30Azor, Israel
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My self-summary
Apparently, an unreasonable amount of attractive men who speak to me through their profiles live around London.
Good thing I'll be there for New Years'. It's gonna be interesting...
So hey, you guys. Say hi if you wanna make unrealistic plans for ages from now, haha. Let's see what happens before then ^_^

For years I thought I'd be an artist of some sort. Took me a while, trials and errors, to let go of that idea.
So I worked as a waitress for several years when I moved to Tel Aviv at 19, did an art course, taught myself Photoshop, Illustrator and photography. Went to a sewing course (though I got my home sewing machine many years later). Cleaned some houses, and did some nude modelling for photographers. I earned a few shekels doing portrait photography, I wrote a blog (or two) and created content for startups for a while. I've arranged several events for the non-monogamous community, (most not for profit). And I also consulted non-monogamous couples and became the first Israeli professional cuddler.

Then I realized I'm not very good at being a freelancer, and having decided to leave the country (it's gonna happen around August 2017 update: Got tickets to mid-June, ^_^ ), finally got the courage to try my hand as a line cook, which is what pays the bills now :)
Still trying to have some time for a few "regular" cuddlers and perhaps some consults, but it can be a busy schedule as it is...

What does it all mean? That I don't settle for something (or someone) I'm not sure about. That I have little free time, and I won't waste it on someone who won't actually be there when there IS time or someone who can't work with a schedule. That I'm pretty good with change, and can move on quickly if necessary. That I always have some crazy ideas I may or may not follow. That I'm one of the less boring people I know ;)

My partner and I love cuddling and watch many movies and series together, but there's always room for other people in our lives (with which we might watch different things on different times...). We're into inline skating, we love cooking and occasionally have friends over. When the season's right we arrange cuddling\pajama parties (with a living-room sized blanket fort ^_^ ), and game nights ( board games <3 ). We read scifi and fantasy, and try to find time for computer games as well (sometimes we may play together - we're a good team).

Sooooooo, what am I looking for specifically? People I can count on. Communicative, attractive, present. I don't want to chase anyone, nor be chased. I love the feeling of being wanted by the person (or people) I want. It's really as simple as that.

About our way of doing non-monogamy:
We're doing some form of polyamory, in which we're both able (if we're in the mood), to do whatever we want as long as we keep it safe. It can be a sexual relationship with someone else, or a romantic one (or both), and it's all good. We're not looking for any fancy triangles or threesomes (we're both pretty much straight), but we're open for experimentation and play.

Also, cats.

Nuff said ;)
I’m really good at
Doing what I want to do.
Being aware of what that is, and sometimes more importantly, what that isn't.
Organizing things in lists, charts and color codes. <3
Ignoring the lists and just being spontaneous. :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Current read: Knife of Dreams by Robert Jordan.
Latest good film watched: Youth.
Currently looped most often: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OB1cjDBfwYc
Finished lately and still bothered by: Inside (http://www.playdead.com/games/inside/).
Happy to have soon the right season for: Avocado.
Six things I could never do without
- My wonderful partner in life and crime, Shay (just celebrated 7 years together).
- Finding joy in all those tiny, beautiful moments and things that the world keeps offering.
- Creating. Food, art, happiness for others and myself.
- The never ending pursuit of new ideas, new stories, new experiences.
- Physical activity.
- Music!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The absurdity of the human condition in modern society.
How to escape this condition.
Where are my people?
You should message me if
You can create a real conversation.

Keep in mind: 99% of the people here start a conversation with some form of "hi" or "how are you?" or some empty, meaningless compliment. I don't even bother looking in those people's profiles.
The two of us