31Ann Arbor, United States
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What I’m doing with my life
Hello there! I am John Mark.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in production animation, and I program video games.
I enjoy Gothic-Industrial and Techno music. I fancy both clubbing and formal ball-room dancing such as
blue at Velocity dance center, swing at century ballroom, and a bit of pole dancing at my friend Kendra's dance studio
in the Rainer/Tully's building.

My credentials:
I used to be a technical artist intern at ArenaNet. When I got fired from there, I was told by the director of the technical art branch at the time, "When I first met you, I got the idea you were the mad scientist type. Now I think you are a little bit too mad, and not enough scientist."

After that, I worked for a year in the corner of my friend's apartment making my own video game. Honestly... That game sucked. But it was enough to land me a job offer with IBM and a small video game studio called "Detonator Games".

IBM was offering more money. And plane rides every week!
I knew it would look good on a resume... But I didn't want job security. I wanted to be happy. So I choose to work for Detonator Games as a user interface programmer. It was a lot of fun! But I had no formal programming degree and wasn't quite good enough of a programmer. I was told something along the lines of, 'You have excellent work ethic. Your code has been improving. But we just cannot afford to keep you."

My main boss told me, "Keep doing what you are doing." So I went back to coding games. I also picked up a job game testing at Nintendo, just to be a responsible adult. I was late to work a few times. Usually because I got distracted during our lunch break working on game ideas in my sketchbook. I had a serious talk with my boss. If I was late one more time to work... I would be fired. So...

I started driving to work the night before, and sleeping in the parking lot. That way I could make absolutely sure I would not get stuck in rush hour traffic. I started skipping lunch, because I didn't want to get lost in my sketchbook full of ideas and lose track of time. And then... I realized I wasn't respecting my time.

That my idea of being "responsible" was stupid.

Job security? What security? We are all going to die. There is no way out of it. So you better be enjoying your time while you are alive. I enjoy coding games. I don't believe in working a job I hate, to make money to buy things I don't need, to impress people I hate. I believe we should all take the risk to pursue our passion. Your time and energy is limited. The only safe way out of here... Is to live my life without regrets.
If I live a life of spectacular failure, at least it will be a life lived without regret.


-John Mark Isaac Madison
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Psychology and it's practical applications.
On a typical Friday night I am
Galavanting down town.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I can perform full on fellatio on myself
You should message me if
1. You are an aspiring musician or artist.
2. You are an aspiring comic book artist or animator.
3. You are a professional psychologist or sociologist.
4. You own your own business.
5. You are an engineer or programmer.
6. You like video games.

In more general terms:
I am looking for someone who can respect my core values.
Which I find is a lot harder to do around Seattle than it is Michigan. As women here seem a bit "status" obsessed. Maybe from years of trophy-wive inbreeding with rich business tycoons? (Or is that just a plot to a movie I've just seen?)

Do you have a crazy idea for something you'd like to accomplish? I will support you. I will encourage you. And in return, I expect the same.
The two of us