29Albany, United States
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My self-summary
often loud, environmentalist nut, music nut. im also incredibly lazy, and completely unreliable. id like to move to an urban center for grad school.

finding beauty in every day is important to me. i adore guerilla art and participate in it to whatever degree i am capable of.

i dont cook with meat although i may eat it from time to time.

i dont really know where to include this but i thought you all might like to know that i play bass and guitar and drums, poorly but enthusiastically. im also quite fond of a very small electric organ i have. its ancient and out of key and amazing. i really want to aquire a ukelele. and also a musical saw.

also, just fyi, i dont have aim or any other chat thing. sorry!

I am me, myself, and I
in addition, i am also safe, sane, and ________. if you can fill in the blank you get a slap in the face BITCH!
What I’m doing with my life
working. pondering where to go from here and what to do with my degrees.

playing drums CONSTANTLY.
I’m really good at
crocheting, star trek trivia, singing.
The first things people usually notice about me
lip rings, my hair, my outfits in general. or my hats. also if im outside, there's a 85% chance ill be singing outloud to myself. if im inside theres a 70 percent chance ill be whistling or singing softly to myself. actually, i dont think there's really any one thing, i tend to make a first impression like a steamroller.

ive been told that ppl notice how cheerful my voice/way of talking sound. people seem to think im an exceedingly happy person, and although i dont think im any happier than anyone else, i guess i come off that way. i smile alot.

also that im pretty much the shit.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
MUSIC (here goes):
ex models, dandi wind, jellowaste, stripmall seizures, an a+ setup, chinese stars, aids wolf, early genghis tron, fifteen, against all authority, damage effect, ani defranco, bitch and animal, we are wolves, snakes say hiss, ponytail, ecstatic sunshine, neutral milk hotel, phillip glass, sonic youth, rancid, the beta band, pavement, expirimental dental school, fist fite, weird al, the jesus lizard, lightening bolt, ...andyouwillknowusbythetrailofdead..., animal collective, daft punk, benny benassi, modest mouse, arab on radar, adam and his package, attractive and popular, badman, barnacled, midnight bombers what bombs at midnight, beck, the beegees, beirut, best fwends, bigA little a, big digits, bile, birthday party, black flag, black moth super rainbow, bloc party, blonde redhead, blondie, the bloodhound gang, the blood brothers, bomb the music industry! the books, bright eyes, but god created woman, cars can be blue, the catherine wheel, the celebration, chico Y chico!, chiprawk, crystal castles, the cure, damage effect, dd/mm/yyyy, dfa1979, the decemberists, demented are go, din glorious, do make say think, dorlene love, echo and the bunnymen, ellen mcilwaine, epsilons, erase erata, eskimeaux, error, evil superstars, the faint, fake shark real zombie, femme fatality, fizzy dino pop, frank zappa and incarnations, the fugue, the fucking ocean, glass candy, stellastarr*, glitter puss and the sunshine revolt, godspeed you black emporor, gogogo airheart, the grand library of the young, gravy train, hadoiuken, happy sucky, hawnay troof, hedwig and the angry inch ST, hide and seek, hotbot, ho-ag, hot girls cool guys, hot hot heat, i need sleep, ima robot, immortal technique, the incredible string band, iron and wine, kings of nuthin', satans tear drops, demented are go, japanther AHHHHH YOU GET THE FUCKING POINT!!!!!!

basically most variations on the punk theme, electro dance, psychobilly, and such.

BOOKS, anything ursula k leguin, robert cormier, orson scott card, isaac assimov, carlton mellick III, chuck palahnuik, the sabriel series, lord of the flies, the mote in god's eye, childhood's end, geek love, bred in the bone, jitterbug perfume, john irving, vonnegut (my fav is slapstick), one flew over the cuckoo's nest, 1984, fahrenheit 451, ironweed, midnight in the garden of good and evil, the picture of dorian grey, the world according to garp... i love to read.

i love books on tape.

