70Allentown, United States
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My self-summary
In summary. Being on this site has slowly taught me how to edit the details of my life...who I am...what I want...what I need. I am now more accepting of the obvious: "Most women on this site are looking for a "husband". I am not looking for a "wife"." I need and want a lover (just one), companionship and, most importantly, a "friend". Beyond that I can not visualize. If it happens, it happens. Somehow, in the intentional design of seeking a marriage partner, we humans overlook many critical (and often innocent looking) flaws, dooming ourselves to repeating past mistakes. Life is evolution. The trick is for us to recognize things as they are, harmonize, eliminate and/or adjust to the situation. otherwise, you are a dinosaur. I am a sixty-nine year-old man of vast experience and learning...an on-going process. Excellent physical condition, due to genetics and working-out "everyday" and eating with a "purpose". No mystery there. My strengths are my indomitable belief/faith in myself and Life (God, creative force, universe, intelligent design, whatever you call the "IT" doing all of this); my gifts, discovered and yet to be discovered, including writing, singing, facilitating groups, finding "needed" things, acceptance of what is without judgment of good or bad, and other talents that others might have to describe because they are in better position to see & appreciate them. We as individuals sometimes can't see the best or worst about ourselves. To this point, this is how I might summarize myself. I've had the usual ups and downs, wandered off and on the "road less traveled" but, now, am more determined how to stay on the "yellow brick road". After all is said and done, it's been a fascinating experience...and, who knows what is yet to come. Peace
What I’m doing with my life
A retired Baltimore City Probation Agent, now Group Facilitating (mainly anger management groups) ; enjoying my renovated home; working-out at YMCA; singing karaoke; about to re-perform in "Jesus Christ Superstar" (5th year doing it...locally); writing; getting to know obscured facts; being unconventional; being a member of Community Exchange (doing massage) and doing lots of karaoke. I see myself as correcting lies (stumbling blocks) told to me by others and myself. We've all done it..they're called "ego defense mechanisms". Honesty begins with self. It's called "integrity". Performed in the in the Pa. Playhouse stage production of "To Kill A Mockingbird" in Bethlehem in 2014. Really stretched my comfort zone; 9 performances; I loved it!! Life keeps happening. Just discovered "Meet-Ups". Great idea for hooking-up with people who have similar interests. Look it up in your area.
I’m really good at
Reading between the lines. Descending into the "rabbit hole" with Alice and imagining the infinite possibilities of existence...being a thinker. Listening and actually hearing. Not being "that person" the people who stereotype expect. Eliminating baggage (spiritual & physical). Seeing through people. Just about anything I request God force to enable me to do. Being creative; finding new ways to do the same thing. Extracting the positive from adversity.
The first things people usually notice about me
That I exist.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Kerouac,Eckhart Tolle (A New Earth), Carlos Castaneda, Aldous Huxley, M. Scott Peck, Edward Albee, James Baldwin, Bhagavad Gita,Tao Te Ching, The Bible, Crack In The Cosmic Egg, Knight In Rusty Armor, Empire of Illusion ..What The Bleep Do We Know, Pedagogy of the Oppressed.
Six things I could never do without
Reliance on a Higher Power,self-awareness/acceptance, water, reflection, imagination and humor.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Life is all about change and personal growth. . Nothing is ever what it initially seems. As a group facilitator, I attempt to get people to recognize the illogic in their thinking...their responsibility for their actions and reactions. Every human has an area of illogical thinking which they defend through use of "ego defense mechanisms". We all do it to some extent. In time, those mechanisms disintegrate and we begin to see the truth and lies about our lives. We call that "maturing". We are misled for most of our lives because we have assumed the absolute truth of beliefs we hold on to. The assumptions are compounded over many years and often lead to "reality checks"; "identity crises"; "nervous breakdowns"...there are many names for it but it's all the same. The ego...the sense of who we are experiences mental/spiritual earthquake. We stumble over simple, innocent looking assumptions. I, for one, have stumbled over the assumption that if someone on Cupid "Likes" me or posts a favorable comment they must obviously be seeking relationship. Wrong! It's a simple comment. How many people have misled themselves this way. Our expectations are based on hopes, dreams, desires and facts...facts that express possibilities, not actualities.Quantum physics is showing us that "truth" itself exists in a state of flux. Things are constantly changing. And, most importantly, we ourselves change & evolve...mature to arrive at a place and time we'd longed for only to realize we've changed...time has changed...the party's been moved to a new location...unknown. And so, we search for Ms. or Mr. Right...using imperfect and biased standards for what we need and want and for how we interpret the actions of others. Consequently, I am much more mindful of how I communicate with others and the possible meanings of their communications with me. Life is somewhat like walking through a minefield and I for one, will proceed with caution...mindful of my own "self-deceptions" as well as those deceptions others may unintentionally bring with their own baggage.
On a typical Friday night I am
At YMCA and/or at a friend's or karaoke
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
It wasn't me! I'm a Jersey guy.
You should message me if
You like exploring ideas & places, being spontaneous and can live outside the "box".
The two of us