38 Bourne, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
I have recently started a relationship with someone from here, thanks to all who were showing an interest in me. I am now only looking for penpals and maybe other couples as friends (not sexual) to socialize in this otherwise boring gay world we live in. I will keep my profile as it was, seeing how so many love to read it, and it should give you an idea on what kind of person i am for becoming a friend of yours.

Hi I'm Mark. I am 6 feet tall, last measured in a medical (182.5 cms). I have a bulk muscle build due to my job (large forearms, legs, shoulders, chest) however, i do have a belly due to my lifestyle (truck driver for past 10 years). I have Brown hair (shaved mostly these days to blade 1 or 0) Blue eyes and i have Tattoos (which can be hidden if needed) Hairy but can shave it all off if you want. With facial hair i am usually between clean shaven and let it grow (I shave every other day or no longer than every other week). I weigh about 100 kilos, so don't expect some rake or skinny bony anorexic twink. Recently been told i don't have good posture, but i am still vertical.. no humps or 90 degree bends.. what do you expect when all i do is sit behind a wheel of a truck?

I am pretty laid back, I don't give two shits about most things. If you think you'd star as some horror movie actor without the make-up.. it doesn't matter. I only care about two things in a person.. their personality and their cock being smaller than 6.5 inches (there is a reason for this - just ask and i will tell).

I have an Outrageous sense of humor, i will / can make anyone laugh. I can do anything between black humor and witty comments. Just read my "explanations" in my match questions on here and you will get the level i can get to. If you think its too sarcastic or witty or below whats acceptable to your level of humor, look elsewhere.. try a wine and cheese evening with some toffs if it helps.

I am Imaginative, Creative, Resourceful, Arty. I love to know how things work. I also like dreaming up ideas of how to make things better. I am also very VERY Talkative. Now, i do mean that. I am TALKATIVE.. i do not like one word answers.. i do not like people who can't even have a conversation beyond 2 sentences. If you find talking difficult.. look else where.

However, i am not a complete twat. I do know when to be a gentleman and when not to be. It all depends on how "friendly" you are to me, and how "formal" you are to me. Or how formal or informal you wish me to be. I am very Mature when I need to be. Thank the Military for that. But i can be as immature as any 10 year old can be. It all depends on what i am doing, where i am, who i am with, if its required, if its in good taste, if i am being the evenings entertainment, or if i think you would accept it. So, if you want someone who is all gentlemanly 100% of the time.. find someone else.

My mature side - I am kind, courteous, well mannered, very dry and boring and I open doors for old ladies and say "Sir" to people who are above me.

My immature side - I am the comedian, witty, sarcastic, playful, making people laugh, find everything funny, including people tripping over in the street. I am the party animal (but the sober one of the crowd).

I am a hopeless romantic, I love roaring fireplaces and candle lit dinners and sharing baths, showers, blankets, sometimes food and Hugging and Cuddling. Massages and Intimate touching. I love cozy nights in.

I can Cook very well.. mainly short order and Italian and Chinese cooking and I am great at making cakes.

I have a learning disability that allows me to see outside the box on a few things.. but not so great on others.. thank god for spellcheckers and calculators. I can't do maths, or spelling very well or Reading out loud. But I make up for that in other areas. So don't expect a genius or some brainy idiot with a manual for being brainy. I am not a geek or a nerd.. although.. i do know some pretty strange facts and things. If you don't want someone with an IQ of just 92.. look elsewhere. (But saying that, i only scored that low as i didn't understand half the maths questions!!)

If you need to find out more on this, follow this link

I am pretty open about everything and don't hold back on some subjects.. but life is too short to not be a little wild. I see things how they are. Nothing (except maybe 2 things) gets me upset or squeamish. I don't get emotional unless all the world falls in on me. I don't have too many fetishes.. but i don't mind if you do have something weird.. I will still accept it. I am an open book, so they say. And yes, i am OPEN minded.. Some have said to me that i am unique in that way. If you want to have a conversation about genital warts over a coffee and a cream bun.. then lets do it. If you want to talk about your premature ejaculation issues.. then lets talk. I will tell you absolutely everything about my past. (this is a major thing if you need to know about me).

I collect some weird stuff as well.. so if you don't mind a Japanese sword above the bed or Buddha statue in the hall way.. then we are game. I love Skulls and anything that you would find in a "Zero Zero" shop or some Witches Shop. I also have a fondness for the Grim Reaper.

To get to know me you MUST talk first.

Good luck everyone. Love will find you someday.
What I’m doing with my life
At first John contacted me around November 2012 on OkCupid. I was a little bit, ok, maybe, nice facial features (i was around 50 / 50 over him). Has the months went by (around March 2013) we had been chatting for quite some time and pretty much everything he liked and loved and hated was a mirror image for me. John seemed the perfect match.

