39Austin, United States
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My self-summary
I am witty but not terribly funny. Serious yet infinitely empathetic. Southern yet liberal, well traveled, and educated. Knowledgeable yet often forget details. Adventurous and spontaneous yet hard working. One of my boyfriends described me as a "low maintenance girl in a high maintenance package"... whatever that means.... a dichotomy.

I have never planted roots but am devoted to my family. I have dated men from various socioeconomic, political, and cultural backgrounds and have found that my ability to respect a man is most important in terms of relationships.

I am a designer and thus a visual person. When I was younger, I dated men ten years older than me on occasion. Now, I have found I am rarely attracted to older men. I am not saying it is impossible, but I am not the average 35 year old. I have never been married or had kids. I have lived a life of adventure and exploration. I may have lived in the sun but I have also lived a young person's life. I am not surrendering that. I am more stationary at the moment but will not remain that way forever. I would like to find a man who wants to join me in the adventure of life, not settle down and give up. "The suburbs are where dreams go to settle." This is why I am on the internet. I have no issues finding dates but I want companionship. It would be nice to know the person sitting next to me on the next flight....
What I’m doing with my life
taking fewer plane rides than in the past, calling "home" a place with a roof and walls instead of a hull and a sail, wearing more clothes and fewer bikinis (bikinis were my daily clothing option for a long time and my photos reflect that as there just weren't many other options), working on my career, spending time with family after years away.
I’m really good at
making everything I touch just a little bit better; saying what I mean and doing what I say; creating moments and memories; staying calm; showing up; procrastinating; checking out; drawing the line; taking risks; living life.
The first things people usually notice about me
ahhh, who knows.... maybe my facial expressions
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I read a lot but do not have favorites. I just finished Devil in the White City and, if PBR won the blue ribbon, I'd hate to know what the other beers tasted like. I watch fewer movies and rarely see a movie twice. Exceptions would be Pulp Fiction, Almost Famous... maybe a few others.
I lived in Denver and was fortunate to see many shows at Red Rocks which is my favorite venue. Favorite band is the Pixies and that genre always appeals to me. Favorite shows varies greatly: 311, Killers, Sting... I have a friend who use to play for us at sea. Live music on the water is about as good as it gets in my opinion. Talk about making moments! His song list was acoustic, main stream, American and British stuff so I know some of that genre but rarely its origin as I know it only through my friend in his Scottish accent.
I love seafood! (But have been spoiled by my proximity to the fresh stuff.) I like Indian food but my food preferences change with the place: There is this German woman who lives on a small island in the Gulf of Thailand who makes homemade chocolate mousse served swimming in homemade baileys. Stop by with a piece of Tupperware and she scoops it in big heaping portions. You take it home on your motorbike and eat it all before it gets runny in the heat. It's precious because its rare and exotic in that place. I love that...
Six things I could never do without
soap and some way to keep myself warm. I have slept on a concrete slab with a wooden pillow with no modern conveniences so these two are my bottom line. Human beings are pretty resilient and can survive with very little.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
urban design reform; the built environment's impact on socioeconomic issues; fair trade practices in developing nations; sailing; travel; design thinking instruction.... I am a designer, a creative, I simply spend a lot of time thinking. The answer differs day to day.
On a typical Friday night I am
who knows.... I dont do typical. If monotony begins, I generally change.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am finding it difficult to get excited about Austin. I hear all the raving but have not personally experienced it yet. Open to having someone show me the way...
You should message me if
you realize that relationships do not complete individuals, if you are interested in sharing adventures and not finding a housemate for the suburbs, you live in Austin, you do not share custody with anyone, if you understand that romantic and dive partnerships are a bit alike (often best in moments of silence, exploring new places, and always with time to come up for a bit of air), you have a passport and are not afraid to use it, the unconventional path does not frighten you, living outside of the US sounds appealing, sun and salt water turn you on, and if you realize that adult women do not need men for casual sex... we've got that worked out already.
The two of us