31 Fayetteville, United States
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My self-summary
Quirky. Mildly entertaining. Head in the clouds. Trustworthy. Compassionate. I don't exactly take myself too seriously, but I have high expectations of myself and of others. I love making new friends and sharing stories with people.

Some of my thoughts about life:

My values: honesty, kindness, attempted hilarity. I try to be the kind of person who goes out of their way to help others. I also try to be very open-minded, and at worst do what I can to be friends with other people. I embrace awkwardness. I love used book stores, science fiction, and warm weather.

The Details: Please read that little section to the right of my profile. I am 5'8", not 6'3" or anything in that neighborhood. I'm usually a point guard in pickup basketball, not the center. And yes, I have a beard.

Weight: a sensitive issue for many. I don't care that much about size. Beauty comes in many forms. I've dated very small women as well as average and plus-sized ones. So it's not really an issue for me.

Religion: I believe there's a God. I don't know about the details past that, and I'm not sure one can know them. Jesus was an excellent leader, and we can learn a lot from his original teachings. Other faiths have lots of good lessons to take away as well.
Mankind, on the other hand, does rather political things with religion, and I am careful with institutions. I've dated agnostics, atheists, and devoted Christians. Faith's a personal journey. If my liberality with faith makes you uncomfortable, we probably won't get along that well.

Education: I'm passionate about learning. I will be a professor someday relatively soon. I also know that lots of education does not equal being either a nice person or having intellectual inquiry. I strive for both.

Dating: I'm not forward with women. I grew up in a conservative church, and although I no longer share a lot of their views, it has shaped my personality. I like a woman who can tell me what she wants because it means I have to guess less. I'm just that way about what I want too.
A physical relationship is neither sufficient, nor is it necessary, unless one makes that clear from the beginning - it just depends on when you're comfortable with the other person and what you and that person want out of that particular relationship. Sometimes, it's an idea from day one. Other times, it isn't until years afterwards. Each case is different. I try not to judge either way.

Lifestyle: I don't mind kids, although I'm not around them all that often. I despise cigarette smoke. Alcohol isn't a big part of my life; I don't care if it's a more sizable part of yours, as long as it isn't destructive. Oh, I have a cat. His name is Bungie, and he thinks he's a dog.

What I do for fun: try to make people laugh, play basketball/go running, read historical fiction, play video games, go to the theatre to see plays.
What I’m doing with my life
Starting my PhD in Business here at Arkansas next fall. I've previously worked as a college administrator. I aspire to be a faculty member.
I’m really good at
making other people feel good about themselves. I like seeing other people happy. But then again I'm also good with honest opinions.
The first things people usually notice about me
are my eyes, beard, dry sense of humor, or penchant to do absurd things occasionally.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Just about anything scifi. Classical theater. Italian and Cajun food. Instrumental jazz.
The six things I could never do without
clothing, air, music, reading material, college sports, and beautiful scenery.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
everything. The future. The past. Whether the Hogs will go bowling this year. Whether Sharknado 2 will be as good as the first one.
On a typical Friday night I am
hanging out with friends or watching movies.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
is private. C'mon, where do you people get this stuff?!?
You should message me if
...well, why wouldn't you? Worst case scenario, you could make a friend. I'm easygoing but committed to my goals. You want a friend? Great! You want something more? Also good! Side note: I like women with a bit of initiative, so you're more than welcome to contact me first.