39Belgrade, Serbia
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My self-summary
Name: My name is... and I'm a...

Age: Too young to die, too old for all the rest.

Home base: Tel Aviv, Israel.

Education: Google.

Things that make me yawn: Lack of sleep, anticipated whatever, orgasm, the following one, 99% of what's on TV, ...

Things that make me groan: Liv Tyler, QT, "Se7en", "Fight Club", "Silence of the Lambs", Adrock, "That '70s show", "Lithium", Milk, "The Simpsons", ...

Things that make me moan: "The Downward Spiral", "Scarlett Johansson", "Antichrist Superstar", Chez l'ami Jean, Tom Waits, listening to my neighbor having sex, <<Donna Pinciotti>>, Brains picking, "Family Guy", ...

Things that make me go Hmmmm: History, philosophy (is the talk on a cereal box?), ...

Things that make me go Ummmm: Ummmm...When asked questions about myself.

Things that make me go Duh!!!: When people answer to "When's your birthday?" with "I already had it."

Things that make me go Huh?!: ...

Things that make me go DOH!: My favorite moments in life...

Things that make me go Yikes!: Meeting my neighbour in the stairwell (A different one...), IRS, landlord, phone bill, ...

Things that make me go Mmmm: Steaks, ribs, Korean BBQ, Ippudo, strawberries, watermelons, chocolate, MCA (R.I.P), cream, Hummus, Keste Pizza, Mila Kunis, ice cream, coconut, Rain, Thai massage, Vodka Pizza @Artichoke, a long hot shower, Any soup @ "The Thai House", Seinfeld, Nick Cave ...

Things that make me go Oy Vey: "Cotton Eye Joe", tomatoes, olives, green pepper, red pepper, yellow pepper, peppers, lack of humor, hearing "No, I don't do that" in bed, hearing "Cotton Eye Joe" in bed, tuna, positive test results, ...

Things that make me go Oh Yes!: Post constipation moments, "Soap", Mike-D, those wonderful days I need no Viagra, ...

Things that make me go Fuckin' A!!!": That Croissant spot across the street, the "Fried ice-cream" dish at Mongos, Tony Vespa, fries at "Le Relais de l'Entrecôte", Phillipe Pizza, foursomes, the cookies ice-cream desert at the SOHO, fivesomes, Iceberg, Max Brenner, ...

Favorite Country: Italy, Serbia, Japan, USA, Israel.

Favorite Cities: Tokyo, Beograd, Paris, Chicago, Vancouver, Roma, San Francisco, Tel Aviv.

Favorite Spots on Earth: The Canadian Rockies, Iguazu Falls, Perito Moreno Glacier, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, La Sagrada Família, The old city of Jerusalem, Venice, That Croissant spot across the street, ...

Favorite Quotes: "It’s ridiculous to claim that computer games affect children. If Pac-Man had affected Kids, then today we would have lots of young people, running around in dark rooms, eating pills and listening to repetitive music”.

"I consider this asshole tax".

"life was like a dream.
A series of meaningless movement."

"That's right, pour it on. Talk me out of it."