MOVIES, bunches:
eternal sunshine, pan's labyrinth, the labrynth (w david bowie), the dark crystal, the never ending story, west side story, in bruges, hedwig and the angry inch, your typical block busters ie chicago, batman movies, etc. fargo, pie, follower, dark city (just fyi, the matrix is basically just a rip off of this movie), the matrix, best in show, forty year old virgin, rocky horror, nightmare before xmas, coraline, fern gully (i love kids movies), the matchstick men, being john malkovitch, the toxic avenger, junkie, city of angels (i know it's cheesy but its also so beautiful), american beauty (one of my favs), k pax, donnie darko, breakfast club, run lola run, the graduate, 12 monkeys, kingpin, princess mononoke, spirited away, ghost in the shell, natural born killers, the last unicorn, the fifth element, gattaca, stranger than fiction, galaxy quest, the royal tennenbaums, princess bride, slc punk, american history x, fight club, willow, ma vie en rose, the big lebowski, the shining, rosemary's baby, poltergeist, gozu, wristcutters: a love story, scotland, pa, shortbus, they shoot horses don't they?, runaway train, midnight cowboy, dog day afternoon, etc, etc, etc...

i especially love movies that are surreal and beautiful.

ART: my favorite visual artists these days are klimt, horst janssen, egon schiele, jungil hong, ralph steadman, johannes vermeer, and jennifer maestre.

TV; house, venture bros, 30 rock, star trek tng, ds9, and voy, weeds, dexter, family guy, simpsons, american dad, the tudors... i watch more tv than i'd care to admit. the news hour on pbs

FOOD, everything except bell pepper but especially zuchinni, spinach, mushrooms, corn, and beets. mainly vegetarian food.
i especially love my homemade vegetable souvlaki, my zuchinni/mushroom/corn pancakes, baked squash especially dellatcotta, salad w/ spinach, pickles, brocolli, cheddar cheese, and lots of carrots, my cucumber soup, perogies, borscht, falaffal with extra raita, yeasty bread with a very rough texture, mmmmmm i love food. i also love steak, chicken especially in curry or fried w mashed potatoes, roast beef, pastrami, corned beef, sushi, etc. but i can only eat meat a few times a month :(
Six things I could never do without
books on tape, and also books on paper
art in all of its various incarnations
access to the interweb
my best buddy ely and my family
this is gonna sound really cheesy but its true: a sense of wonder, whimsy and awe
I spend a lot of time thinking about
music, stuff, dudes, especially dudes w tall greased up black hair, leather jackets and jeans/three piece suits, tattoos and septum piercings. psychobilly guys. mmmmmmmmm. and nerdies. i love nerdies. dweebies are also good.

also spend alot of time thinking about the future, like where i want to be in five years. i guess i just feel like im on the verge of a decision that will have major repercussions for the course of my life, and naturally it's been occupying my mind. i also think alot about how i think too much about everything.

how we know what we know, how we know that we know what we know, the nature of reality, other diaphanous topics. sometimes it scares me, but i cant resist it.

how badly i wish that women naturally had facial hair and people had monkey feet.
On a typical Friday night I am
no friday night is typical.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
im mostly anorgasmic. and you should not be threatened by this.

i am unashamed of the fact that i love 90s alternative rock.

my socks almost never match. and i dont care.

all my heroes are weirdos ;D

im much more familiar with canadian landscape artists than the average american.

honestly i dont hold much back. unless i think it will be hurtful to someone.

also im kind of a music/food/everything snob. sorry. it's not something im particularly proud of. try not to take it personally :D
You should message me if
you should message me if you are not a bone head, want to talk about being veggie, bands that we both like, books, crafting, art, star trek/bsg, sexuality... you know, interesting stuff!

you should NOT MESSAGE ME IF all you have to say is 'hi, whats up?', 'hey, you seem cool/interesting, wanna chat?', or 'hey, you're hot!'. that is so bloody annoying, it just pisses me off. quit wasting space in my inbox!

also, you should NOT message me if you are SO SENSITIVE THAT YOU CANT HANDLE NOT GETTING A REPLY at all, even you if you write a decent message with real content and even if we do have stuff in common. if im not interested or not inspired to say anything, i just dont write guys back. or maybe im busy and dont have the time, and letters get lost in the in box. whatever. if you can't handle no reply, then dont risk your hurt feelings.

and no nude pictures. SERIOUSLY. just dont do it.
The two of us