On the 20th March 2013, we made things official and started making plans to meet. He lived in Greece, i live in UK, so it was kind of a stumbling block we would have to get over first. John finally met me in person June 2013 for a week. We hit it off well, straight into the relationship without any difficulties (we had already talked and gotten to know each other via Skype anyway, so all that was left to do is meet in person). In July 2013, i went to Greece for a week to stay with him. The plan is now in motion for John to move to the UK permanently to live with me.

We plan to get married (i know thats pretty fast, but we are both in our 30's and aint getting younger - besides, why wait?) marriage is planned for around the end of this year (September - November) by a civil partnership. Then later a Greek style wedding in Athens for around March next year.

We are now just waiting for the final date that we can live together in our own home.
I’m really good at
Driving, both trucks and cars.. Done Nurberg in my car. There isn't much i can't do in a car around a car park at 2am.

Making people laugh. I have a very mixed sense of humor.. some tasteful, some not so tasteful.. but excellent at telling funny stories... and reciting some bad event in my life and making it super funny.

Sarcasm and wit. If someone needs to have it directed at them then i won't hold back. I know that sounds bad, but well.. people are that annoying sometimes.

Solving problems, puzzles, map reading (finding somewhere odd), Working out the best thing to do.. forget the lawyer.. hire me.. i am cheaper.

Art and drawing with a pencil.. designing buildings that sorta thing.. I do detailed pictures very well. (great imagination).

Cooking.. both puddings and main courses.. but i excel at short order food and sandwiches... i can make a meal out of anything.. tried tested and proved.. Here comes Ready Steady Cook.. My style.. LOL

Song writing and when i can be asked, short stories.

Finding weird things in shops.. i am awesome at finding strange things.. they always seem to jump out at me.

Sports.. Ai-Ki-Do (current Green Dan) Judo and Kendo.

... and finally I am very good at chatting to people on all levels.
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes.. They are blue and powerful.. that's what some say.

My personality.. I am very open, talkative, carefree.. Romantic, all heart, loveable, very kind and well mannered. I don't get all emotional over everything that happens.. Straight acting and masculine... Until I unwind that is.. I have so many characters in my personality its hard to list them all. But none of them are really negative.. I don't anger easily, I tolerate a lot in life.

My large hands (been told they are massive). After a night of a weird conversation.. i measured my hands. This is what i mean by "large hands"

Index finger - 8 cms just under 3.4 inches
Middle Finger - 10 cms just under 4 inches
Thumb - 7 cms just under 3 inches
Hand spread out fingers stretched - 24.4 cms
Palm width - 11 cms 4 inches
Wrist to tip of middle finger - 19cms just over 7 inches

.. There are men with penises smaller than that! HA! .. So, are they "large"???

And talking of hands.. People notice that I still count with my fingers.. Sorry, can't help that I did tell you why.. remember?

Bad sides? .. Because I hate to waste peoples time chasing me then being disappointed..

Well.. thinning on top.. i got a monk hair do starting. But bald men are sexy aren't they?.. i hope. (i am not bold yet.. but i guess fate is gonna get its revenge in the next 10 - 20 years)

I do have a belly, been told that's a good thing.. but i am self conscious of it.. i used to be quite lean and ripped.. so, a belly is kinda a thing that i do feel .. iffy about.. But, some peeps here have said its a good thing.. so.. mm.. we will see.

I have a genuine phobia of dentists and things being put in my mouth.. so, well.. its embarrassing.. but i have to really psych myself up to go or have anything other than food in my mouth.. long story short, i have a childhood issue where being placed on my back and unable to move or being held down or having large things in my mouth.. makes me panic. I almost died in a dentist chair because of my "panic" .. although i am receiving therapy for it.. and a more detailed explanation will be given to all those who want to know.

I can be very opinionated, but don't worry, its not a bad thing the way i do it. Its part of a defense mechanism, and i have been told time and time again that i actually make my opinions heard in such a funny way that you'd probably not stop laughing when i go "off on one".
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Any action/horror/martial arts/war or comedy movies.
Heat, Hunt for Red October, Enter the Dragon, Ring Trilogy, Saw 1-6, Quarantine (US and Spanish), Dawn Of The Dead (old and new), Predator 1 to AVP2, Aliens, Texas Chainsaw Massacre (old and new), Zulu, All Steven Seagal movies. Japanese horror, Chinese movies, Korean movies.

Any reality tv show that involves the emergency services
Cops, Police Camera Action, 911, Traffic Cops, Motorway Patrol.. I just love the cop chases. Ice Road truckers.. the pussy's.. put yer foot down!! and Eddie Stobart. Bondi Rescue, Sun Sea and A&E, Rescue Choppers, Emergency Bikers, Motorway Cops.

Other shows.. Malcolm in the Middle, Mike and Molly, MASH, CSI Vegas, Law and Order, NCIS, L&O Special Victims and Friends. Top Gear, 5th Gear, Holby City, The Bill, Crash, WRC, Formula 1, Paris Dakar. Shameless, Casualty, David Attenborough.

Any food that's not fish or too spicy.. Fish, if it ain't Fish n Chips.. it belongs in the sea.. and Spicy, Anything over a Tandoori doesn't play to well on my stomach.. But I love Chinese, some Indian, Italian, French, Turkish and African food.

