63Porter, United States
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My self-summary
I spend as much time as possible at a campground where I live in an RV (also big shed with loft, his and her walk in closet, full size fridge & washer and dryer and private deck too) on a small lake in Porter TX 77365 - about 12 miles North of Bush Airport in Houston off of TX-59 / I-69. I also have a 2nd travel trailer to go visiting (or for use as a guest house). The balance of my time is spent mostly in the Austin area (at present basically only a few days during the week per month - rarely on a weekend).

Hardworking (and playing) but I also LOVE relaxing in / on the water, reading a good novel (especially erotica / "beach smut"), napping in the sun, and spending time with close friends. Love sailing in my Portland Pudgy dinghies in Porter. Would enjoy playing more volleyball. I don't have a kayak or paddle-board, but, I do enjoy rowing. I enjoy a good sense of humor and making others laugh.

I am not too big on WATCHING sports (other than NFL football, beach volleyball, and sometimes sailing) . . I'd rather PLAY.

Politically I lean to the right / libertarian; Socially I lean to the left / liberal. Allergic to cats (and often to the persons who are owned by them).

I am a practicing Christian (Episcopalian) but I seldom go to formal services. The lake is my church, my sail / rowboat is my pew, and I get the 'sacraments' in the basin. I am definitely NOT looking to date a 'holy roller'.

I am looking for a female, preferably in the HOUSTON area North of TX-290 (open to other areas within a 250 mile radius but eventually looking for someone to live with me in Porter). I have lived with 5 different women over the years (married to one of them for 17 years). I say that I am 'mostly monogamous' because I have, on occasion, been in two committed relationships at the same time (all parties knew). I don't do one night stands. I don't believe in waiting a lifetime (alone) for "the one" / soulmate.

WHAT IS A PRIVATEER (you ask)? - Licensed by the crown to prey on enemy shipping. A (financial) portion of the items taken on the high seas by me and my crew goes to the crown.
What I’m doing with my life
I am looking for a female partner who will "hang" with me in the Porter / NE Houston area. Eventually (?) leading to long-term living together.

I am NOT promiscuous (mono/poly), but I have, on occasion, had 2 Long Term Open Relationships in process at a time. I don't do one night stands.
I’m really good at
Grilling, learning new software and methods, planning, pleasure, procedure writing, rowing, sailing, teaching, volleyball.
The first things people usually notice about me
Smile / friendliness;

I am told that I look about 15 years younger than most men my age.

I am 5' 11" tall, about 200 lbs, size 44R suit. I could stand to lose 10lbs at my waistline and I am always working on it (rowing, walking, etc.). I have brown hair and hazel eyes. Had a mustache since 1981 and lately a goatee (keeping / losing the goatee is an option).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Romantic novels ("beach smut"), action movies, "chick flicks", Sci-Fi (Star Trek & Star Wars), Westerns (McClintock is my favorite), almost any kind of music (except: Hip Hop, Rap, or Salsa). Especially love seafood (actually like most foods except: cabbage (other than cole slaw), lima beans, liver, guacamole, sour cream, cooked spinach, and cauliflower). I have a real sweet tooth. Key Lime Pie is my favorite dessert. My female side loves chocolate. I love grilling.

Not big on Tex-Mex or Mexican food (real chili doesn't have beans in it). Chinese, Italian, Cajun, Sushi / seafood, are all much more interesting to me. As to spice levels (on a scale from 1 to 5 - with 5 as spiciest) I gravitate to 3 or 4. I still want to taste the food.

I enjoy beer (Shiner in cooler months - Lone Star or Tecate otherwise), wine (especially Merlot when going red - Riesling or Moscato are great whites), and margaritas (and a few other libations on occasion). I don't drink every day and it is rare that I have more than two drinks on any given day. I got specific here because I want to date social drinkers (not teetotalers or alcoholics).
Six things I could never do without
1) The basic necessities of life, 2) Friends, 3) Family, 4) Female Lovers, 5) Rowing / Sailing, 6) Sunshine. Not necessarily shown in order of my preference.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How short life can be and how important it is to try to live each day like it is your last (and trying to remember how precious friends and family are).

Why so few women mention things they like to do in their summary profile on any dating sites.

How men want to see a full length picture of the OKC women (especially at least one photo in a dress with heels) but many only show their faces (if that); and how women want to see a close-up of men's faces (w/o hat or sunglasses) but most men just show the full length shot in sunglasses. Why also are so many people compelled to put pictures of themselves on their profile that were taken over 5 years ago (irrelevant).

What the heck is AVERAGE (with regard to weight / body type)? Is average age based? Is average height based? Just show a full length picture that is CLEAR & RECENT of just you and let others be the judge. I am not Ken, am not expecting to find Barbie; but, also am NOT looking for Roseanne.

Why, when your picture shows two or more adults in it, you don't add a caption that clearly identifies which person you are (especially if you display only one picture).

Why the people who cry the loudest about the lack of matches (or good matches) haven't: answered at least 250 questions, filled out their profile page, or added 'proper' pictures (see above).
On a typical Friday night I am
Putting food away for the weekend. Perhaps going rowing (or sailing) on the lake, or going for a swim / hot tub soak.

During cooler months sipping wine on the deck looking out at the lake then maybe watching a DVD.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I love having an all-over-tan (I live in a nudist camp).

I get my tan while: rowing, sailing, or walking outdoors. Even during the summer, I try to walk 6 miles a day.

I enjoy wearing a kilt (most of the time ((if temperature is above 60F); i.e. when not at work or nude)). I wear my kilt in the 'traditional' manner. I am part Irish (the Irish wear / wore kilts too).

I love a woman in high heels with a solid color pedicure (bonus points for matching manicure).

I also have a FetLife profile (and POF). I am a 'M' looking for a female 's' preferably in the NE Houston area (I am not vanilla). Extra points for Code O'dalisque.

I am a paid subscriber to this site. If you 'LIKE' me or 'FAVORITE' me I can see that. It is worth $10 / month.
You should message me if
You are into active, OUTDOOR FUN and you enjoy: BBQ,
dancing, hanging out with small groups of friends, hot tubbing, intimacy, mani-pedis, massages (I have a table in Porter on my private deck), sailing, swimming, volleyball, walking and WEARING HEELS.


You don't smoke (or rarely do and you have breath mints), you're not a heavy drinker, not a substance abuser or criminal, not heavily inked, and aren't owned by one or more cats (I am allergic).

I RARELY date outside my race and I prefer dating women whose children have all left the nest.
The two of us