35Los Angeles, United States
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My self-summary
Back on here after the last relationship didn't work out. :( oh well, maybe I'll find someone better here...hopefully. Still searching for that special person/potential partner.

It seems difficult to find reliable, dependable, consistent people that follow through on their word.

I'm looking for someone honest, straightforward, explicit, and not into sugarcoating. I seek a strong, responsible, open minded woman that can take care of herself yet is also willing to truly share their life with someone who is also devoted to their partner.

Take what I say just for what it is. When I say something, I mean it and just that. I don't have hidden meaning, special connotations added. Just simple meaning on the surface.

Why can't I send messages to some of my matches/people that like each other?
Perhaps I expect too much. I'd like to find someone affectionate, open, honest, blunt, reliable, loyal, & logical (though I tend to be drawn to creative types. Can one have both?). I tend to be on the quiet side, so someone willing to engage me in conversation & action would be a good complement. Those that feel the need to be politically correct & often try to find the nice or polite way of saying something aren't my cup of tea. Explicit & to the point is preferable to sugarcoated any day. If I like you, I'll certainly be enthusiastic to spend time w/ you, so I hope for the same from you.

Open minded, tolerant, witty, and fun to be around are some of the phrases and adjectives that have been used to describe me. If you don't believe me, I can provide references!

Affection (even public displays), physical touch, intimacy are very important to me. I'm a sensory person in general rather than just getting lost in thoughts.

I'm not trying to rush through life. I just know time is precious, so I want to take advantage of it. Life can be unpredictable, short. You may not have that opportunity ever again. Seize it.

Apologies ahead of time if I seem shy, reserved, & look like I'm not having fun. Just because I don't feel like being a loud giddy perky schoolgirl does not mean I'm not enjoying myself. I'll open up more once I feel more comfortable & if I feel like it, perhaps a lot more.

Try something out & experience it before you make a judgment.
What I’m doing with my life
Doing the daily grind. Just chasing that cheddar & trying to see another day.
I’m really good at
I don't know. I'm a man of multiple talents, or no talents.
The first things people usually notice about me
I have no idea how to answer that. How would anyone answer that? It's not as if I go around taking a survey of "hey, what do you usually notice about me first?"

Come and meet me and I'll start my survey with your thoughts.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music: Rap, Reggae, Death Metal, 80s hair bands, funk, and whatever I feel like listening to. I listen to all sorts of different types of music.

Words on paper hurts my eyes. Kidding! I like nonfiction, and generally whatever is good & interesting at the time.

Movies: Terribly good Kung Fu movies, ninja and samurai movies, late night cheesy B grade horror & slasher movies. I also like action movies (more gratuitous violence & gore the better) and comedies (the more offensive the better).

Food: I like yummy food. It's important to me. Just ask & I'll give my opinion.

Actually, the above comment applies to pretty much anything.
Six things I could never do without
1. Food, water, air (The essential shit for living)
2. Reliable transportation
3. Reliable information source (internet, TV...sometimes, etc.)
4. Fun times, affection, laughter, and love from the people I care about
5. ...
6. ... help me think of #6...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Lately, it's been if I'll find someone compatible w/me. I know, cheesy & generic.

Sex. I know this makes me sound like a dirty old perv to some of you, but after a relationship w/ minimal sex, and often lazy & zoned out on her part when it did happen, I can't help but hope to find someone that actually cares about intimacy. It's far from the only thing that matters in a healthy relationship, but a relationship without that special intimacy is no fun. It's a special bond that's part of what separates a partner in a relationship from just other platonic friends.

Is it too much to ask for someone that cares about their partner's comfort & health?

Origins & meaning behind traditions. Why do people do these routines & traditions?

Why some people can't seem to distiguish the differences between nationality, where you're from/where you represent, ethnic background, race, religion, etc.

Where to get thoughtful, sometimes ghetto gifts for my loved ones, trying to find my soulmate or someone interesting (hence the OKC profile), and other random shit that just floats into my mind.

Wondering if there's any 99% matches or enemies & what type of people they are.

