65Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
a work in the eternal process
What I’m doing with my life
the best that I can....with what I have to work with..
I’m really good at
not thinking about what I am good at..but enjoying all that I endeavor and expose myself to..
The first things people usually notice about me
That I no longer possess a full head of hair..
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I find myself inundated with any number of things to read that feed my soul and desire to learn along with being entertained at the same time..

Biographical and historical accounts being the classification and or genre that I have been interested in from the beginning and I do not know what got me started on that path.. The first person of interest that I discovered as a young person was Alexander Hamilton (now that I think about it..perhaps the librarian at the White Branch Library that I had a crush on during those early years of childhood)..and then of course there was some fiction such as the "Moffat Family" by Eleanor Estes.. (Rufus really struck a chord with me for life) However..since that time I came to know the work of Ron Chernow and his fascination with Hamilton which led me to learn a great deal more about Alexander's life.. and the impact that he had on this country and others. And who would have guessed that he would be on the "The Great White Way"...which I think he would find amusing if nothing else... Robert Caro, William Manchester, Roy Jenkins, David Nasaw, Amos Elon, Niall Ferguson, David McCullough and Fritz Stern are but a few of the others that are my favorite authors. There are others that will go unmentioned with regards to fiction ...both domestic and foreign that I have come to enjoy.

To film.... I enjoy silent, black and color and both 3 and 4 dimensional films....foreign and domestic....really find the recent super hero trend somewhat repulsive and mindless.. Music....well... I have a special place in my heart for popular music starting in the twenties and ending...say in the fifties... And then of course..we know the change that occurred ...from that point forward. Which I find myself listening to pretty much while driving on road trips...brings back the days of being a vagabond.. But in and around town...I try and listen to either jazz or classical ... Ethnic and or cultural music and their respective singers are something that I enjoy listening to.... During the Xmas season I especially like listening to Baroque.. It must be the "Maclaine effect" in me for some reason...I feel very connected to that period of what capacity...who knows..but its there...

And food...well I 'd have to say that I have had the opportunity and pleasure of eating a wide variety of foods over the course of time that have been prepared and served in different countries that I came to enjoy. In instances that were both within a domestic settings...which to the ultimate in the tasting experience.. I found Indian food very much to my liking... While visiting/living there..I found that I didn't miss meat at all. A matter of fact..did not give it a thought...after some time.. Considering both at the time the state of refrigeration and the selection or variety of meat...well...let us that point....somewhat unthinkable... My mind was so overcome by the overall experience that I just opened myself up to anything and everything.. Not to say that I haven't had some unique and memorable eating experiences in bazaars, markets, vendors on the road or in the streets of many different cities in numbers of countries....let us say Anthony Bourdain moments...

An instance...a rather unfortunate one...albeit.. In Ghazni...where I was eating a lamb stew... in a road side food stall...when I bit down on a piece of lamb that had a bone part within ..which caused a dental problem which led me to return to Kabul and experiencing Afghan dentistry... where at that time ...anesthetics of any kind probably nor existed for the common folk or was available at any cost.... Thankfully... beforehand...I self medicated myself through the help of a dear friend by smoking some opium...which helped a great deal...

With regards to present day...the food that is being put out by people within Seattle and Portland eateries...(Stumbling Goat and Veritable Quandary are two of my favorites respectively..{unfortunately the latter establishment closed after forty years of operation...but the chef that had been there for close to twenty years...with the help of patrons and others opened a new place and coined it "Q" and is not far from the old location that I visited several months ago...and well...let me say that the first experience food wise made me miss the old place that much more...hopefully the second visit will prove to be that the 1st was just a bad night in the kitchen..}.. Also enjoy those that are convenient and pursuing a dream on a low budget with regards to overhead in terms of presenting their skills that come by way of food trucks which are amazing and others....beyond belief..... I especially admire all of them for pursuing a passion for what they enjoy doing and it shows in the food that they provide for their clientele along with providing a livelihood for themselves and their families..which I am entirely in favor of and celebrate their entrepreneurial spirit.. Its a wonderful thing..and happy to be a part..of that adventure..with them
Six things I could never do without
My teeth..are very important to me.. My hands..and feet..are very critical...along with my mind..and lest I forget my lungs, heart and I might continue my pursuit in search for beauty in the world... My well being mentally along with physical health is of the utmost importance to me.. All else is insignificant without it by my measure and observations..
I spend a lot of time thinking about
many different different times..
On a typical Friday night I am
Generally working...unless something presents itself to do otherwise..which happens from time to time.. What is the fixation with this one particular day...? If you are living life and enjoying it...why would Friday for that matter any day have any significance..relative to the other days of the week... Well...with the exception being....for those that are following the dictates of their religion.. Which I can respect and admire..
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I enjoy the feel of the lips of a woman and the connection that is made from them.
You should message me if
If you feel the urge to do so.. All are welcomed..and cherished..for having done so.. By the way... I am not a paying member of the clicking the like will not get a response from me.... A hello there.... will work just as well...cheers
The two of us