Last visited (since Sep '11): Klaipeda, Lithuania; Vilnius, Lithuania; Kaunas, Lithuania; Lviv, Ukraine; Barysh, Ukraine; Kyiv, Ukraine; New Orleans, LA, USA; New York City, NY, USA; Treviso, Italy; Wroclaw, Poland; Pardubice, Czech Republic; Bilbao, Spain; San Sebastian, Spain; Riga, Latvia; Ljubljana, Slovenia; Beograd, Serbia; London, England England; Philly, Washington DC, Houston, Boston, USA; Mannheim, Germany; Paris, France; Treviso, Italy, Hamburg, Germany; Zadar, Croatia; Vilnius, Lithuania; Khomsk, Belarus; Bar, Montenegro; Ankara, Turkey; Istanbul, Turkey; Paris, France; Orleans, France; Lyon, France; New Orleans, USA; Seville, Spain; Madrid, Spain; Malaga, Spain; Barcelona, Spain; Barcelona, Spain; Treviso, Italy; Ljubljana, Slovenia; Beograd, Serbia; Zagreb, Croatia; Budapest, Hungary; Madrid, Spain; Berlin, Germany; Kaunas, Lithuania; Vilnius, Lithuania; Beograd, Serbia; New York City, USA; Boston, USA; Barcelona, Spain; Istanbul, Turkey; Treviso, Italy; Riga, Latvia; Bilbao, Spain; Wroclaw, Poland; Pardubice, Czech Republic; Ljubljana, Slovenia; Klaipeda, Lithuania; Vilnius, Lithuania; Kaunas, Lithuania; New York City, USA; Roma, Italy; Malaga, Spain; Barcelona, Spain; Madrid, Spain; Milano, Italy; Moscow, Russia; Warsaw, Poland; Antwerp, Belgium; Kaunas, Lithuania; Belgrade, Serbia; Mannheim, Germany; Trier, Germany; Liege, Belgium; Poitiers, France; Istanbul, Turkey; Treviso, Italy; New Orleans, LA, USA; New York City, NY, USA; Kaunas, Lithuania; Sofia, Bulgaria; Ljubljana, Slovenia; Las Vegas, NV, USA; New York City, NY, USA; Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Liepaja, Latvia; Vilnius, Lithuania; Siauliai, Lithuania; St. Petersburg, Russia; Moscow, Russia; Beijing, China; Seoul, S. Korea; Belgrade, Serbia; Strasbourg, France; Boulogne, France; Paris, France; Boston, MA, USA; Washington DC, USA; Greensboro, NC, USA; New York, NY, USA; Zagreb, Croatia; Paris, France; Berlin, Germany; Cholet, France; Paris, France; London, UK; Istanbul, Turkey; Treviso, Italy; New Orleans, LA; New York, NY, USA; Prague, Czech Republic; Tallin, Estonia; Liepaja, Latvia; Riga, Latvia; Las Vegas, NV, USA; New York, NY, USA; Washington, DC, USA; Sarajevo, Bosnia-and-Herzegovina; Kiev, Ukraine; Ljubljana, Slovenia; New Orleans, LA, USA; Dallas, TX, USA; Houston, TX, USA; San Antonio, TX, USA; Madrid, Spain; Paris, France; Nancy, France; Rome, Italy; Barcelona, Spain; New Orleans, LA, USA; Canberra, Australia; Melbourne, Australia; Paris, France; Milan, Italy; Treviso, Italy; New Orleans, LA, USA; Las Vegas, NV, USA; New Orleans, LA, USA; Konya, Turkey; Istanbul, Turkey; Belgrade, Serbia; Strumica, Macedonia; Liepaja, Latvia; Riga, Latvia; Bilbao, Spain; Barcelona, Spain; New Orleans, LA, USA; Louisville, KY, USA; Atlanta, GA, USA; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Indianapolis, IN, USA; New York City, NY, USA; Nassau, Bahamas; Rome, Italy; Madrid, Spain; Murcia, Spain; Valencia, Spain; Barcelona, Spain; Shenyang, China; Dongguan, China; Jinjiang, China; Shanghai, China; Foshan, China; New Orleans, LA, USA; ...

Current visit: Home.

Future visits: Chicago, IL, USA; Barcelona, Spain; ...
What I’m doing with my life
Taxi. Breath in. Laundry. Sleep. Travel Expense Reports. Check in to flights and hotels. Breath out. Drink. Check out of hotels. Sex. Boarding on and off flights. Dish washing. Eat.

Not necessarily in this order.
I’m really good at
Filling empty text boxes with words that make it looks like there's something actually written in it, but when you read closely, and pay attention to the details and the meaning behind the sentences you realize there's basically nothing interesting or even informative in it.
The first things people usually notice about me
People usually don't notice me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Favorite Movies: The Fifth Element, <<Reservoir Dogs>>, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill I, Kill Bill II, Natural Born Killers, True Romance, <<Lost in Translation>>, Se7en, Fight Club, Silence of the Lambs, When Harry Met Sally, Fresh, Brighton Beach Memories, <<The Godfather>>, Full Metal Jacket, The Godfather II, Clockwork Orange, Biloxi Blues, Back to the Future I, Back to the Future II, 12 Monekys, No Man's Land, Die Hard 3, West Side Story, Psycho, Birdie, <<Sin City>>, Some Like It Hot, American History X, The Untouchables, The Usual Suspect, The Truman Show, The Big Lebowski, Do the Right Thing, Summer of Sam, American Beauty, The Name of the Rose, Total Recall, Rain Man, Pump Up the Volume, High Fidelity, Jerry Maguire, Run, Lola Run!, Good Will Hunting, Bitter Moon...

דיזינגוף 99, הלהקה, מציצים, עיניים גדולות, אחד משלנו, לא שם זין, השוטר אזולאי, מאחורי הסורגים, בלוז לחופש הגדול, תעלת בלאומיך, אחד משלנו, החיים על פי אגפא, מרס תורכי, מבצע סבתא, אהבה קולומביאנית, גרגר על הריס, מלכה לב אדום...

Favorite Music: Nine Inch Nails, Beastie Boys, Nirvana, Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, Eminem, The White Stripes, Portishead, Weezer, נושאי המגבעת, Tom Waits, Dr. Dre, Marilyn Manson, Rage Against The Machine, Jane's Addiction, Jay-Z, The Pixies, The Smiths, Placebo, Faith No More, The Doors, The Dandy Warhols, Porno For Pyros, Depeche Mode, Massive Attack, Blonde Redhead, N.W.A, A Perfect Circle, and of course...Lady Gaga.
Six things I could never do without
Under Reconstruction!

Please watch your steps.
On a typical Friday night I am
Staying in.

Weekends are for the masses.

Weekdays go-out is the real thing.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I don't have more than two nipples.

You should message me if
The above text made you smile or wonder.

Or both.
The two of us