Any music that is rock, pop, metal, dance, euphoria, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, classic, jazz... pretty much everything. But all time best would be Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden and maybe Dire Straits, Duran Duran, U2, Robert Palmer, Madonna, Guns N Roses, Motorhead, Kenny Loggins, Chris De Burgh, Johnny Cash, Alice Cooper, Bryan Adams, Moby, Euphoria, Above and Beyond, The Almighty, Slip Knot, Andy C, Paul Okenfold, Tahnee Cain and Tryanglz, Movie soundtracks.

Books, usually factual based books. Andy Mc Nab, SAS Survival, Japanese Swords, Modern Warfare, Military Aircraft, Most cook books. I also like some sci fi books and Japanese books too.

I am the walking encyclopedia on military weaponry and aircraft and helicopters. I can tell you all about the K-52, The AH-64, The A10 A, The 1911 Colt, The RCL Gustaf, The Chey Tec .88 and even the LA Class Attack Submarine. The real "Red October" and The M.I.R.V. amongst other things.

Sports, Ai-Ki-Do (Current Green dan), Judo, Tennis, Rugby, Shooting, Kendo, Wrestling, Motor Racing and Hill walking.
The six things I could never do without
1. My driving license's, My car, My passport for work.
2. My computer and the internet.
3. My morning drink of coffee
4. My migraine pills
5. My humor.. it allows me to cope with anything.

6. My weird stuff.. broad swords, ornaments, candles, Japanese stuff, baseball caps, Buddha statue, artwork, my didgeridoo, boomerang, vase's, matchboxes, paintings, my stig and my terminator figure, my ninja stars and my katana collection. And my Justin Bieber picture (don't ask why.. told you i have some weird stuff). LOL.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
1. Sex and when I might get some more
2. Getting around to quitting smoking
3. Getting around to losing some weight
4. Money and how much I have to spare
5. Getting a mortgage
6. Not making mistakes (trying to hide my dyslexia)
7. Thinking everything I do is wrong
8. Private stuff with John.

My philosophy on how the world is today...

God created Dinosaurs then God destroys Dinosaurs. God created man then man destroys God. Man created machine and machine created everything. Machine destroys man and machine saw everything it had made and it said -

"Behold. I am Machine, I giveth and taketh away, I have the power to create and destroy. I do what no other can do and I achieve what no other has ever achieved. I have become death as man is the destroyer of worlds. No other can be my equal and no other can take it away from me. You owe me awe."

God came back and said to man - "Stop, machine cannot avail"
Man replied - "Machine makes the world in its entirety a savoir for us all"

Machine saw that man and God would not agree, so on the seventh day, the Machine pressed stop...

By Mark.
On a typical Friday night I am
1. Working or spending my free time enjoying myself.
2. Looking through some maps to map out my route for Monday.
3. Making a fuss of my cat as she gets lonely during the week.
4. Looking on here and hoping people notice me.
5. Maybe go out for a walk, depends on what kind of week i had.
6. With my partner
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a moo-cow that goes everywhere i go when ever i travel, so you will have to make room for him as well.
You should message me if
You are a gay couple who wants to socialize in a non sexual way with another gay couple (drinks, barbeques, sporting events, camping, holiday etc etc).

I know there are some gay couples who do NOT want to be involved in the gay scene of nightclubs or bars anymore, and that is who i am looking for. Someone who isn't into nightclubs and bars, but more a social gathering at say, a restaurant or someplace nice.

Friends need to either understand or accept the following..

If you are not religious in any way. (atheists and agnostic or Buddha only please).. But if you are prepared to forget about your beliefs then i will consider you.

If you don't mind being with a smoker (or someone trying to quit) This is like important as the amount of people who don't know i am a smoker and still want to get to know me only to be disgusted when they bother to read my profile. OR, if you think you can motivate me to quit (please, this is what i want) and will put up with the mood swings as i kick the habit for good (maybe).

If you don't mind metal / rock music, some death metal and some hard rock. I do listen to other types.. even Jazz.. but if you are anti rock'n'roll or think "fuck" shouldn't be in the lyrics of any song - you'd better look elsewhere.

If you don't do drugs / or any other illegal substances, Its not that i am anti drugs - its that i cannot be associated with drug users as I am subject to drugs testing and passive drug use (breathing in your ganja smoke) will show up.. also i don't fancy the police kicking my door down for your failings.

Remember, I am not after sexual orgy parties, just nice gay or lesbian couples who want to socialize like adults in restaurants or on holiday somewhere nice or if they want people to chat with over a coffee.

Penpals.. all welcome. Skype, IM, Yahoo.. i have the lot.. just ask and you shall get.

Anyone else, If you just want to ask me a question, i am cool with that, just fire away.

I have answered all the questions truthfully, so just look through the answers and decide for yourself. I don't change my answers to meet other peoples needs, if you don't see an answer you agree with.. then there is a chance we are not going to like each other.