28Reykjavík, Iceland
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My self-summary
Happily married now. Will be in Reykjavik Dec 28-31 with the hubby, let me know if you're up for just hanging out.

So most people look for a sense of humour but everyone has a sense of humour...just about different things. So here's a list of what I find funny:

Terry Pratchett
Tim Minchin
Daily Show
Colbert Report
The Oatmeal, xkcd, SMBC....the usual staple
South Park (though there are some pretty slapstick episodes)
Posting links to Grieg's Op.54, No.3 during online debates (if you get this without googling, you're hawt. And if you can play this piece, I'll so buy you a drink)
I’m really good at
losing kids in museums. Really. No one should trust me with babysitting duties just because I'm female and think kids are cute*. Oh and judging by how good I am and dropping my phone, I probably shouldn't be trusted with carrying babies as well.

* Only up to age 5...afterwards, I'm sure there's tons of good boarding schools out there...
The first things people usually notice about me
online? Apparently I give the impression that I'm a dude...or a grandma.

As for IRL, apparently I look like I'm incapable of naming my project group 2 Girls 1 Cup. How can you not take advantage of a situation where you're surrounded by people who don't get the reference and they go, "Oh, there's only 2 girls in our group! Great idea!"
Six things I could never do without
When I was a kid, I fantasized about living in a library with those Jurassic Park electric fences to keep everyone out. I think that should answer this question...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Unleashing my megalomanic side and declaring myself supreme dictator of a nation. Though of course, like all good dictators, I'll call myself Mother of the Nation or something like that.

I'm still trying to think of what crazy eccentricities I can develop to join the crazy dictators club but I'm afraid various past dictators have beaten me to it. Maybe I'll revive the Sacred Band Theban style, make the Cult of Dionysos an official religion (and ensure everyone gets what he's actually god of correct) and deify my cat after insisting it has been catasterized.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I crashed my car in OC. I've been told that's practically impossible to do, but it's not my fault the curb totally jumped out of nowhere.
You should message me if
You can do better than a copy pasted message, bothered to check what languages I speak and you're not racist, homophobic or sexist.

No, I don't need more racist, homophobic or sexist friends, I meet enough of them already. Life's too short to waste on painful conversations.

Also, messages about having an Asian fetish are automatically translated to, "I love you like a butt plug."
The two of us