What new thing to try.
On a typical Friday night I am
Unwind from the work week. Maybe hanging out with friends.
Whether that be a bourgie fine dining experience, veg out like a lazy bum on my couch, go to the range, go to a show/concert, or whatever, I just need to relax & get my mind off work. Would you like to join me or do you have any ideas for fun stuff to do? I'm open to suggestions.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Get to know me and I'll tell you something private about myself. I promise it'll be juicy.
You should message me if
I know my profile & especially this part may seem long winded & angry, but I assure you I'm not an angry belligerent hater. It's just an attempt to weed out some of the oversensitive & bad people.

...don't settle for mediocrity and ignorance

...you're open minded and willing to try new things, food, places, experiences, etc

...you actually like trying different kinds of food and you aren't super into heavily processed and very mediocre generic comestibles.

...you can appreciate and respect my time and efforts even if it doesn't end up perfectly how you want it. I'll reciprocate the respect & appreciation for your time and effort.

...you aren't lazy, selfish, messy, gross.

... You are not shady, selfish, disrespectful. Please don't be one of those users/takers to me. Please value my time and efforts. I have no intention of using, disrespecting, taking advantage of your kindness.

You have your own reliable transportation. I understand not everyone drives, but don't expect me to be your taxi/chauffeur. Don't be selfish and punish me or hold it against me that I don't want to be your taxi driver/chauffeur. Also, meeting up is difficult enough w/ busy schedules. I will make time for you, but I hope it's reciprocated.

You actually care about your partner's feelings, needs, desires, goals, health.

You're logical, honest, & reliable. You can stick to your word.

You don't feel the need to talk shit about me & argue w/ me a lot over petty things. Logical intellectual discussion is nice & inevitably we'll disagree on things, but name-calling, verbal/physical attacks are hardly appealing. Most people sometimes have the need to complain & vent, but don't turn that aggression on me. Direct it towards the source of your negative energy, not me.

I hate to be like that annoying nagging condescending parent, but use your words. I can't read your mind. Don't expect me to make assumptions.

You're communicative & uncensored. I'd rather you reveal "too much" information than be secretive. However, please try to be straightforward, clear, & concise.

You can be straightforward and explicit. You don't expect me to guess what you're thinking, decipher hidden meaning of what you say, or read between the lines.

You don't regularly lie to your partner.

***Perhaps a broken record here, but please be open to physical affection & intimacy. I know this makes me sound like just another horny perverted guy that only wants sex, but that's not the case. I just don't want so many constraints that it has to be such a mission to get some intimate moments in the bedroom & physical affection in public.

...you give me plenty of affection and I promise I will do my best to reciprocate.

***Please be willing to have some intellectual conversation. I don't want super serious deep complicated discussions 100% of the time, but I also don't want someone that just cares about their Facebook updates, the meme of the day, kpop news, & cat/baby videos. That shit just isn't stimulating at all.

...you feel partners should want to mentally & physically please each other. It shouldn't be harder than pulling teeth just to get some stimulation from your bf/gf/partner.

You have no kids, are not super devoutly religious, are affectionate (including in public), open minded, willing to try new things, not worried about being politically correct, not averse to physical intimacy, don't require marriage, logical, straightforward, mean what you say.

You're open & reliable as well as can make time for us to bond. I'm willing to dedicate my life to someone special & you will be a high priority to me. I expect the same if you're seeking a committed long term relationship.

You're not going to take forever to actually meet and interact. Please don't draw it out unnecessarily. I'm not looking to play waiting games.

You can unlock my inner hopeless romantic. It's definitely there, but just haven't found someone I feel I can truly unleash myself to.

You can figure out what parts of this I actually wrote myself, & where I'm just too lazy to change/update?

You're sitting in front of a computer looking for someone on OKC to chat & meet with.

You are willing to meet face to face the old fashioned way. *If I only wanted internet chat buddies, I wouldn't be here.*

You think I might be an interesting person to learn about.

You want to.

You are not an annoying, flaky, buzzkilling, prudish, preachy, easily offended, golddigging, snitch, punk ass bitch. If any of these traits apply to you, go fuck yourself.

You can entertain me & make me happy. I'll try to reciprocate.

You are a 99% match or enemy. I'm very intrigued about what kind of person okc deems to be a 99% match or 99% enemy. Are you out there?

I know a lot of this makes me sound like an angry old man. I'm really not. Just trying to avoid being used again and repeating bad experiences.

Just send a message to me already. I'll like you a lot more if you make the first move. Don't be scared.
The two of us