23Cleveland, United States
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My self-summary

To me. I don't look at a home as being a box. I look at it as being a heart. It isn't a home, if theres nobody there that loves you. I've always thought that.

"I fell in love with your eyes. I fell for the pain that lived within those eyes. Such suffering. But such love at the same time, they bled tender whispers."

Hey! I'm Rachie. I always read peoples profiles, and how it always says in this section "i'm oh so terribly bad at filling these out boohoo I don't wanna do this." I'm fucking great at this. I study the mind, and mental illness. So I pick up on things that I do real easily. You should message me. Just do it, and stop being shy. K? It wont hurt right? The reason on my profile it says i reply selectively, is because i get tons of messages, and alot of them are just asking for sex. So i don't reply.

I'm a scorpio. I have some sagittarius in me, I study zodiac signs. And a goofball :D. Hoping to find a long term relationship. One that will last. One day Ill find someone that will make me wanna stay i bet. Still waiting.

I fuckin love vanilla milkshakes. I'm a real understanding person. I like laughing, it's amazing, laughing is amazing. and i think mankind is a problem. I say that's what she said a lot. Sometimes when it just hardly even applies. lol I DRAW STUFF. Weird surreal stuff. I'm a cuddly beast. I spell things weird. And make up words. Nothing is boring with me lol.

I love bears. <--- REMEMBER THAT.

I act like I'm a goofy puppy. I'm a cluts (Example, I sing happy together by the turtles and end up walking into a wall). And I'm spiritual. i like going places, and seeing really old cities and buildings. Abandoned buildings are rad. I uh, i like chocolate milk. lol I'm a goof. But I'm also a really intense thinker. And I always try to solve and help problems. People take advantage of that part of me. I like to give all the love I can to the ones who I sense deserve that. Things are simple. Things are complicated. Life is life. Love is beautiful.

I have problems like every normal person.

I have an abnormal head, a silly odd girl I am, INDEED. I'm real talkative, and i super love animals. ]My best friend was a hairless rat. Ted. He died. I have a bad past. But I don't let it effect shit. I just really want to have a strong, happy relationship with someone lovely. I got a sarcastic, silly sense of humor. I'm super affectionate, and I'm a curious kitty explorer. lol Well, lets talk! :D I understand nobodys perfect. I love reading about serial killers. I know to much stuff about random things. And I have a blog

What I’m doing with my life

Welll, one day I want to study and document bears up close. Probably black bears, because they are more socialized with people. And they don't eat people really. :) Thats a plus. :D I want to further my art, music, and chocolate milk drinking. Thats aout it, other than getting more pets hopefully. Yep!
I’m really good at
Drawing, singing, piano (self taught), caring, being myself.
Being wasted. lol
The first things people usually notice about me
Is that I'm very open about myself. And that I am not a strict or serious person. More outgoing and goofy. :> \y
some people say that I'm a mystery, and they usually know I enjoy the dark and twisted. Some people say that i'm very interestinng.

I kinda have a restless free spirit.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
TIM AND ERIC awesome show
Great job!
Check pls.
Fer yer health.

Dr who !
The office

I like to read about serial killers. And about animals, and things that are facts and true. I love 80's monster movies. Nightmare on elm street, The shining, Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, are my favorites.

I love pizza.

I love Adventure Time, and a lot of cartoons.

Music? MUSIC YOU SAY?! The Doors, John Lennon, Grizzly Bear, Amanda palmer, Yeah yeah yeahs, Dresden Dolls. And lots of stuffs.
Six things I could never do without
Animals, cigarettes, socializing, love!... and mysteries, places to explore, and singing!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
i do not stop thinking.
my mind starts onto thinking about the dumbest shit.
to really deep out there stuff..
to morbid stuff.
to sexual stuff.
to depressing stuff.

i think about everything. :>
On a typical Friday night I am
Drawing at the park with my pet rat on my sholder. lol Or watching some Adventure Time.~
Or lonely on the couch watching American Horror Story. Writing in my journal. Dreaming to much.
Or on a quest to find an adventureee!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
When I'm stressed, tired or in deep thought i usually pull on my ear lobes without even noticing. I've done it since i was a baby!
You should message me if
If you think youd enjoy me, or maybe... you like me so far?
Please go ahead, I'd love to meet you!~
The two of us