35 Newark Valley, United States
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My self-summary
New Spring 2016.... My name is Erik Johnson...just looking to meet new friends and enjoy outside activities with other people. Planning this Summer out already...I'll be attending The Corning Museum of Glass during Glassfest. The Glass Art Society will be there in force this year! That means there will be double the attendance with more demos and a vendor tent selling all types of glass tools and color! I also redeemed my Coke points for a Cedar Point Amusement Park ticket in Ohio so I have to get there by Sept. 5 2016 before it expires. So far I'm going by myself...but that won't keep me from having a great time! I couldn't call it a great Summer without visiting Taste of Syracuse for a day! Dollar samples from every restaurants in the heart of Syracuse with a free concert Saturday night!
What I’m doing with my life
So I decided Maintenance at Gander Mtn. wasn't going to work out and I left for a better job cooking at a Deli in Owego Ny. Now I cook fried chicken, rotisserie chickens, pizzas, mac and cheese, gravy and stuffing. I enjoy running a kitchen and find it kinda satisfying. In between shifts, I blow glass in my lampworking studio at home making pipes, pendants, milliz, and marbles. Saving up to open my own store with space for guest to rent my extra torches and try melting glass on their own. I'll need at least one employee to take care of customers and braid hemp into macrame while I focus on making pipes. (I can't stop melting once I start, it will all plop into goop!)
I’m really good at
Making Glass Pipes and Pendants....making buttery popcorn that's not too salty....watching movies and eating gummy candies...engineering ideas for the studio (it's not all bout pipes..). I'd like to make a submarine that sinks 100+ feet and resurface with the help of a co2, a message in a bottle in a bottle to drop off in the ocean and see where it goes, a glass battleship with tons of fireworks and rockets that floats just to name a few. I try to ride my bike 5+ miles every day to keep the blood flowing. I'd like to go bowling and visit a few restaurants I've never been to. I also need to meet and greet a few headshops to establish a connection to sell my glass art to. I have a bunch of PS3 games but never really get around to playing much...but when I do, I beat the game (must throw Skyrim out the window...so addicting...such a waste of life).
The first things people usually notice about me
I get confused for my twin brother a lot....I'm obsessed with pyrex color. I collect every color I find worthy and have about a $5000 selection. White is my favorite because I can layer multiple colors on top to create a one of a kind hue. My favorite combo is White under Heavy Green Xxenon, under Green Leprechaun. Black Walnut over White makes a nice coco color. Double passion over Green Slyme makes a Hot Pink (kiln struck). Once I get all the random stringers and prep I've made over the last few years into prodo pipes, I'll be focusing my energy on Vac-Stacks creating rainbow tube (or whatever combo I can think of... 'Black and White' 'Disco Sparkle and Black' 'All Blue Lagoon (heavy silver)') The list is as far as your imagination takes you...I literally have three lifetimes of glass work to make. Eventually I'd like to make some keeper marbles and create my own tombstone with them inside. Hopefully people will stop and admire my art through my gravestone. "I don't know who this guy is, but damn he's cool" haha!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Exploring Ithaca and all its restaurants is something I look forward to this summer. I really enjoy Spicy Asian! Their food is authentic and delicious! There is a couple quality sushi huts I like too. Ithaca Beer Co. opened up a restaurant/bar that is mucho fun...went to Taste of Syracuse 2015 and now I want to go back and hit up a few bars with crazy awesome menus. My uncle has a beach house in between Ocean City Md. and Chincoteague Island and I visit for a week almost every year. Not sure if I'll make it to the beach this year cause I'd like to open my own store and start working for myself. Cut out the middle man and sell directly to the customer. There's definitely a demand but I need to come up with at least three months rent and security. I go to the auction in Cander Ny every Friday to scoop up hard to find items and I'll need a couple display cases for the store. Right now I have so many pipes collected it's overwhelming. I just can't see selling them whole sale for next to nothing. I cleaned way too many restrooms to build my studio and buy supplies. Back to the subject up top, I'm now reading The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers Omnibus (entire stoner comic collection in one book). Last movies I watched was Star Wars 3-D, A Walk in the Woods. I redbox a lot ...The Forest was kinda scary...Love any Jason Vorhees movie!...Strait Outta Compton was awesome...damn what was that one movie with the whale shark...not Heart of the Sea...I think I smoked too much weed to remember...War movies are always exciting! I'd be in the Navy or Airforce but they said I couldn't smoke cronic so that's a deal breaker...too bad cause I'd love to be on the front line!
The six things I could never do without
A Lamp working Studio to melt glass and play with fire
Maple Syrup
Gummie candies and Green Monsters
Mountain Bike
Friends! ..........and Jelly Bellys
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I spend a lot of time thinking about starting my own glass blowing business and working for myself. After doing the math, working for corp. will never leave me with any emergency health insurance money, or retirement money. I plan to be wealthy so replacing my day job is a must. Trying to save enough money for security and 3 months rent to open a glass shop is hard when it's impossible to work more than 30 hrs. on $9 hr. It's a trap cycle where the rich try to keep the poor and mid class to be their monkeys. Within the last year, I worked two jobs simultaneously and got burnt out to the point where I had to quit TWICE! 45-50 days of work in a row...one shift immediately after another...yeeaaahh.....No! My creativity and innovating glass design will change all that. So many ideas...so little time. Work for the rich, live among the poor. Work for the poor, live among the rich!
On a typical Friday night I am
I love to go the the auction on Fridays evenings. Many great deals! I also enjoy the movies and going out for lunch or dinner. Looking for someone to share opinions, thoughts, and time with. I'm not into hard drugs so if your into smack....go home. I do believe in the benefits of medical marijuana though.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I need to beef up! BEEFCAKE! Text me and we'll hit up a Buffet!
You should message me if
...you like to try melting some glass art or want to go to dinner and a movie!