42Houston, United States
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My self-summary
Cool, calm, thinker, travels, doer, understanding, intelligent, explorer, likes to eat all foods, works out, reads, watches, talks, playful, jokester, enigma.


I do not really drink except once in a blue moon, but that was not an option. lol

I am a foodie! I am obsessed with Sushi! I am not sure that I have a favorite food, but if I did then sushi would be it. I could probably eat it daily. When I lived in Japan I ate quite a bit of it. I think I am the reason there is a tuna shortage over there. :o) When it comes to food I will eat almost anything. I seriously doubt I could hang with Andrew Zimmern although I would attempt to. I have eaten some weird food during my travels overseas.

I like to travel to foreign countries. There is nothing like exploring and experiencing new cultures.

I do like to cook, but I am no gourmet. I really need to brush up on my cooking skills. I suppose when I get a girlfriend she can be my test dummy, er, person.

I do have and athletic build. I am so glad that "toned" was not on that choice. I am working on that part though. To give you an idea of my size, people usually ask me if I play football. I like to workout and I am usually in the gym 6 days a week.

I really like the arts (music, painting, photography). My musical taste is all over the place. I enjoy taking pictures. I am usually the one behind the camera and not in front of it too much. I suppose I will have to take some pictures of myself to put on my profile. I may have to resort to the "bathroom mirror" shot. I appreciate all forms of paitings but the one I am most drawn to is Aboriginal art from Australia.

For some reason, the majority of my relationships have been long distance. I have no idea why, but that is how it worked out. Anyway, while it would be nice to date someone close enough not to have to make travel arrangements 14 days in advance, I am not opposed to another long distance relationship. As long as we both understand that one or the other will have to move at some point if things are working out. We will talk about our options, decide which one works out best for both of us, then you will move to Houston. :o) I have some brochures if you need them:

-101 reasons to move to TX
-Texas is number one, all other states are number two or lower

Have you ever wondered why you are attracted to what you are attracted to? *cue deep thought music* I really do not have a "type" per se, but it is more of how she is packaged if that makes any sense. Obviously, there is a physical interest espcially since this is an online dating site. After that, it is all about the words exchanged and the connection. How we vibe and feel around one another is the biggest part, I think, of having a good foundation for a relationship.
What I’m doing with my life
Living it!
I’m really good at
Fitness and helping people with their workouts and diet.
Being a good friend
The first things people usually notice about me
Smile, size, height
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Sushi, Caribbean, Different foods from foreign countries.
Music I will listen to almost anything.
Six things I could never do without
The Gym
Ben And Jerry's Ice Cream
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything! Seriously, I am all over the place with my thoughts.
On a typical Friday night I am
In the gym then I am at home chillin. Sometimes I will go out to a function after I workout, but usually I stay at home and relax.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
If I tell then it would not be private, Duh!
You should message me if

If we are going to be friends and cool with one another then some of the below will not apply to you. I can be friends with almost anyone and it is welcomed. If we are going to date, there are some specifics that you should have:

Are overly sensitive and thin-skinned? *boom*Friend stamp We would not be anything more than that. I need my girl to be tougher.

Do you smoke? *boom*Friend stamp I have dated two smokers. One did not smoke much but when she did kissing her was not the most pleasant thing. The other one tried to hide it but that smoke becomes part of your lungs. She would eat life-saver mints constantly but it did not help.

Do you not want to have kids? *boom*Friend stamp Do I need to explain? *press here to exit profile* :o)

Do you have a tribe? *boom*Friend stamp My name is not Usher. If you have one then that is possible but we need to have crazy chemistry. If you have two, we better have even crazier chemistry and you need to provide me with an incentive package, bonus or something. lol

Are you a few clowns short of a circus? *boom*Friend stamp I like someone who has a good mixture of intelligence and common sense. You get a bonus if you have some street smarts. Nothing like mental stimulation.

Do you come with drama and excess baggage? *boom*Friend stamp Usually I would avoid you all together, but you may provide me with some good comedic material.

If you did not get a chuckle and understand that I am joking around with a lot of this then something is wrong with you and oh yeah, *boom*Friend stamp.

Ultimately I want someone who is real, likes to have fun, can joke around, likes to travel, experience different cultures and activities.

Good hunting!
The two of us