34Prince Frederick, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a tabletop gamer, and a fantasy geek.
I'm an artist and a beautiful mind.
I am a logical and artistic thinker.
I love closeness and affection.
I'm Adorkable...

Character Name: Dale Godwin

Class: Prolly Ranger/Monk multi-class, I have a decent knowledge of survival skills and am trained in archery. While not religious, I do abide by a set of self approved codes to keep myself in check, I speak only the truth, am thoughtful, and am articulate in speech.

Height: 5'9.5"

Hair: Shortish, brown-hazel.

Eyes: Ambiguous, though mostly somewhere between yellow/hazel/green, with starbursts.

Alignment: True Neutral with lawful/chaotic tendancies

STR: 8 - This is a work in progress, but I have medical weight restrictions

DEX: 14 - I am quite stealthy, moving in and out of conversations without people noticing I was there until after they reply to me. I also don't have a heavy step. Though not quite as flexible as I would like

CON: 12 - I have endured a lot of pain and sickness, thus acquiring resistances to them, though I have a weak stomach.

INT: 14 - I reason logically, coming to a conclusion only after reasoning with most possible outcomes. Or in otherwords, I over think things often, it a curse and a blessing.

WIS: 16 - I'm fairly sensible, willful, and have good intuition, and have the heart to notice things other don't, very perceptive.

CHA: 10 - I'm witty and can keep a conversation
What I’m doing with my life
I was once on a quest to finish getting my bachelor's degree in Art, more specifically drawing; however, it seems my first attempt was for all the wrong reasons, I had gotten distracted by side quests, continuously taking breaks from the main mission, but as of this recent December, I have vanquished the dragon and gained a scroll of Bachelor's completion. Now I am on the eternal quest to find a career to apply my vast knowledge to. However, I am currently working as a Marketing and Sales adviser for a small business, and also catalog hobby collection for those that need their possessions in a list, as well as create murals for schools when I find the time.

I spend a large amount of my time with a select few friends or online gaming, I'm a social creature like that. I'm slowly working through a long list of shows, movies, and books that I have procured but haven't gotten around to over the years. I'm currently working on the Legend of Drizzt complete collection.

Most weekends I am involved either with RPGs whether tabletop, pen and paper, online or single player. I take part in others games and create my own worlds to get lost in. Or I am in the studio creating worlds on canvas.

I'm not really an opinionated person, I once was, but I hit a wall about 3 years ago. I wiped my opinions and started over, as I had a discussion with someone that asked why I had opinions. Turns out it started with my opinions, and then I became infected with opinions of other people, and didn't have reasons why i felt so opinionated about things I got defensive about. Now I exist in a realm of listening and coming to conclusions based on the current realms rather than how I felt in the past.

I'm an emotional person. I wear my heart on my sleeve, it's just part of who I am and there's a strength in that. It helps me understand complex emotional issues, and I can channel it towards certain things. Which in turn also helps me put more of myself into the activities that I enjoy.

I'm a blunt and honest person, I don't really like dancing around subjects. I don't do well with subtle messages, I prefer straightforward communication. That being said, I know how to hold my tongue if its needed.
I’m really good at
Generosity, caring for others (sometimes at the cost of myself), volunteering, keeping kids entertained, teaching (whether educationally or giving other examples), fingerpainting, making organized messes, thinking outside of the box


Bluff - A trained skill that I learned when it was necessary, I try to use the power for good though

Diplomacy - I enjoy debates, resolving differences, and getting information

Handle Animal - I love animals and for the most part they seem to love me. Except bats, been bitten by them twice.

Intimidate - Sort of, it only works when I'm actually and TRULY pissed off, which is kind of extremely rare. I seem to give off an aura of leave me the fuck alone. I would never hit anyone though, its not in my nature.

Knowledge (Nature) - I know a lot of random facts about animals and plants.

Knowledge (Nerd/Geek) - I'm kind of a jack of trades here, know a lot of stuff, just nothing too specific, enough to get by. Games (video, computer, board, tabletop RPG, and Live Action Roleplay), comic books, science fiction, math, nerd pop-culture movies/shows, anime, and computers. Please note: my knowledge of these areas will range from "can listen to you talk with basic understanding and some interest" to "will talk about endlessly".

Sense Motive - I pay attention to the minute details rather than the larger ideas. I also read into body language and emotion better than what is being said to me, helps with knowing what is really going on. Otherwise known as overthinking and over-analyzing things.
Not catching on to certain social cues, sometimes you just have to tell me what you are trying to hint at...

Survival - I was in the scouts in the younger years, I've also done a lot of research on urban and nature survival. While not in practice, I have a lot of knowledge.
The first things people usually notice about me
Either my eyes or that i have either paint or marker on me somewhere, or my paleness.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The Song of Ice and Fire series, Ender's Game series, The Wheel of Time series, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Legend of Drizzt series, Harry Potter series

Comic Books
The Walking Dead Series, The Sandman, Chew, Saga!, and anything that has Night Crawler, Quickesilver, or Kitty Pryde in it, as well as Deadpool.

Cyanide and Happiness
Questionable Content

Star Trek
Blade Runner
Lord of The Rings
The Hobbit
Beauty and the Beast
Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail
The Fifth Element
Powder (all time fave)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Arrested Development
How I Met Your Mother
Star Trek (TOS, TNG, DS9, and even Voyager)
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
The Flash
The Wonder Years

Honestly anything that has rhythm that can be followed, even if I can't understand the words, sadly that excludes screamo, as the screaming and raspy voices get in the way of the musical rifts.

I am annoyingly picky (seriously, it is not fun for me), but I am often able to find something I like at a place. I have a BIT more trouble with small business restaurants rather than chains, but that's mostly because I like to be able to look over a menu beforehand so I'm not all awkward and unable to find something I like to eat. Italian, Thai, American, Mexican, and Chinese are usually the safest bets. Nothing spicy though, and I really don't like sushi, though I don't mind others eating it.
Six things I could never do without
Someone to talk to
Hot showers
Art supplies
Rainy days (most creative when its raining for some reason)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
a solution to a puzzle or creating timelines for fantasy realms I am creating/have created, or ideas of my next oil paintings that I want to do but still need to finish others before hand.
On a typical Friday night I am
Either hanging out with friends, working on an art piece, or watching shows/movies cuddled up in a blanket eating. Also MTG or D&D with friends.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I had scoliosis surgery when I was young.
You should message me if
- You are a nerd, or at least nerd-friendly;
- You enjoy silly conversations;
- You enjoy intellectual conversations (which can also be silly intellectual conversations) that ponder various questions and follow to their logical conclusion;
- You are interested in tabletop games, either already playing or looking to play.
- You think you'd like to hang out or be with another weird person or wanna create art together.
The two of us