops and thrift shops, road trips and live music. I also dig diners and dive bars and tiki bars and masculine working class men who put honor first!

I like history and antiques and rare books and going on trips searching for these nifty things! If the idea of finding a piece of rare history in an old barn in the middle of nowhere is exciting to you, then we should hang out!

On the subject of rare books, if they made a perfume called "antiquarian tomes" I would wear it and love it and if you think that would make me smell spiffy, then stop reading and message me already! :)

I have a lot of ink (tattoos...and yes, I know this in redundant but if you are keywords searching for tattoos, I want you to find me) and want a ton more, I would prefer you be inked too but am OK with you not having any! I guess the issue is that NON tattooed folks have treated me like a bit of a specimen and I do not like that!

I always wear skirts and dresses and rock a rockabilly/skin byrd/punk rock look!

My father was Scottish and Irish from Canada, my mother was Native American and Jewish in heritage, the Blackfeet, Cherokee and Lakota peoples are MY people!

My extended family is very diverse! I have siblings who are Puerto Rican and African American and in laws who are Asian (Korean and Japanese) and Mexican as well! I was raised by a lesbian adoptive mother and am very GLBT friendly!

I love iced coffee, I know it is also listed in my six things but is important enough to get two mentions!

I love New England, I am not here by accident. I came here for school but knew I was in love before I even arrived! If you hate it here, leave! I am REALLY sick of people who whine about New England and talk shit about the locals! I love it here and I love my adopted community and am offended by such idiocy!

I was born in Chicago and grew up mainly in Minnesota but also North Dakota and Iowa as well. I did not see the ocean until I was 12 years old and flying over in en route to spend the summer with my godmother in Germany! I fell in love and never want to be away from it!

I have a Ph.D., what that means is I am wicked smart, NOT that I think you should have one too or that educated people are "better" people! I generally am most attracted to working class men and generally Irish white boys at that, BUT am open to ALL types and heritages and also seem to find myself attracted to Samoan men (not a lot around here, African American men with natural hair (no chemicals, self love rocks) and Native men (also with that sweet long natural hair)...oh, AND other mixed folks too!

I am also attracted to women, but have dated mainly men. I have had a few relationships (read actual dating and not what the kids are calling hook-ups) with women and am open to more. If I were to quantify my preferences, I would say 90% of me likes men but 10% likes women and I am 100% faithful to whomever I fall for! :)

I like trains! I have taken the train around Europe, Canada and the US and loved it!

I took photography classes undergrad and in my MA program as electives, I loved it! I have not done old school photography in years but loved it!

I do NOT do Yoga and will not go "running", unless I am being chased or in the case of a zombie attack of some kind! (a joke)

I am a stand up comic!

I am a sociology professor!

I detest bigotry, of all kinds!
What I’m doing with my life
I am changing the world, one class at a time! I DO believe this to be true! I teach as an act of revolution!
I’m really good at
Being direct. You should be is too short for artifice!
The first things people usually notice about me
It would depend on the person and the context!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Oi, ska, punk rock, northern soul, hardcore, rockabilly, metal, folk, jazz and blues, political rap, foreign films, documentaries, a wide variety of foods and many many books (I even wrote one)!
Lately I am into Celtic inspired music-Dropkick Murphys, Great Big Sea, Flogging Molly, the Pogues and "Amazing Grace" on the pipes always makes me tear up!

I also play African Drums, Nigerian style specifically of the Ebo peoples! I took a year in college for my fine art requirement from a rockin Nigerian professor of anthropology and fell in love, with the music, not the professor-though I was fond of him!

I also watch TV, I like it. I hate that most academics are all snobby about it and act like they don't like it! It is pretty nifty! My TV is huge and it cost a lot of money and I love it and I love to watch all sorts of things on it! I hate commercials so I DVR most things!

I also like the Bruins (the sound of the stick hitting the ice at a live game is pretty sweet)!
The six things I could never do without
My kids, Iced Coffee, The Ocean, Music, Books, Hope
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why I need 1000 words...did they pay a firm to conduct research that suggests that 1000 is optimum? Why not 500? Why not 1500? Does anyone even read ALL of this? I think we all know that it is primarily about the photos! After that we look for things we like or things that annoy us and decide one way or is sort of random still and makes little sense...
On a typical Friday night I am
There is nothing typical about me and my Friday nights are no exception!
UPDATE-I discovered that the Boston Children's Museum is only a dollar on Friday and open until 9, so I take my kids here, a lot! Also we are Museum of Science members and they are open late Fridays too, so we mix it up! Generally, on Fridays, I am being a mom in a museum, and I love it! :)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
That I worry one of my students will find me on here! :(
You should message me if
You believe in passion and honor and taking chances and are seeking the same in a friend or partner!