39Cambridge, United States
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My self-summary
Myself, I'm relatively smart or perhaps at least good at appearing to be even when I'm not. I can be very politically interested and I am very passionate about a lot of progressive social causes and would want to be with someone who shared those basic principals. I like humor, though really who doesn't say that. My own sense of humor tends to veer from wry sarcasm to silliness and absurdism, so I'm just as apt to snark about a TV show as I am to break out a silly voice during an intimate encounter. I tend to like geeky entertainment, though I also tend to like wide swaths of it rather than narrowly focus on particular fandom. But I can enjoy broader things and even more high-brow things from time to time. I work in the Arts, for instance, and do enjoy concerts and theatre even as I also enjoy movies and TV.

I am fat-positive, both about myself and a prospective partner. I'm pretty much exclusively attracted to fat partners and am accepting of my own body. I'd want to be with someone who was working towards that as well, though I know that can encompass a wide range of points on a journey.

I can be quirky and individual and picky and I'm pretty okay with that. At the same time, I try to be easy going about others. I don't expect my quirks to be someone else's, after all. All of my eccentricities make me who I am, but I also enjoy the adventure of discovering someone's eccentricities and I try not be judgmental and would hope for the same distinction.
What I’m doing with my life
Trying to positively impact stuff.
The first things people usually notice about me
I guess either my glasses or my size.

Speaking of the later, its really dispiriting that OKC doesn't have a genuinely positive entry to describe fat bodies. They have "used up", but I can't just be fat? I have to choose between a judgmental moniker like "A little extra" or gendered terms like "curvy" or "full-figured". Plenty of femme-identified people would find those lacking and they really can ostracize masculine-identified people.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Just some quick stuff of what I'm enjoying right now. By no means an exhaustive list:

Books: I don't see myself as an avid reader even though I always have a book I'm reading. Spent the last couple of years catching up on Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and the Hunger Games. I enjoy political non-fiction, too. I really loved "Street Gang", a history of the creation of Sesame Street.

Movies: I like superhero movies, even tho I don't really read comics. I generally like spectacle motion pictures. Its not that I don't like comedies or dramas, but I guess I like TV shows better for that sometimes.

Shows: Star Trek: TNG, Bob's Burgers, Archer, Mad Men, House of Cards, Game of Thrones, Community, Parks & Rec, How I Met Your Mother, Breaking Bad, Sherlock and others, I'm sure.

Music: R.E.M., The Shins, Belle & Sebastian, Childish Gambino, Sufjan Stevens, The Weepies, The Mountain Goats, The Beatles, Andrew Bird, to name a few.

Food: I can be very boring with food, but I assure you I don't expect others to be. I'm mostly vegetarian (pesco-lacto-ovo to be specific) and don't like spicy food, but I enjoy seafood, pasta, pizza, etc.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Fat acceptance and classical music.
On a typical Friday night I am
At home. Unless I have a concert to work and then I'm wearing a name badge and pretending to be important.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I like being settled down. So, I'm taking my tentative first steps to "get back out there" following a divorce. That's never a fun situation, but its obviously for the best, too. I haven't felt like I've really had someone who was my partner in a very long time at this point and I would like that again. Really, more than anything, I'd describe the kind of person I'm looking for as a partner, where both are our people but we still feel like we're in things together. Its something I'd really like to have again.
You should message me if
Um, because you want to? No pressure. :D

While obviously I'd prefer to connect with someone local, at this point in my life I wouldn't rule out a long-distance relationship either.

I'll just say BBW and SSBBW for the sake of search matches, though I'm not a huge fan of the terms and the bagagge that many men ad to them. Not that I take issue with anyone who choose to self-identify as such. Just leery with the way they get imposed, often by people who don't make much room for fat positivity in the first place. I guess I should say FA and Fat Admirer for the same reasons though I'm similarly conflicted.
The two of us