39 Ft Mitchell, United States
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My self-summary
So here it goes, the sales pitch. Don’t worry, I’m not going to try a hard sell and I’m not going to lie about myself either. I've been in relationships before where one or another (or both) are trying to be something that they aren't. That’s not what I’m looking for. Now I’m not perfect and I’m not expecting to meet perfect either. I consider myself a good guy and decent catch. And I’m looking for the same!

Some things about me:
-I love football and yes I’m 100% a Bengals fan.
-On the note of football, I love fall and winter, well winter up until about January 1st!
-I really enjoy cooking and I grill year round, even when it’s 10 below.
-I’m not into the club scene anymore where you have to have to scream to talk to the person next to you. On the other hand, give me a nice dive bar and I’m set.
-I have a laundry list of restaurants around Cincy that I have wanted to try. I don’t want to knock those off my bucket list by myself. And I have plenty of favorites that I would like to revisit with someone special.
-I enjoy a night out, but sometimes a nice relaxing night in is perfect. That’s what pizza delivery and carryout are for!
-But I do enjoy seeing a concert, going to a comedy club, seeing a sports game, or even playing a few games at the old bowling alley with a bucket of beer!
-I’m not a bad handyman around the house. I paid attention to what my old man was doing when I was a kid and I've taught myself how to do many things, but plumbing is my Achilles heel. Just a heads up.
-I do own my own place (well me and the bank) and I do have my own car.
-I have lived in the Cincinnati area my entire life and I don’t have any plans of leaving. This is a great town and even at 37, I feel like there is so much of this area I've not seen.

Feel free to send me a message!