49Victoria, Canada
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My self-summary
I listen to a lot of CBC radio one, read plenty of magazines and books, watch movies. I love great conversation and can provide reflective observations on most topics. But I'm also told I can be a good listener. I like give and take, reciprocation and the golden rule.

While I've been motivated on issues of Global Justice all my life, I now see the future is to dedicate to what some call "The Great Turning":moving to a no carbon, nonconsumer, deindustrialized, equitable, sustainable civilization Ha! Oh well...

I'm evolving into a luddite as I move into my dottage. Ever since the Millenium happened I occasionally pinch my self, "Wow! we're living in the future!" I am constantly reminded by SF author William Gibson quote that "We are living in the Future, it's just distributed unequally".

I've been a local activist type about Victoria for a long time. I usually go to some lecture at UVic, meeting at Camas Books,etc... But am very interested in all indigenous and sustainability issues around the Salish Sea.
One of my favourite beaches is Sandcut Creek, just past Point-No-Point Resort, but before JR. I am sharing a local's secret. I know many more!

I bicycle everywhere about Victoria, a very cycle friendly city, arguably the best on Turtle Island. Longer range trips (eg. Sooke/Vancouver) I can bundle onto the bus or I can even drive my car.
What I’m doing with my life
I strive to be an engaged citizen with the local sustainable civics community. I am constantly practicing life long learning: a professional student. I call the theme of my studies Human Ecology.
I've had to pick up a trade to afford my education habit.

Currently I'm apprenticed in industrial carpentry. But I'm interested in vernacular architecture (checkout !) using ancient building materials like cob, strawbale, post and beam combined with permaculture landscaping to convert slurban sprawl to sustainable homesteads.

I have been active with a meditation group for almost two years. I also on occasion drop in on a local New Thought group. I love it whenever Starhawk comes Spiral Dancing through the hood.

Planning to move off the Island (well, some day) to reappreciate how sweet it really is here in Lala Lotus Land.
I’m really good at
Laughing and seeing the absurd/dark side of most situations
Knowing esoteric and obscure factoids
Keeping a beginners midset
Massage and snuggling
keeping notes in my analog pda (moleskine)
Non video games
Making lists
Keeping a crusty heart on my sleeve
The first things people usually notice about me
I laugh a lot
Bright eyes
loud coloured clothes (bicycle survival)
I almost always carry a knapsack/panier
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Ursula LeGuin, John Ralston Saul, David Abram, Starhawk, Terence McKenna,
Jane Jacobs, Jared Diamond, Whole Earth Catalog, Brautigan, Riane Eisler, Joseph Campbell, Chomsky, Sagan, Marx, Jung, Darwin, The Chinese Classics: Tao Te Ching, I Ching, Art of Strategy,

Magazines I love: Yes! magazine; The Sun; Shaman's Drum; Parabola; The Internationalist, Resurgence, Momentum

Snowpiercer, Children of Men, Don Jon, 2001, Little Big Man, Dr. Strangelove, Brazil (most of Terry Gilliam/Monty Python's work); Miyazaki's animation (eg, Princess Mononoke); Kurasawa's Samurai movies; Coen Bros.; Marx Bros; Spike Lee, Volker Schlorndorff (the Tin Drum); Margarethe von Trotta; most sci fi and dystopian imaginings (BSG2 surprised me!) "cult" flics (as found on the shelves of Pic a Flic) I adore most foreign flics, dislike dubbing.

Not much of a horror/slasher fan (except for John Carpenter & David Cronenberg, the new zombie genre)

Very much in the folk rock vein... more melody than rhythm but though I do groove to World Beat, Brazilian, West African (Fela!)
I love going to folk fests, Vancouver and Courtenay. I usually volunteer.
Local(ish) musicians I like: Raghu Lokanathan, Xavier Rudd, John Mann (Spirit of the West), Sweet Cascadia
Currently I'm trying to learn some songs of Françoise Hardy.

I'm rather omnivorous though texture is important to me (prefer crunch to pudding ooze)
I love ethnic food especially Thai, Korean, Malay, Indian, Japanese (mmmm, sushi...), Greek, Italian...
I do enjoy vegetarian and sometimes even vegan(!) but it can be challenging to get enough quality of flavour. I had enough hippies shoving bad veggie dishes down my gullet as a small child.
Six things I could never do without
The best things in life aren't things... but here are a few nonetheless:
A bag/pack/panier
books & pens
dancing singing bodies
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What I've read about history, systems, politics, social dynamics, gaia, enviro restoration, patterns that connect
friends and other folks
Indigenous and archaic issues
Bike adventures
CBC gleanings
Where I want to travel
On a typical Friday night I am
* Hanging out reading a book with the CBC 1 muttering in the background
* go off on the Magical Mystery Bicycle Ride, a party on wheels (2nd Friday, 9pm, Centennial Square by Victoria City Hall, monthly).
* Gather the friends to play a rousing game of Risk or other board games (all about the table talk)
* Go out with folks from work for a beer (or two)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I play with kids toys... puppets, dolls, bubbles...

"every moment of genuine play is a blow against authoritarian bureaucracy.".. (so says the bumper sticker...)

I have classic male pattern baldness and a ponytail which may come off at any time. I'm too cheap to chisel out for barbers. I'm plotting to go Jean-Luc Picard soon.
You should message me if
You love to talk about most things under the firmament, feel that the world is alive and is conspiring to help all of us grow and evolve... ( or not! ;-) or
... feel that play is what makes us human beings or
... you enjoy to be creative: music, dance, art, cook, or
... You like to play games (non video/non head) or
... you would like to go out to any meetings/workshops/lectures; as to paraphrase a saint in my pantheon, Margaret Mead, "the only thing that has changed society are small groups of determined citizens".
... you're a fellow Cascadian who'd like to make friends. I'd like to host cool folks from the south on the Island and visit folks who'd like to share their local knowledge. I'd love any excuse to visit the Puget/San Juan Islands (south Salish Sea!). Dual citizenship has its benefits.

What you have read so far seems at all interesting. I'm pretty open to ideas of where to meet, if you'd like to go for a beachcomb, coffee or a bike ride...
The two of us