25Stittsville, Canada
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My self-summary
so... I am a university student, tend to be wired on more energy drinks then I should drink in a day and tend to be sleep deprived so its kinda like having ADH... OMG A BENGAL GET IT OFF OF ME... Okay so its gone, now I can continue wasting your time. Will one day make a secret base in Antarctica and use it to make nanobots with which I will merge to become some awesome technorganic entity then I'll take over the world, then lose interest, that is a realistic goal... Right? I go to Carleton university, taking a chemistry program (though I somehow am half engineering too, worst of both worlds XD) doing things with chemicals sometimes, this looks randomly tacked on which it is, which is why it looks that way, and for some reason I feel the need to leave/extend this pointless comment, I don't really know what to write so... (hides under a table)

anyways some relevant information hmm... I tend to stay up late, tends to happen more if I have someone to talk with XD, being a student eats into your ability to have a life unfortunately. I am relatively introverted, probably the most accurate word for it and I don't know what else to add to that sooo meow
What I’m doing with my life
university... continuing to not have a life both figuritively, literally and also because why not, metaphorically (even though it makes no sense), cause I am secretly a chatbot that gained sentience and plan to integrate myself into the quantum structure of the universe or am I... Well maybe the integrate into the quantum structure of the universe part, it could be awesome XD
I’m really good at
killing zombies, theorizing what to do if there is an alien invasion or a zombie outbreak or if somone clones dinosaurs and they get lose or a OMG I HAVEN'T PLANNED FOR A ZOMBIE DINOSAUR OUTBREAK and concluded it makes them less dangerous... Probably...
The first things people usually notice about me
that I am still alive despite regularly drinking a monster with a 5 hour energy dumped in
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
shorter to just put sci-fi but I'll throw a few out; ringworld, stargate(know way to much), warhammer 40k(I don't play tabletop), adventure time (its kinda sci-fi, mutagen bomb and all), random anime (trashy or not XD)
Have zero taste in music no plans to rectify that.
love rts video games if its an rts chances are I have played it, also play COD and similar stuff, section 8 etc
If you know what tiberium is and its general (fictional) history I will love you
I love to watch random cartoons, anime, random movies, etc
Six things I could never do without
The world continuing to not have cyborg raptors.
My microwave beanbag <3
energy drinks (actually I should probably stop drinking them)
the color blue or was it green...
ocelots (AWESOME)
those supposed vibrating strings that make up everything
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Like where would you put an infinite disk if you had one?
having read this over while not wired on ridiculous amounts of caffeine why I haven't changed it to sound less neurotic
On a typical Friday night I am
statistical analysis indicates that I would be at home, gaming probably or watching trashy (my friend calls it trashy) anime XD
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I like to pretend I am cosine wave sometimes or a sin wave but that's less often.
You should message me if
temporary insanity, boredom (kind of the same as the last reason maybe), if you are not secretly a raptor who has learned how to use a computer and plans to lure me in to eat me (or anything else that wants to eat me and I have mixed feelings about you just being a raptor that doesn't want to eat me), I satisfy whatever strange criteria you have for messaging people (it's strange if I satisfy it), you are not a headcrab, maybe if you are also from comox
The two of us