51Birmingham, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
*more of a place marker than an active profile right now. Sometimes life is just too complex. That said, if you visit I might say hello, and if you say hello, I will reply*

I'm slightly eccentric, tastefully eclectic, challengingly intellectual, flexibly opinionated, and confidently passionate. I'm a nonsmoker, don't drink excessively, am a single parent with a decent job and unfulfilled ambitions. My current interests would fill several books, so here's a list: abgnosticism, absinthe, al-amarja, alan moore, alienism, ancient history, arthur, avengers, barbarella, batman, battlestar galactica, beorma, birmingham, black magic, blackbeard, blogging, books, broadband, business planning, ccgs, cinema, comics, conspiracy theories, conspiracy theory, craig hinton, creativity, cryptohistory, cuddling, cyberpunk, cycling, d20, david bowie, digbeth, doctor who, douglas adams, dracula, dvds, edgbaston, editing, egypt, egyptology, enigma, entp, eric stanton, eurotrash, faction paradox, flirting, fnord, forteana, freelancing, futurama, futurology, game design, games, game theory, gregorian chants, holmesiana, house, hyperbole, hypertext, ict, illuminati, information society, innovation, intelligence, jack kirby, jack the ripper, jodorowski, lovecraft, max cannon, memes, metabarons, metahistory, metaphysics, mummery, music, mythology, neil gaiman, neurolinguistic programming, neverwhere, new scientist, new technology, occult, octobriana, over the edge, paganism, paradoxes, parapsychology, pedagogy, philip jose farmer, philosophy, pirates, planet of the apes, politics, polyhistory, pop physics, publishing, quantum mnemonics, queen, radio, reading, religion, robert rankin, role playing, sci-fi, scrabble evasion, scroobius pip, self publishing, sherlock holmes, simpsons, social engineering, social mobility, spaced, spontaneity, star wars, stargate, steampunk, subgenius, superman, surrealism, television, the doors, thinking, tim burton, tim powers, time travel, torchwood, transactional analysis, urban art, urban design, urban exploration, urban legends, vampirism, victoriana, voodoo, walking, whitby, woden's barrow, wold newton, writing, zen

I am open minded, ingenuous, and a maverick
What I’m doing with my life
I spend far too much time doing work (I'm a passionate workaholic when I believe in what I am doing, which so far has been a lot), writing (briefings and strategies for work, games, scripts, novels, short stories, and, it seems, being on here), editing books (I just edited/published one, and plan to publish four in the next year or so) and websites (an extension of the writing) having far too many ideas to use fruitfully (they seem to benefit everyone but me), parenting (my fantastic daughter), business planning (see work and writing, but also planning for others) and squeezing a thin sliver of socializing somewhere in-between (but not, it seems, often enough).

Where I'm at isn't necessarily where I want to be, but that's because doing stuff alone is often only half the fun. What I'm interested in more than anything is inspirational friendship, like having a personal muse (probably Calliope or Thalia). As such, my ideal woman is probably Emilie du Chatelet, although unlike Voltaire or Newton, I'd let her take credit where credit was due.
I’m really good at
Putting my foot in it. Let's face it, not everyone is prepared for someone to be painfully honest. I speak openly, without malice, and it can cause hurt. If only I wasn't so bad at being forgiven afterwards.

Forgiveness. Everybody deserves a second chance, especially if they say sorry. It breaks my heart to see how many people develop a cold, stony attitude towards others just because someone else did wrong by them. Everyone is an individual, and should be treated as such. But, like the stumbling horse, a third chance isn't worth holding out for.

Talking. I've been a radio presenter, lecture giver and public speaker, so I know how to gas with aplomb.

Flirting. I won't cite my experience here, because I agree with Oscar Wilde (experience is just a fancy word for mistakes), but once my flirt button is pushed...

Being creative. This is my greatest passion, and I'm good at it. I consider myself to be a lateral thinking master plotter. Its where all my IQ points were invested (There's modesty for you).

Writing and editing. Okay, its an extension of being creative, but it's my schtick. When I'm in the mood I can knock out a pretty decent sci-fan-phil-pol-zom-rom-com.

Making a fool of myself (see 'putting my foot in it' above). I can, on occasion, take being a jerk to new heights. I blame being distracted by shiny objects.
The first things people usually notice about me
That my flies are probably undone again. Unless they're distracted by my talking. Or projecting my thoughts. Or letting them leak onto the carpet.

Or, when I open my mouth, that I'm a polymath.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
(a) The works of Douglas Adams stand out, although there are many many authors I have read and admire. I'm just not going to be pretentious by namedropping.

(b) Besson's AngelA, Kubrick's 2001 - A Space Oddyssey, Brooks' Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles, The Devil Rides Out, Karloff's Mummy, Pal's Time Machine and War of the Worlds, Austin Powers, Planet of the Apes (the original), Dogma, Star Wars and, most of all, Some Like it Hot

(c) Mainly Queen, David Bowie and the Doors, with lots of stuff ranging from Chumbawamba to the Ting Tings vying for fourth place.

(d) I am an omnivore and verbivore.

(e) how can they ask for favourite books, movies, music, and food but not art? I like Brecht, Dali, Dillon, Escher, Giles, Kirby, Klimt, Kubrick, O'Neill, Scott, Stanton, Struzan and many more. And yes, I do think that Film Directors are artists!
Six things I could never do without
The first thing I could never do without are my books. I have thousands - tens of thousands even. I don't actually have time read anymore, so I make do with perpetually referencing, skimming, and sniffing them. The smell of a good book is very important to me.

Second, comedy. Sometimes consuming it. Sometimes writing it. A laugh a day keeps depression away. Not that I have a clue about depression (as my depressed friends will testify).

Third, family & friends. I kind of rolled these into one, because I can count them on just two hands. They mean a great deal to me, but if I have one regret it is that I don't get the time to make the best of them.

Fourth, content. Music, film & TV. More prerequisites than a focus. They're there, they shake things up, like tinnitus. Like comedy, they keep the boredom at bay. Like books, I don't actually sit down watch/listen so much as dip in and out. In truth, I probably could live without them if it weren't for the opportunity that talking about them presents.

Fifth, change. Shift happens, and that change makes life more interesting than the stability. My first twenty years were a fixed period where I didn't notice change at all. The next twenty years have been a blur.

The sixth thing is thinking about sex. I can't say sex because I often do without it these days (see work), and I can't brush it under the carpet because denial is bad for the sole (it wears out as a result of all the pacing up and down that denial usually provokes).

UPDATE: two of these things are presently off limits in conversations.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Life, the universe, and everything - but not necessarily in that order.

By life I mean lifestyle. Choice. Diversity. How ideas grow, spread and change the way the world works and the way that we perceive it.

By the universe, I mean the way it seems to work. And how it seems to be changing in response to our growing awareness of it.

By everything I mean anything. My interests give you a good idea of what I mean. Mainly I think about anything to do with whatever idea I'm having at the time. In the moments before writing this I wondered about the Hindenberg, Louise Brooks, the Marquis de Sade, changing telephone networks and how to make dumplings.

I also think about women (particularly how to make them happy), and what they want.
On a typical Friday night I am
Available for social activity.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Everything. Anything. But I'll admit twice as much if you ask me directly.
You should message me if
1) You want to know what a memetect is, or what quantum mnemonics are
2) If you want to hear the latest gossip about the next series of Doctor Who.
3) If you wonder about what men want in the same way that I think about what women want.
4) If you just feel the urge. Urges are good - especially the spontaneous ones.
5) You understand that I have kept this profile because a lot of work went into it and I am not looking for anything at the moment.
The two of us