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My self-summary
Below is a rant that I wrote regarding my viewpoints on modern women;

If women want equality, why isn't it the social norm yet for girls to take care of guys?

Before my last relationship, I had always been the one who buys everything, puts in the effort, and goes the extra mile for my significant other. "Men support women" is what my parents always told me. I never questioned it.

In my last relationship, my girlfriend was a stripper. That didn't bother me. In fact it was nice because she made enough to support both of us. Not only did she take care of me; she spoiled me, she constantly took me to the mall to buy me clothes, she would get me random presents, and she made sure I ate good organic food. It was nice being taken care of. ~~~Now I know how woman have felt this whole time~~~

After we broke up, I went onto OKC, and POF looking for someone to take care of me. There are a ton of girls, around my age (28), that have great lucrative jobs. I'm wondering why it seems impossible for me to find a lady around my age that wants me as a stay at home boy toy. It's not that hard for even a mediocre girl to find some lonely guy to take care of her if those are her intentions.

You may be thinking that I'm lazy with a sense of entitlement... Not true, when my ex and I were together, I would constantly be cooking, cleaning, planning rad adventures, and working on my own art projects. But my point is, for most of history man has always taken care of women. If women want equality, why can't they carry a mans weight? I'm not talking about cougars either. It seems like women my age either want me to pay, or to SPLIT the bill. It seems like the only guys that get a free ride from females around my age are the "thug" "pimp" type. I'm not talking about pimping out my girlfriend ...I'm talking about traditional house roles IN REVERSE.

Splitting the bill means that woman had a free(ish) ride since the beginning of time. It shouldn't go from men paying since the beginning to splitting it. For equality, they can pay the bills for a while while we relax and "work on ourselves"

Woman should have to take care of men now. Buy us a bunch of stuff, let us live rent free at your place, surprise us with random romantic stuff... You get the picture. I want the same things that you women have been getting forever

Well for most of history men have made a lot more than women and it's only been very recently that women have started making equal pay. But it Is starting to be the norm that women are the main money makers in the relationship. I think its different for people that are just starting to date though. Most women are used to the way gender roles have been for a long time so they don't find it attractive for a guy to expect them to pay the whole bill the first time they meet. When they chose a guy and think about the potential for a longer term relationship, they want a guy that has a steady job and income. That is a big part of the reason why a girl will choose one guy over another to date. The women that end up in relationships where they pay for everything end up that way because something usually happened like their bf lost their job or something..not by choice. In short, women like being taken care of so that's what they initially look for. You pretty much have to prove yourself first to get a girl to commit to possibly taking care of you. Girls want to look pretty and get free stuff, why would they want to pay for everything if they don't have to?

What you said last is exactly my point though.. "Women want to look pretty and get free stuff"

I am very good looking. I'm back to having a 6 pack, I have impeccable style, and I love free shit...

Me proving myself should be my loyalty, my looks, and what I contribute around the house ...like women have had it.
The fact that I have a bunch of random talents is a plus. Why should I have to be independent, to be able to depend on females? That logic is flawed. Throughout history, you're right, all females wanted was to look pretty and get free shit. I should be able to get that too, regardless of my current life situation.

I'd make a great stay at home dad. I shouldn't have to loose my job for a chick to want to take care of me. With as LOYAL and honest, and loving as I am ...I deserve someone that wants to make the extra effort for me.

My point is about the impossibility to snag a girl in this day and age who wants to make me "feel like a prince" if females get to get treated like princesses


That being said,
Since I'm probably not going to find someone to take care of me, and I'm going to have to be independent, don't expect a relationship out of me. I'm just here to find someone who wants to go on hikes, smoke bowls, and chill with. If we end up having sex, cool. If not, cool lol. I don't really care either way, I just want adventure and good times, and to love as many people as I can while I'm here for the short time I have on this beautiful planet
The two of us