70Baltimore, United States
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My self-summary
Update Feb 10, 2011

I have pictures, profiles, live web cam on Yahoo and ooVoo, AOL, Gmail, Cell phone, home phone, car and any other communication device short of smoke signals and drums.

I am a tennis player, industrial mechanic(Retired), community leader, consultant, good friend, tireless lover, and I read historical mysteries. I live alone in a 3 bdrm unit with 1 room dedicated to exercise and another dedicated to music. (Jazz, R&B ,Classic rock)

At 180 lbs and (60 yr) oops 64 jeez where do the time go, I am a young man, but I've lived a very long time. I can talk for hrs on any subject. I know something about almost everything. I've been reading for 58 years! I should have learned a few things

Me - SBM/64/Baltimore, Md 5'9"/180#/Br/Br (3/6/47)
Adventurous, Athletic,
Attentive -kiss and hug everywhere, all of the time
Broad minded – What box?
Cerebral - no thinking below the neck ( heart and genitals have other things to do)
Charming, Cooks well
Confident, Creative,
Church- you go, I’’ll see you when you get home!
Disclaimer - If your ideal does not include a good sexual relationship, reset your search criteria and look someplace else! (Unless you are a great tennis player)
Eclectic – I'm not sure that I know everything, I am still checking.
Friends first - How about sex first and then we’’ll find out if we have a reason to work at being friends! - (Don’t panic, it was just a thought! You should here my reasoning, before you go off in a tizzy) and I have not seen your net game.
Home- City Dweller, condo, no yard work
Intimate encounters, I hope so, as often as we can. – I call that dating.
Jealous - not me.
Likes to laugh
Likes looking at women - an interest in fashion and physiology is not always lust
Lust never dies!
Male friends - I do not have the time!
Mechanic- can fix anything, social, political, psychological, mechanical,
Natural leader
Not worried about being alone when you get old (when is that?)
Outgoing, Outspoken, Organized,
Problem solver,
Pets- must be able to flush toilet and open refrigerator
Reader - Historical mysteries, and anything from AARP to Victoria’’s Secret
Relationship – there are three types Procreational, Recreational, and Commercial. I am to old for making babies. I do not buy sex. So, its got to be FUN!
Sense of Humor – hope you have one
Sexy, Sexual
Tennis player, Tennis player, Tennis player, Tennis player,
Television - not interested beyond the Super Bowl, Tennis, cooking shows
Television - not in my bedroom
Tough exterior with a soft spot for you
Uninhibited - Sure, we can!
Vasectomy - I don't think it matters now. LOL
Women- How do you expect me to ignore the one thing that is supposed to get my attention?
Work – only if its fun, interesting, challenging, or needs doing
Zodiac - Pisces, the sign of extremes
What I’m doing with my life
I am retired. I am playing tennis and traveling to play more tennis
I’m really good at
I solve problems, I don't implement the solutions.
I am great a keeping the wrong people away from me.
Debating is entertainment. I can usually argue either sides and still win.

Fixing things, I am really good a that. NO, I don't work on cars.

I have small memory for small things.
The first things people usually notice about me
My aura. Some claim that I am arrogant. If I were humble, I'd be proud of it.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The leadership secrets of Atilla the Hun, Weis Roberts
Devils, Doctors, and Drugs - The story of the science of Healing (1937)
The Egyptian Book of the Dead. Ani

A Guide to Rational Living, Ellis and Harper.
You shall be as God, Eric Fromm
Six things I could never do without
Choices, warm weather
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why I get no dates from this site.

Human failure. How can the masses be so dumb in a modern society? Information is easy to get. Libraries, internet, please!
On a typical Friday night I am
I am recovering from tennis and looking for something to do at home.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I don't mind telling you to mind your own business!
You should message me if
You play tennis, don't play and want to be my fan.
If you belly dance and you want a fan

If you've long hair that actually grew on YOUR head, you wear short skirts because your are confident in your legs. You don't need Spanks
The two of us