33 San Jose, United States
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My self-summary
I am a passionate lover and you will NOT be disappointed! I look forward to making you feel amazing :) Life is really great and I look forward to sharing it with someone special. I am a Real Estate Investor I buy and sell properties (flip) and I am a Realtor I buy and sell for other people. I have a very generous and warm heart so I have amazing relationships with my family and friends. I am a very positive person and I do believe in the positive cycle of life and karma. I am all about good energy. I look forward to being #1 dad in the future whenever that happens but in the mean time I am really enjoying traveling and living life. I am a fiercely loyal person to a fault and when I support you and believe in you then my support and faith in you will be never ending. I absolutely LOVE traveling and would LOVE to bring you with me. I just came back from Hawaii and Tokyo, Japan and will be back and I am very excited to go on my next adventure. I am very close with my wolf/husky Shawnee she even has her own bed in my room. I am very fit and healthy. I love going out for meals and drinks, mini trips, spa days and massages, cruises, comedy shows, museums, events, festivals and so much more. I enjoy relaxation at home just at much! I want to share the good life with someone I definitely am a lover and not a fighter. My best match would be someone positive and happy where we can feed off of each others good vibes and be our true goofy selves :D
I’m really good at
Things I am good at..

1) Having the largest and best drinks collection at home! Can anyone help me drink this stuff???

2) Kissing (amazing kisser)

3) Flipping properties with ease!

4) Yoga

5) Cooking

6) taking you on many vacations (wink wink)

7) Having the best butt ever and yes you can touch it all you want

8) Giving massages/receiving massages. I would consider myself very very above average.

9) Faking accents

10) Ordering the same thing over and over again at every restaurant

11) Holding a Conversation (no matter how quiet you are lol)

12) Predicting the winner of reality tv shows during the first episode

13) Keeping my house clean (yes a man that LOVES to clean and I prefer to do it without help lol)

14) Identifying nationalities correctly

15) expressing my emotions in many forms and being an effective communicator

16) Remodeling my house with my own designs

17) Being too Honest (if you ask how a dress looks on you I will tell you the truth hah)

18) Traveling

19) Spoiling my dog

20) Finding your hidden tickle spots

21) Having a HUGE tv shows collection on my DVR

22) Fitness/Exercise

23) Cuddling and true affection
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Book: A Long Way Gone
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