36Netanya, Israel
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My self-summary
I'm a 4th year (just begining) student of Industry Engineering and Management at Ruppin Academic Center near Netanya. I'm sort of a geek (and proud of it).
As for interests, activities and general information, providing you liked what you read so far, I'd like it if we could talk further.

אני סטודנט שנה רביעית(בדיוק מתחיל) להנדסת תעשיה וניהול במרכז האקדמי רופין ליד נתניה. אני סוג של חנון (וגאה בזה).
בקשר לתחביבים, פעילויות ומידע נוסף כללי, אם אהבת את מה שקראת עד עכשיו, אשמח אם נוכל לדבר עוד.

I am sensitive, intelligent, and caring.
I’m really good at
Writing, mostly in English but also in Hebrew (I'm not sure "really good at" is the exact phrase I'd use, but I like it), and on the complete opposite side, most things that require an analytical mind and original thinking in general.

כתיבה, בעיקר באנגלית אבל גם בעברית (אני לא בטוח שהייתי משתמש במונח "ממש טוב ב-" אבל אני אוהב לכתוב), וכנגד ברוב הדברים שדורשים חשיבה אנליטית.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Movies: The Matrix (the first, the sequals are an abomination)
Lord of the Rings
The Usual Suspect and alongside it every single movie with as great a twist as it
Fight Club is something I have to walk at the very least least once a month.

Books: Again, Lord of the Rings
American Gods
Every single book written by Terry Prachette in the Discworld series or not
Six things I could never do without
Music, certainly first and foremost
Ming, my Korean car (and love)
Something to aspire to (at the moment, my studies take care of that quite nicely)
A meaningful relationship
Books, reading and writing alike
You should message me if
You like Geeks (or are one yourself)
You're fond of the English language in general
You're not bothered by the fact I'm happily married (and would like to meet my wife as well)

And besides - If You liked every or any of the things you read so far
The two of us