34Quincy, United States
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My self-summary
I don't really want to fill this out. It feels like a required essay...

But I will give it some minimal effort.

I'm a midwestern guy. People tend to notice that I am not from Boston. I'm not sure what traits are most noticable, but they notice. Haha.

I like a lot of things that have to do with real estate. Sales, emerging markets, home improvement; etc.

I like sporty stuff. I like excersise. I love the sciences. Epsecially sciences having to do with behavior and the human condition.

I am pretty relaxed. I like friendly people. I like furry animals. (Love cats)

I like nature. Though I haven't gotten out enough over the past few years. The magic of nature is my religion. Although this magic is more spiritual than religious. Because although religious people can be very nice and/or friendly; religion is pretty stupid. Lol. (I don't mean to insult the very pious)

Warning: I am very flawed. I have made more mistakes than the average person (I think). Mistakes tend to make people wise. I however am still working out a lot of kinks.

I like people that are non-judgmental; those that understand hardship; those that have not always taken the straight and narrow path.

I swear like a bastard
I speed
I am very casual in casual situations
And very formal in formal situations
I joke. Conservative people don't always like my jokes. Fuckers...

Hrrrmmmm. That's good enough right?
I hope I'm not being graded for this shitty essay.
What I’m doing with my life
Working, waiting for spring, loving the gym, getting back into running...

I would love to participate in some of these 5ks I have heard about. Did lots of those in highschool. This would be a sort of time traveling for me.

I am also thinking about joining a chess club. I promise you I am not a dorky nerd. However; I do have a dork/nerd side.
I’m really good at
1) petting my cat
2) not cleaning out my car
3) nintendo (oldshool version) can't handle the high tech video games
4) I'm pretty good with a paint brush (one of my pics has a painting I made)
5) fooling old people into thinking I'm a "nice young man" lol. Jk
6) kicking ass at things that don't matter
7) giving a good foot massage
The first things people usually notice about me
(Nobody can say for sure how others perceive them) but I think people notice the following...

*I'm GENERALLY out-going *I'm GENERALLY polite *I'm GENERALLY open to new things * I'm GENERALLY wearing a collared shirt...

People might not notice: I like to be spontaneous. I'm adventurous. I like risky behavior. I am not stirred by lude jokes if nobody gets hurt.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
FOOD: sushi, pizza, donuts

BOOKS: Angels and Demons, The Day After Tomorrow, Life Expectancy

MOVIES: American History X, American Beauty. (Love drama) also like a good psychological thriller. If I can guess what happens next; the movie sucks!!!

MUSIC: the 80's, rock. Lots of classic stuff from the 80s and 90s.

Six things I could never do without
1) psychology (my major) ain't nothin like human thought and behavior
2) creative writing
3) friends
4) my 4th amendment rights. I like some of those other rights too. Lol
5) philosophy
6) imagination
I spend a lot of time thinking about
EVERYTHING: but to narrow it down...

The clash of Cristianity and Islam*The end of the world (quite possible these days) but I don't worry about it*Social inequality*The future*Travel*Girls*The real estate market*New technologies (although I suck with technological devices)*
On a typical Friday night I am
Painting*reading*studying*video games*having a few friends over...

I wouldn't mind revisiting the bars of boston. I'm game for anything.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
EVERYTHING. In person.

As for those that answer this question with ....."being on a site like this".....
Why be embarrassed? Online dating is just a way to meet people you wouldn't have otherwise met...
I mean CONSIDER YOUR AUDIENCE! We ARE all HERE... Are we not?
You should message me if
Don't ever message me. EVER!!!

Unless you feel like it, then its ok... ;-)
The two of us